9 Replies to “PREGNANT | 40 Weeks Pregnant! Plus Scare & Miracle – 9 Month Pregnancy Update Vlog”

  1. New subie here….I am so grateful to have found your channel…my hubby and I are expecting our 3rd child….Alivia Faith. I am 38 weeks and we are sooo expecting our little one.
    My favorite scripture is Jer..29:11-13!!!
    Thank you for being so transparent and sharing the love of Christ😊

  2. Uncle Jay is here!! Can't wait to see the beautiful miracle who will be known as Faith. She will be a blessing to you guys and everyone around her, just like her mom and dad. Love u guys…

  3. You guys are beautiful!! What a powerful message and journey. Beautiful Faith will be here soon and we are all excited. Your message is a wonderful inspiration and encouragement to all who view it and who know you. I love you both and looking forward to the good news about Faith entering this world healthy and sound. One of my favorite Bible verses which inspires, reminds and encourages me is Psalms 103. I pray for all of you and hope you keep me in prayer. Thanks for sharing, standing true in your faith, and sowing the spirit of God to others. 

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