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[intro] Adam: Good morning guys. It’s bright and early again and just got a last-minute call for Latoya to go back on TV for a morning segment of another new station. Today, by the way, is the YouTube fan-fest. It’s going to be crazy. Latoya is still feeling sick but she’s a trooper she’s going to get through it. There you go. If she needs to go to the bathroom, just give travis a cue. Male 2: And then I’ll go to break. Female 2: What’s the que going to be? Male 2: Just try this. Okay like hit it really hard. [background conversation] YouTube sensation 71.1 million views on YouTube. Over 800,000 followers Latoya: Thank you so much for having me. And I know you’re feeling a little bit under the weather. But you’re here to chat about YouTube fan-fest which is going on over at Yonge and Dundas square. Latoya: You know I started out doing comedy for videos and just making people laugh. I’m so passionate about making people happy and keep smiles and smiling faces and then I got into vlogging when I got pregnant with my baby girl Samia last year and I started blogging my life. I just wanted to showcase my pregnancy, the ups-and-downs and it’s just been an awesome experience so far and I’m just living in the moment and just so passionate and loving life. And you’ve become a celebrity by all accounts and because of these blogs and because of your YouTube channel. Latoya: Supermom is going to be there. She’s amazing and The Red Carpet starts at 5pm so come out, meet us and let’s turn up together all our fans and just have a lovely time. Of course youtube fan fest going on over at Yonge and Dundas Square. And it’s your first time in Toronto. Thank you so much for coming in. Appreciate that. Latoya: Thank you so much for having me. I’m going to have to get home right now and follow your channel. Thank you so much for coming into the studio. It is 827 12 degrees. Still much more ahead here on CP24 In here’s the best light. In here’s the best light. I’m so proud of you. [background conversation] Just add a little extra or something. Latoya: Yeah. I just see you kind of how you are Latoya: Don’t even worry about that. I got this! So, what are some of the best things that your popularity on YouTube has led to? Latoya: I’ve gotten so many great offers with these from being a YouTube stars we’ll say. I’ve gotten into interview pit ball. I’ve gotten to interview Jake Hall walking the red carpet at the American Music Awards and I’ve been travelling meeting all my fans and just showing them how much I appreciate them. I recently got back from Dubai. I was in Saint Martin and just connecting with my fans and showing them how much I love them and appreciate them. And it’s been great, great journey and just living in the moment. And does it surprise you? Are you still amazed that worldwide you have all these people following you? Latoya: I don’t ever feel like I’ll ever get used to this life you know. It’s crazy because people come up to me on the street and they’re like, “Latoya I love you.” People break down crying in it’s just wow, this is because of me just putting myself out there and being real and being connected with life. Hey ET Canada. It’s your girl Latoya Forever and now before we get into what I’m up to let’s go quiz some fans! Adam: Everyone’s lining up to get into the building. Got to register for the Meet and Greet! Latoya: Okay so beautiful ladies, my question is are you excited to see superwoman. Audience: Yeah. Latoya: I’m so excited, OMG! Latoya Forever: so excited to be here! Latoya: Yeah. Audience: I got it. Latoya: Over one million views per day. Isn’t that crazy? Audience: Bye, bye. It was so nice meeting you. Latoya: I have a question for you; how many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute? Every minute? Audience: A lot. Latoya: Anyone, a number? Audience: 12. Latoya: No. Audience: 100? 500? Latoya: Lower. Audience: 400? Latoya: Lower. Audience: 300? Latoya: Yeah. Well done. You got it right. High Five. Enjoy the rest of your day. Audience: See you. Adam: After the ET segment we went back to the hotel and slept. We didn’t sleep at the hotel last night. How are you feeling now? Latoya: I’m better than what I was before but still I’m not 100%. Adam: Okay. Latoya: But I’m excited for the red carpets. Adam: Okay. Trust Your Struggle Wassup baby, you all right? Latoya: Yeah. Adam: Feel nervous Latoya: No. Adam: Good. We’re walking. [music] [audience] Latoya: I love you. Adam: Are you having fun? Latoya: Yes I am. So hey … [music] Latoya: Oh my God I’m so excited guys. I’m having so much fun. All the fans, all the new youtube celebrities. Oh my God. Is this my life, it’s crazy. Latoya: This is good. [audience] [audience screaming] me see. This is crazy. Oh my gosh. How crazy is this. This is insane. It’s insane. [audience] Male 1: What is going on? [music] Male 1: How are you feeling baby? Latoya: This is nuts. Latoya: Nuts. I didn’t expect this. Adam: I think the Oscars should take some notes! Latoya: Right. Latoya: We’ll see you later, Take care. Love you guys. Adam: Behind, behind you have everything. A lot of computers and systems. [background conversations] Latoya: Oh my gosh, okay, so I interviewed [audience] Latoya: Turn up, ooh. Audience: Latoya. Latoya: I’m with these awesome white people. You guys are so amazing. I love you all. Oh my God you are so exciting. How did I do on the red carpet let me know. Audience: You look amazing. Latoya: We’re on the red carpet. Yes … Audience: What are you wearing Latoya, what are you wearing? Latoya: I am wearing Top Shop, Top Shop and more Top Shop. Audience: You want to be on my vlog? Latoya: Yes. Audience: Wear my glasses. Latoya: Yeah … Audience: Wearing my glasses. Latoya: I can’t see. Audience: It’s surreal. Latoya: I am Latoya forever in love. Audience: It’s like a sexy nerd. You pull it off. Are you guys heading out already? Oh my gosh yeah. Latoya: Backstage. Adam: Yes backstage. What’s your channel let them know! Hey guys. I’m Jeffrey Fever here with my new friends Adam and Latoya. Adam: He’s a blogger too. Check him out. Canadian; we’ve got to represent Canadians. Latoya: And Montreal. Male: And everyone from Montreal. *Speaks in Language* Latoya: Ketchup chips. I love ketchup chips. I need them in LA. Adam: You need then in LA. Yeah, I was in LA like last year and we don’t have them. You don’t have them. it’s weird. I’m like no, it’s the best thing ever. [background conversation] Miles: Guess who’s here? [singing] Male 1: What’s going on guys. What’s going on? Jalen: We are chilling, just here chilling. Winnie: Just went shopping look at this! Miles: Winnie Went on a mini shopping spree! Winnie: Unnecessary garbage. Jalen: Who are they? Winnie: I love this shit but very … Miles: So unnecessary. Latoya: Shopping without me. Miles: Yeah, look at you on the couch. Latoya: Yeah I don’t feel well. Winnie: You’ve been sleeping all frigging day. Can’t wait. Latoya: Ask me how like, the YouTube fan-fest was or anything? Winnie: Oh yeah. Miles: We don’t care. Jalen: How was that? Latoya: It was so much fun. Miles: Uhm. There was a lot of fans, a lot of fans. Latoya: Normally I’m so sick. I just had to fake it and yeah, happy go lucky, that’s … Miles: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Latoya: Only, the inside I was dying. Jalen: Yeah, I here you. Latoya: Back on the couch though. That is my buggy dug, her belly all out she have her belly top on! My stylist is here helping me pack and winnie’s entertaining me Winnie: Godmother is here. Fairy godmother. Jalen: She is leaving needing some help so we got her looking turnt for her trip Latoya: Oh yeah I went to Chicago and then we’re going to LA. Latoya: I’m sick! Winnie: Jalen got her kid of turnt, I saw what they were packing. So while we were out Winnie: we kind of brought you something. This is so weird. I don’t know you’ve been kind of sick but I don’t know what’s wrong with you so I thought that you should probably take a few precautions. Jalen: Yeah. Latoya: Okay. Miles: Awkward! Winnie: Yeah, you do it. Jalen: We got you to try. Latoya: You guys are too much. Miles: All that yak in the toilet. Latoya: Something. Miles: And no reason right. Winnie: Yeah, no legit! let me let you know something. I was sleeping over here for like two days now, okay, and hearing her throw up in the garbage while I’m trying to sleep is not cute so we need to- Miles: Deal with that later on. Jalen: We need to figure this out right now. Latoya: You guys can be my security while I’m gone! My periods are like all over the place. I haven’t got my period for like what? 45 days now. Miles: Wait, what? Miles: Wow, wow, wow, what? Miles: 45 days? Male 3: I even know that’s bad and I’m a guy! Latoya: Yo like I just had a baby, Like it’s irregular to the extreme. Miles: Just 45 days. Latoya: That’s bloated. Winnie: That’s not normal. Latoya: I’m bloated so my period’s coming. I don’t know. Miles: So how about I just take some and you do it here right now? Latoya: Are you serious? It would be hilarious if I was. Winnie: No way that’s not funny. Miles: So let’s find out. It’s not funny. That’s not a joke. You just had this one here. Sam’s not even grown. Winnie: Sami is a blessing but that’s much blessing that you need at this point Jalen: You need to get on that Asap Latoya: Do you guys honestly think I’m pregnant? Winnie: Yeah well I do. That’s why I bought you this. Jalen: You’ve been sick for a couple of days I just thought like something was wrong. Winnie: Right. Jalen: So it’s either- Miles: It could be it, you’d never know. Jalen: Oh she’s so cute. Latoya: Pregnancy test. Look at how high-tech it is. Miles: Jeeeez. Female 2: There’s a second one just incase. Jalen: Yeah we got another one! Winnie: There’s two. Miles: They really wanted to make sure. Jalen: Yeah. Miles: No mishaps. Latoya: I’m scared. Now I’m scared. Miles: You’re scared? When you come out you might be pregnant. Latoya: Look at my belly… look at my belly Miles: Exactly. Winnie: Look at yourself as a one child woman. Latoya: Look at my belly? Winnie: You just ate though so… Latoya: awww buggy! Male 1: She’s excited I know. Winnie: Do you want a brother? Miles: Ah we’ll see guys. Jalen: What’s good though! Jalen: Look at this! Jalen: Oh my tie is not on fleek, how dare you! Winnie: # [00:18:23] Did you see that box? Miles: The box? Latoya: Where’s the box? Miles: Oh shit. Latoya: OH NO!

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