Pregnant 5 Months After a C-Section

you guys are wondering if I am pregnant speakers in the face so if you guys are new to my channel make sure the title the title is pregnant five months after a c-section and I know you guys are wondering if I am pregnant but no I am not pregnant ain't gonna wait like you guys waiting to the end of the video I say if I am and I'm not no I am not pregnant i titled the video dead because you guys I am so dying to have another baby if a lot of you guys are new to my channel you guys know that I had my baby boy Bryson five months ago and things did not go right and I want a fabulous c-section and I wind up losing him it has been five months actually today today is the 6th of January and he would have me five months and you guys I put that I put a title my video that title because I want to pose a question out there to my views or to my subscribers I have a question have any of you guys had a baby after having c-section after having a c-section within a couple of months because if you did I kind of want to know what your experiments was because even though my doctor told me to wait a year to get pregnant again you guys I don't know if I can wait a year I'm like I just have like this really big hole in my heart like I really really want another baby and yeah my doctor told me to wait a year and like I said I don't know if I can way to you so I was wondering have any of you guys had a c-section and got pregnant maybe a couple of months after having a c-section and if so you know share your experience with me let me know how did the pregnancy go was it a healthy pregnancy or you know what what happened because for us I know my doctor's telling me not to get pregnant into a year because the baby weight can be a low baby weight and I have read some stories where some women their uterus had ruptured which is not good I read on a lot of stories about it a lot of things and I also read like some success stories where women's like you know I wind up conceiving a couple of months after having a c-section and my pregnancy was fine and I read some stories where some women was saying that their pregnancy was very painful because there wasn't completely healed all the way and at the moment I mean I am having sex I'm not I'm not on any birth control but I haven't got pregnant yet and like I said it has been five months and and I could still feel myself healing for my c-section and it's time to where if I do too much work or too much cleaning up around the house my c-section my scar hurts really really bad or basically I can still feel my my scar healing having a c-section there's not a good thing you guys cuz this c-section completely changed my whole body just nothing is right about my body at all you know I'm like my c-section scar you know if it's too cold outside I feel good you know it's hurtin or you know if I do too much work is hurting my bowel movement has not been the same or you know it's just a lot of stuff that had changed since I had the c-section and it was my back my my first c-section mind you guys I had three kids before I had Bryson and I never had a c-section I had all my kids natural and having a c-section was new to me but I do want to post a question have anyone had got pregnant after having a c-section and I don't mean like a year later I want to know if anyone got pregnant within months or up having a c-section if you did please please let me know what your experience was how did the pregnancy go because you guys I'm like I just have this big big hole in my heart you guys and I know if you guys saw like a previous of one of my pregnant videos I had got pregnant and I was like oh this is the last baby I don't want to have any more kids but you guys when I lost him I just I lost a piece of my heart and you know I know having another baby would not bring him back but it might feel that hole in my heart a little bit so yeah you guys so that's that's pretty much where I'm at right now I'm I'm trying to get pregnant I'm trying to have another baby and I'm just a little scared about having it so quickly after having a c-section but I don't know I just even do my doctors like oh well you know your baby's gonna have low you know birth weight and if you have a lot of complications if you don't let your body completely heal but I mean when I had this baby it was a lot that my topic did not tell me so why would I trust what they're saying right now but you guys let me know let me know if you guys got pregnant right after a c-section and if so you know again let me know what your experience is right you know right your experience down below in the description bar because I'm dying to know like I said I did a lot of research I read a lot of women comment on getting pregnant you know right after having a c-section so yeah just let me know you guys experiments and that's it I thank you guys for letting me vent to you guys for about my problem and what I'm going through but again I mean I thank you guys for watching and again don't forget to subscribe and make sure you hit that little Bell button so every time I come with a new video you guys would definitely know that I have a new video I thank you guys for watching and I see you in my next video peace

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  1. I lost my baby girl last month few hours after birth and I also had a c section… I can feel your pain dear, but I'd advise you to wait at least a year…. much love

  2. I lost my baby girl a month ago i can feel your pain i also had c section and my dr suggest me to wait at least 6 months

  3. Im sorry for your loss.Yes i am now pregnant 6 months post ceserean.i havnt been picking up weight. I do have a cyst on my right ovary and a slight hemorrhage. My scar is sore from streatching.and im 15 weeks 6 days and i havnt felt baby.i would say wait.

  4. My wife she had a CS last year of August because of placenta previa we lose our 6 months old baby inside her womb and now she is pregnant again after 7 months of CS may I know if is it safe to her and to my baby moment of her delivery.

  5. I'm currently 6months pregnant now with twins and my little boy his only 17 months …it's too hard and sometimes its painful because of my previous CS surgery. .I also done my ultrasound and the Dr told me that my uterus is low..I pray that everything is going well. .

  6. im goin on my 5th c section !
    my 3th and 4th were 9months apart. i was having complications , my uterus was close to rupture thankfuly i had a very very good dr. i advice you to please please wait.

  7. My daughter is 7 months now i had a c-section with her, i got pregnant again rite after having a c-section and had a miscarriage at 11 weeks. I believe although our bodies may seem healed on the outside on the inside it needs more time to heal then the outside does… Sometimes i still feel my c- section healing but i never thought that would cause any problems with my next pregnacy… Time heals all wounds. I believe if you was to let you're body completely heal that you will have a successful pregnancy God bless you and yours!!!

  8. This has just happened to me 8 weeks ago. I am still struggling emotionally and I dont want to get prrgnant again so it doesnt seem that i am forgetting about my boy…. nevertheless my Dr advised us to wait for a year, in order to avoid another c section. But to not get pregnant before 6 months mark

  9. My son was 2 when I got pregnant again. I had a C-section the first time and VBAC the second. My oldest is 3 and youngest is 6 months but I think I could possibly be pregnant again… I’m not ready for a 3rd

  10. i had a c section in 2013 (breech) and then another april 13th 2018 and im currently 18 weeks (4 months ) pregnant. it isnt recommended, i am high risk as i was with my previous c section. i had placenta previa, and in recovery i ended up hemmoraging badly which resulted in me going back to the OR were they put a balloon in my uterus to stop the bleeding. (it worked) so im scared for this pregnancy as it wasnt planned. The Drs will know whats best… but right now at 18 weeks i get aches where the scar is, especially when the baby is moving. its scary and honestly best to wait, however drs wilk insure your safety. you will be at risk for things such as the low birth weight , hemmoraging which nay result in a hysterectomy.

  11. my wife is 5 months pregnant after 8mos of c-s she wanna know if it is safe to having a baby again? our first baby is 1 year old by now and shes 5 months pregnant so when our first baby is 8mos old she's already pregnant.
    we wanna know and also me i wanna know if my wife is safe for that and hows the baby ? please .

  12. Come across this video in search of an answer my self. I'm currently 22 weeks pregnant, I found out when my son was 5 months old I had an emergency C section. With him. I haven't had any problems so far but the past week I have been feeling this pain that feels like a deep paper cut where the incision is I've been putting moisturising cream when it happens and it helps. Also it's sensitive when anything rubs against it I can't wear any underwear anymore as it always ends up cutting into the incision area so I've just been wearing really long loose dresses or tights without the elastic around the waist. I'm considered as a high risk but no one has seen me from the hospital yet for maternity visits and I have so many questions I see them next week finally but they definitely are slack in my area.
    I already know a vbac is out of the question so I'll be preparing this pregnancy for another C section by the way this is my husband's account 😊

  13. I had a C-section two years ago and I'm trying for another one and I'm trying and trying and trying and trying and miss my me and my husband is not working

  14. I've seen comments saying you're 14 months pp from your c section , and that you still feel pain and itching ?… maybe you should check with your doctor because that's NOT suppose to happen that long after a c section maybe you healed wrong or might have an infection from your inside .. I got pregnant when my daughter was 18 months she will be 23 months when I deliver and I feel no pain no nothing what so ever .

  15. Hey i have concieve my 2nd baby after 5month of my 1st c section now its my 7th month and i have sever Pain in lower abdominal area and c section cut

  16. I really can feel your pain as I lost my little girl couple of weeks ago and she was my first baby after a wait of 1.5 yrs of my Marraige. I am so broken and I also been suggested by doc that I have to wait for one year but I am not gonna wait even it’s safe or not. Will share the answer of these video if u get anyone who got pregnant after months ? I actually heard one of my cousin, she got pregnant after his stillborn of his baby and she had 3 C-sections but she still get pregnant and she had safe pregnancy. Except her I don’t anyone else.

  17. i had my csection 3months ago going four months this coming 28 and never had my menstruation till now.. am afraid that i got pregnant again.. is it possible to be pregnant this early? or is it normal for very long delayed of menstruation?

  18. I lost my baby May, 6 2018. I’m feeling exactly how you feel! I want a baby really bad after losing my first. I don’t think I can wait either, but my doctor suggested I do because I had C section as well.

  19. I’m actually pregnant with my third baby and I just had a csection five months ago. I wish I could’ve waited I’m having so much pain lower back and in my csection cut. Doctor told me I’m in bed rest

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