Pregnancy Workout Video: Abs Exercise For Pregnant Women

hey coaching club man this is nisha and today I'm here to tell you about why we don't do traditional abdominal exercises within the program and if you are doing them currently in your workouts at the gym or if you've if you go to a class that maybe includes like traditional crunches and a bleak twist then you need to stop them right now so let me get on with this and explain to you why so as you'll know we have the rectus abdominis that sits down the front here and it that is what's called the six-pack muscles so it looks like you can see the the six distinct muscles has actually eight of them but the two bottom ones are very lindos you won't be able to see them unless you have like minus zero body fat and but if you have very low body fat like you see on fitness models you'll be able to see the sickness at muscles so they are superficial muscles that means they lie on the surface of our body just under the skin and and these muscles run vertically so down from the ribs towards the pelvis and they insert into a faccia in the middle which is called the Linea Alba so there's there's a midpoint and insertion line for both sides of the the rectus abdominis and basically if you train a trip a typical traditional abdominal exercise in pregnancy like the abdominal crunch like oblique twist then you're likely to cause diastasis recti and what that is in layman's terms is splitting from the absorber wall so basically where these muscles insert into the Linea Alba becomes very weak very lacks because in what in pregnancy produce a lot of hormones and called progesterone and relaxing and these two hormones as you probably know by now from reading your manuals and they are there to help all the ligaments and tissues in your body relax and Ally room for your baby to grow so for example what when it comes to and your uterus growing at your head just obviously need to open your pelvis knees open to allow room for that baby to sit in between so the relax and progesterone are there to help loosen up the ligaments there the ligaments on the uterus need to grow they grow from about two inches to 12 inches in pregnancy so again progesterone and home relaxing life and stretching and the growth of those ligament fibers but they also allow for this diastasis to happen so if you have extra you've already got a lot of pressure here from your growing baby and pressing on the abdominal wall I know if you're this far into the program you probably won't be showing you but this is what's going to happen but those hormones are already in your system so as your baby grows you've got a lot of pressure and it separates these muscles so they stretch if you put the added pressure of a compression exercise on these muscles you're going to cause them to stretch even further and eventually there's only so far they can go and they're just going to split right down the middle and now i don't know if it's painful because i haven't experienced this myself but one of the problems is you are after pregnancy you're going to end up with a saggy abdominal wall and this great big gap in the middle and although it is possible to recover from this it takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work and it's just something that you don't want to happen because when you if you have a subsequent baby or subsequent pregnancy it's going to make that splitting even worse and it's just going to carry on so that's the reason that we don't do traditional abdominal exercises or any rotary movements in pregnancy because the oblique muscles would do the same thing they will push against the rectus abdominis they'll put extra pressure on it and again cause the splitting so things that you do do are all the traditional court are all the pregnancy core exercises that I've included in your program so things like your Superman's or bird dogs things like your planks and spider-mans which are supported and exercises on your front and then there's the other exercises that I've included like the two diagonal rotate just things like your deadliest all of these things are going to incorporate your coral as well because you need to be using your core to keep your body supported whilst doing the movement so that your pelvis stays stable and your supplies days to put supported so don't worry that you're not going to get in your abdominal exercises because they're already incorporated into your program so I just wanted to make sure because we're coming and sort of into the you should probably be o'brien's your 10th week in your program now that you're not doing these traditional abdominal exercises anymore if you have been doing them please stop with that okay then I'll see you soon bye

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