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namaste and welcome to your pregnancy yoga series with bodytalk I'm Katie Appleton the founder and director of Apple yoga today's flow we're going to be doing on all fours and then coming up to standing this is conducive for all trimesters and we'll be working with release and freedom through the body to get rid of any of those niggles and aches that may be happening in pregnancy so come on we're going to go onto all fours so take the hands shoulders width apart press the first knuckle down into the floor to really root the palm down into the floor and prevent any hanging in the joint of the wrist and then take the knees wider than hips width particularly if you're on your later trimester and we're going to start to move the hips from side to side just freeing up the sides of the hips and eventually the lower back and moving in circular flows just allowing the hips to move in any direction whichever way but often best in circles and these actions just help to free up the lower back between the lumber joints the lower back joints again in pregnancy they tend to get a little bit more compressed as the baby develops and grows and the body leans forward you get more of a lower back curve and moving into the opposite direction and just noticing that your ribs will probably come in for the party as well as will the head and there can really allowing the spine to be free imagining that it was like a piece of seaweed or a sea anenome in the ocean so you almost have no bones in the body and you're just literally getting into some of those tight sometimes sweet spots inside the back area we're going to move forwards and backwards into cat cow now inhale lengthen the collarbones broad and then as you exhale root the shins and the Front's of the feet into the floor draw your baby up toward you saying hello to her or him and again in breath through the nose and out breath opening up the space between the joints you can also come onto the fingertips here which sometimes is really useful if you have something in the wrist joint called carpal tunnel syndrome and there's a lot more fluid in the body in pregnancy in breath looking forwards sometimes there's a little bit of compression or numbness towards the end of the pregnancy inside the wrists because of that extra fluid so being on finger tops and keeping less flexion in the joint will help moving forwards on the in-breath and last time on the out-breath we're going to stretch it open the side of the body so please tiptoe the hands off to the right side of the floor you'll feel the stretch all the way down the left side take a deep breath into that stretch have your knees wide enough to support your bump as you draw your hips backwards away from your hands exhale so it's like a pulsation you inhale to lift a little bit and you exhale through your nose or mouth to release last time so taking one more round taking inhalation and traction your hips away from your hands exhale come forwards onto the hands and walk back to your Center we'll repeat that to the other side look forwards in breath route your sit bones down to the back of your knees gently draw your baby towards you and come onto your fingertips you might like to stretch out the back a little bit hear how that feels good and then tiptoe their hands off to the left side or the other side of your mat and then take an inhalation making sure your knees are apart enough so your body baby can feel comfortable as you traction your hips back away from your hands exhale couple more rounds of breath ladies inhale feel hugging of the arm bones nose or mouth to really release exhale so you can feel the stretch all the way down for most the right side of the body or the side that you're leaning away from opening up the fashio the connective tissue of the body they're releasing any tightness so coming back to the center and we're going to move into what's called goddess pose so turn the toes underneath you lean backwards onto the feet pick the knees up off the floor and as you do so clip your heel back together again and then taking your hands to your thighs if you need to keep them on the floor you can and then lift the sternum upwards so again we're here strengthening up the feet working a little bit on balance drawing your baby gently towards you and taking the breath easily and naturally notice the eye line is directly in front for balance and then we're going to come back to the floor walking the hands forwards and into the second part of the flow so hands it again shoulders width apart whole hand rooting down bring your leg to the midline and we're going to take some leg circles or hip circles so circling the leg in towards the body and then back out and away rooting the opposite shin bone into the floor and the hands into the floor and arms are strong and straight as you do this action so you're not relaxing and letting go as you move this works with the hip joint creating mobility in that area but you'll be delighted to know also a little bit of tone to the buttocks making this your last one and then we'll draw the knee in towards the body if you have space in breath probably for first and early second trimester out breath lengthen the behind toes down door your baby in towards you if you're on your later trimester draw their knee to the outside of the arm hug in head down palms down load down exhale leg back take the foot down to the floor place the heel down to the floor and then bring the underneath leg back for balance now take that hand underneath your shoulder directly and take the hand onto your hip and turn to the side stretch out through the waist create some space look up or down for balance lift the arm up in breath and tip over to the side out-breath press into that hand to lift up through the side body one more circle ladies inhale and exhale so again toning and creating space for the side of the body finally on this side we're going to move into a pose half a squatting position good open pose so draw the foot in towards you can have the foot flat on the floor if the heels raise that's perfect and then lean forwards to open up through the groin area breathing here so again a conducive position in preparation for Labor and then moving the body backwards to an all-fours position final side the other leg comes into the midline for stability the hands are underneath your shoulders knuckles press down the hip circles or leg circles breathing as you go arms strong and straight the leg that's supporting the floor press it down into the floor and toning around the buttock area and then drawing the knee either in or to the outside of your arm in breath and as you exhale arms strong and straight collarbones broad encode out to the floor draw baby in towards you in breath if you're in the later trimesters draw their knee on the outside of the forearm upper arm and exhale take the foot down to the floor heel down to the floor press into the whole outer edge of the foot and take the other foot back behind you take the hand underneath your shoulder and take the hand onto your hip press down to lift the heart up and away from your baby to create space taking the arm out to the side and up in breath root down into that opposite hand to stretch through the side body Circle the arm across the face inhale nose or mouth exhale drawing baby towards you and then draw the foot in towards the body coming into that open position we'll only be here briefly so you might feel a little discomfort underneath and then taking the hands to the floor taking the breath in through the nose relaxing the pelvic floor muscles relaxing the jaw and coming forwards and you can move in any direction that feels good to the body it may feel a little tangy though tangy being like a stretching sensation so use your breath to release into that sensation great and we're going to come back to all fours and then we're going to come up to standing so lean back bring your knees off the floor and it's really important when you're coming from floor to standing that you're stable so widen the feet enough so you've got a struttin steady base taking the hands onto the thighs and come all the way upwards towards a standing position if you're not lightheaded take the arms up to the ceiling if you are simply take them out to the side and into prayer pose and exhaling now I stay and thank you for watching this pregnancy yoga series to subscribe please go to bodytalk and we're going to take a little bit of a side bend flow so take the arm up and out inhale and then bend over to the side exhale you can rest your elbow against the thigh and root it down to lift the sternum up to stretch right over

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  1. These are some of the BEST prenatal videos out there. Hugely benefitted and probably one of the main reasons for not having any backache throughout my pregnancy. Some of the routines(and your words about mental strength) helped during labour and I could welcome in the surges and had a natural birth. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

  2. Wow these videos are amazing !! From the first trimester I was so stiff in my lower back and would struggle sometimes to stand up without sharp pains and since I've been doing these workouts I haven't had any more of that pain .amazing ! Feel so much more tangible ! Thanks so much!!

  3. After suffering from hypermesis gravdarium in the first four months I’m finally able to work with my fifth month belly.. this video was really relaxing and I do it everyday after a 30 min walk .. it helps me wind down. Also fixed my lower back ache ! Sometimes I catch myself smiling whilst doing the breathing.. it’s just wonderful to have support like this
    My baby and I thank you from deep down in our hearts !

  4. yeah this helped a lot I'm 20 weeks and a ftm but been having a lot of back pain and hip pain this really helped a lot

  5. Definitely going on my regular list. That first movement got so many niggly spots in my back I didn't even know I had.

  6. This is great. Extending my leg is tough though due to the round ligament pain. Hopefully I can strengthen those through exercise.

  7. I am in my first trimester and absolutely LOVE how soothing and relaxing these poses are. They definitely help ease the aches and help stretch and tone out the important muscles. Great instructor hands down.

  8. everything is so inspirational, you are lovely, your voice, the way you are doing and guiding, athmosphere in the room and also garden view. everything is just perfect 🙂 thank you

  9. Katy, I'd really like to know where you purchased your workout clothes??? They look perfectly suited and my own workout gear is really uncomfortable now that I'm 24 weeks with my 3rd baby…

  10. I love these videos they have been amazing during pregnancy. But PLEASE switch off the ads mid session – they are so distracting and actually counter productive as they make me think negatively of the brands!

  11. While I usually try to spend more time to do exercises in the evening, these videos are perfect for when I wake up from my achy sleep! Usually my back starts hurting from the middle of the night and continues throughout the day, but if I do these exercises, they release a lot. Thanks! Also, these videos, unlike many other pregnancy exercises, really accommodate my big third trimester baby. Feel comfortable all the way!

  12. Amazingly Good!! So relaxing for the body and the soul… Katy Appleton you are really good !! I just love the calmness and the way you teach with. I am in my 24th week and whenever I am feeling any cramps or discomforts in my body I do this yoga series at least 2 videos and I feel rejuvenated instantly.

  13. THANK YOU! This felt absolutely phenomenal ~ I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have little time each morning for a workout, this was perfect.

  14. I've been doing these episodes for a few month now…so good for my hips….I'm plus size and I can do all of them…expect the hip circles, I'm not sure i'm doing them right.

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