like I get so nervous when I do these I don't know why hey guys good morning and welcome back to another live pregnancy test I am so sorry I'm whispering but Joe is in the bedroom and he's up but he's still like laying in bed so I don't want him to hear me filming because I actually told him that we are going to test together tomorrow tomorrow is Easter so we thought we would do like a live pregnancy test together on Easter morning but I am just way too impatient and I have to test this morning because I am like 90% positive that I'm pregnant and the reason is just like I am feeling the exact same way that I felt the last two times that I've been pregnant and if you're new to my channel I did have two miscarriages in the last like six months we were trying to conceive you for like a year then we finally got pregnant and then we got pregnant twice but they just um didn't stick so this will be my third pregnancy so I feel like I know how I feel when I'm pregnant and I'm like almost positive that I am but we'll see but I wanted to just test today because I can't hold it in anymore but it's only nine VPO today so it's super super early the last two pregnancy is I got a positive at ten DPO and they were really really faint so I feel like if I even get a line today it'll be super faint but I just have to like test anyway I just can't I can't wait any longer cuz I'm like positive so I have my peak up here so I'm gonna go dip it and I'll be right back alright guys so I'm heading well I can't set a timer it's gonna go off so I'm gonna do the stopwatch on my phone and we'll see but um so just to give you guys like an idea of how I've been feeling the past few days I get this like feeling and I don't even know how to describe it because it's not cramping but it's like kind of like a fullness feeling and I used to call it butterflies but it's not I guess you could say it's a butterflies but it's like you just feel like something's going on down there and I swear I felt it with my first and second pregnancy and I've felt it the last couple days and I just know that feeling and I know that like means hombre so I'm like almost positive it's good to be pregnant but it is really early so it might not even show up yet but we'll see but yeah just that and I have like a whole list on my phone of symptoms I felt throughout this two week wait so if I am pregnant I'll definitely do like another video of like online two week wait symptoms and how I knew I was pregnant or whatever if I am pregnant I'm like totally jumping the gun guys but they will really really think I am it's like minute 15 but I feel like I should check I'm gonna check I'm not looking okay I'm like I get so nervous when I do these I don't know why see you what you see that you it's really faint it's only 90 P oh it's really good you just wanna be praying my baby personal bones and I really just like really I'm just giving it all was confident that he would give it to us and I was getting excited and livered I knew it do in like Daniel I think no I think when I calculated it our due date is on New Year's Day which is so cool 2020 well if you guys are seeing this video it's probably way after the fact and I am healthy and pregnant so probably the next video that I'll have up on my channel I probably am going to film like the HCG blood test like um a whole like experience because I'm gonna have to go and get my levels checked and then see if they double like all that stuff so I'll probably film that for you guys and then I will probably do my zero to four how I knew I was pregnant video after that so stay tuned you'll probably see a lot of videos like back-to-back because I'll probably have them all saved up so oh my god I'm so excited this channel is about to get all about pregnancy and jeff's I'm so excited I'm not even worried I know people that have had miscarriages are super scared when they find out they're pregnant again but I'm really just trusting God and I'm really think this is it for us our rainbow baby oh alright guys thanks for watching remember to give this video a thumbs up comment below and subscribe if you're not already guys love you all and just thanks for coming along this journey with me and I'm just like very busty and my necks


  1. Im so excited for you and thank you for putting your faith on display. You are an encouragement to me!

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