hey everyone welcome to my channel and today I'm gonna be talking about I'm gonna be able talking about how I got pregnant at 14 alright so I'm gonna go back and just start off with how I met my baby's father I met my baby father because of my sister when I was in fifth grade my sister was in sixth grade and when my sister was a sixth grade she had a crush on this dude I don't know if she wants me to say his name or not the way there stood together till this day there stood together she found out that he had a little brother his little brother it was literally the same age as me just didn't go to the same school as me your stepbrothers so they eventually liked me and my baby daddy uh we got together in fifth grade technically they were together for a while maybe like six seven months and then we brought home we'd never really seen each other we would just text online we ended up breaking up after a while I don't remember why but we were just little kids I didn't really matter I didn't care fast forward to eighth grade I remember I ended up meeting my baby daddy again I met him because of my sister same reason with my sister and her boyfriend away at the house and I remember my sister's boyfriend was all like hey you want to show with Eric you weren't sure like Eric Eric is my baby daddy by the way and I was this like no bogos this I know why don't fucking lie it was okay I'm asked him so he called Eric he got my boyfriend and my boyfriend was a sigh okay I'm done it Joe so they picked up my boyfriend he came over we chilled and all that and you know I was just like oh hey he's cute so we couldn't think you're talking my sister and her boyfriend bought him over I remember my parents were not happy about it my mom was more like a you know she's always been more closer to me so she didn't really it was all more of my sight but my dad was not okay with that remember my dad was really strict he would not let any guys go over oh you don't know besides my sister's boyfriend because he really liked him he liked all my sisters boyfriends and always been respectful he's always been helpful sure my dad never liked my boyfriend just because of the way he dressed and the way he talked the way he looked man my boy everyone would see each other 24/7 he would literally come to my house from seven o'clock in the morning to like twelve o'clock at night my boyfriend was just always together we were never apart if you seen him you seen me have you seen me in him that's just how it was all the time after a while we were more seriously to each other so we ended up you know after the first time we had sex I didn't get pregnant I don't know why I didn't get pregnant we would just keep doing it all the time because I was noticing us as I hey I'm gonna bring a never gonna get pregnant so just keep doing it then after a while I started noticing that my periods weren't coming I didn't think of the thing of it I didn't think like oh my god like I'm pregnant cuz I haven't had my period I was just like oh my periods not coming oh come next time or I'll come next month or whatever it never came and my mom is the one that started noticing that I was pregnant like she was like hey here's some exciting things but then when she started saying that I was getting the thought – I said what if I am pregnant that's why my boyfriend knows this I hate my mom's dying think I'm pregnant I don't think I am but she's starting to think I am whew just I wanted to take pregnancy tests so this I okay well I took a pregnancy test it was just me and my boyfriend living room yeah I went upstairs to go pee I hadn't like I literally was just like oh this is nothing I was not scared at that moment I did not think hey what if I'm pregnant I was not thinking nothing nothing in my head was going through that so I just took the pregnancy test and I waited for a while I was in the restroom by myself my boyfriend was downstairs waiting and it came back positive wait I remember I had came downstairs and I had showed him I was just like here and he looked at it he was this like it's freaking out like he was to say what are we gonna do oh my god you know he was freaking out I wasn't freaking out I was just shocked you know I was just like oh I was just so and he was he was scared you know he was scared and I was I said well you know like oh well like I'm gonna have the baby I know you are you crazy like you gotta have an abortion and stuff I was just like I don't care like I didn't think it was a big deal oh well I'm pregnant I kept it a secret from my mom for the longest and my mom started telling me more and more she was just like you're getting big you're getting big are you sure you're not pregnant and she was noticing the fact that I would never ask her if she could buy kneepads she like hey have you started your period you haven't asked me for peds or anything oh I don't know I still have some fo she was kind of getting the thought and she woulda known as how me and my boyfriend were so close so she you know she one time we were in the kitchen and my mom had asked me she was like hey tell me the truth are you pregnant and in all this I know my Jesus that you you're not on birth control she was telling me tell me the truth you know I won't get mad so just like honestly I haven't started my period I couldn't tell her I was pregnant I just couldn't but I did tell her I did I was like honestly mom I haven't started my period cause I don't know if I'm pregnant and she was just like okay you know what don't panic tomorrow I'm gonna get you a pregnancy test we're gonna take it if you're not pregnant I'm gonna go and get you on birth control and if you are chilly I'm sorry me huh but you're gonna have to tie your somehow oh okay fine like I already knew I was but I wasn't panicking so the next morning I remember it was early early early in the morning my mom had woke me up and she was like get up you're gonna take this pregnancy test and then I was like what the heck hey she made me take a pregnancy test where my brother's room at that moment she had told me to go to the restroom I I peed in a cup it came back positive and I remember my mom was just in shock she was just like oh my god you're pregnant you're pregnant I said I'm sorry me how I'm gonna have to tell you that I was I know cuz I was scared of my dad I swear I was so scared of my dad my door would pop me in my mouth it would have been something but he was like really really straight and old I'm sorry I have to tie your dad you know is this my mom no you promised you were gonna tell my dad and my dad would was hearing us argue so who's like what happened and my mom's like she's pregnant he just looked at me and he just told me don't ever talk to me again unless to his roomie he started crying I didn't go in there I didn't apologize to him I didn't ask him if he's okay I didn't I'm I'm sorry none of that I just left him I let him cry cuz what am I supposed to do that is hell I don't I'm almost like mom what am I gonna do I should I you don't wanna be hon Tony don't worry she was like you're not gonna kill the baby that's one thing for sure because I'm gonna help you actually it's a baby now it's in you should I do you even know how many in my store I was like I don't know this is okay well we're gonna find out my first doctor's appointment she had sick name I remember it was me my boyfriend and my mom my mom has smoked my boyfriend with this because my dad didn't want me seeing my boy you don't want me texting him he don't want me calling him seeing him ever like he did ban me from seeing him he wanted to actually get a restraining order from both of us but he couldn't he's always hated my boyfriend from the beginning from the day he's met him he's hated my boyfriend so this just made it even worse me present made it even worse so then my mom and I set up to talk disappointment for me so an ultra Sun and that day I remember was me my boyfriend and my mom in the room they were checking on the baby and we found out that it was a boy and we were so happy my mom was so happy my second doctor's appointment was like a week after that my dad was slowly starting to like get over he was still not talking to me from like weeks he was not talking to me I would always hear him in his room crying and stuff you know there was nothing I could do about it one time we went to this doctor's appointment I remember the lady was checking me she was just like okay she was like you're gonna go she was like oh wait hang on she she forgot she's out oh wait hang on I need to check your cervix and my head always just thought the fuck is the cervix they never told me anything about this okay this was my first child I didn't know what a cervix was and she would just look on the machine she put it like right below my stomach and I remember she was like oh my god like she was looking on the machine she was like is that open and then she was how old my colleagues she was freaking out and she was is I hang on give me a minute let me go cause I the doctor I was like okay my girls I decide he's done that the doctor was checking and she was despite the salic open that looks open keep in mind I was only or three months all those he was a sigh oh my god who is this I hang on let me go holler at the doctors so they call them like five doctors in the doctor was like yeah she's open protocol hospital immediately they took me to the hospital right away I was worried I was like what's happening and they told me do you feel any pain do you fill out any any pressure anything down there I was just like no I'm fine why and they were telling me you know your cervix is open it's opening up your baby could come out any minute so I was shot I was like oh my god like I was scared I was this I don't know what to do is there anything I can do this so like you know this'll only happen they said there was nothing I could do besides just rest stay in the hospital so they kept me in the hospital for like a whole month waiting for the whole two weeks and they just had me on bed rest for the whole two week I remember my boyfriend will come visiting me all the time it would be there from the very morning from the very night he was only 14 so you can stay there with me he would just come to like seven o'clock am like I think to like you know visiting hours he would come and you would leave when visiting hours are over one time I remember him I was in bed and he was just right there on the couch and then I would feel like these pains but they were really small so just so I'll get over it you know it's nothing it's just a small pain will go away and I will keep getting and getting in getting it all this I'm like oh this is really hurting you know and I didn't have no one to talk to my boyfriend was asleep so I was like was this pain you know like I was wondering what is nice but it's this and then my boyfriend was just still asleep and then I tried waking him up all sigh Eric all right he was not waking up solves this okay I'm just calm down they don't go away in ten minutes I'm waking him up and the pains were just getting stronger and stronger and stronger and they were hurting so bad and I was like you know why I can take it it's to the point where I can't take it anymore so I was just trying to wake him up I was trying the remote I am I was throwing pillows I am I was trying everything these little crackers that the lady gave me I was trying everything I said he would not wake up it was just something we so I called the lady so she came in and she looked at the Machine and there's like this paper that shows like your contractions and she was out oh my god you're having contraction through that oh my god oh my god I need to call that as a doctor so like 1020 other doctors came in they started unplugging everything from the machines moving my bed they're gonna switch me room from all that noise that they were making my boyfriend was just right there and he woke up he was like oh my god what's happening and then the doctor is like oh you're awake now he was just like oh your your girlfriend's gonna have the big he was happy so he called his mom he called my mom and let them know as soon as that happened my mom came and I remember I was in the delivery room I couldn't take the crabs I remember I was crying and crying until my mom I can't do this I can't do this and she was I asked for the epidural if you really can't take it she's like but it's a needle really long and you know you might fuck up your back with it but you know it's if you want it's worth it I thought no Melissa I don't care what it is I need it you know if it's gonna make me feel better I need it still then I waited and waited and waited a thousand years my contractions were really really high and they were hurting so bad but finally they the doctors came in there with are you ready for your for the shot and it was just like yeah I know that okay only one person can be in the room and I told my dad I feel like he should have been that person to be there so I just remember I was on the bed that made me sit up straight they made me I think hunch my back a little so they could see like my spine and I remember I was just grabbing onto my dad's hand and her her but it was quick and after that everything my body went knowns so I'm glad I took the epidural right now I'm 18 and my back is killing me but at that moment it was worth it after a while I felt like shitting I remember I felt like shitting and I told the lady I was I was in normal if I feel like shitting and she just looked at the contractions going even more up and she's like okay you're ready to push she was this I'm gonna call in your doctor so she called in the doctor you know I pushed off my baby in less than two minutes he's I remember they were all surprised they're like oh my god you pushed them all in less than two minutes that's a really good time you know people struggle a lot of time you know just to have a baby but I could do anything as soon as I had the baby I was perfect you know it was not doing any pain you know nothing I didn't I didn't get to experience what most moms experienced I didn't get to experience me holding my baby right away because I know there's when you have a baby as soon as you give birth they put them on your chest you know so it could be skin-to-skin I didn't experience that um they just right away took him from me they took him to a different floor because he couldn't breathe he needed a machine to breathe and he was a preemie baby you know he was born at five months he was born at 28 weeks so they took him away from me and I remember um they were just cleaning me up and everything and my baby was still not there and I was I hate was my baby when can I see my baby and the lady's like oh I mean let me go check and then she came back to that well you're gonna have to wait another hour or whatever I remember I waited a long time to see my baby and when they finally brought him up I couldn't hold him they didn't give me permission to hold him they had him in like a incubator an incubator like it was like a box and um he was just all wired up I felt so bad like I felt horrible I felt like the most horriblest mom cuz you know like even though I don't it wasn't my fault that he was born early he was and he was going through that that's so they brought me tell stories it was in a room I went in a room it was called a NICU I was in a room all the babies like there was babies all premature babies they were all so little and tiny and I remember I see my son it broke my heart seeing him like that I remember my boyfriend was just touching him you know happy my boyfriend was so happy and I had to stay in because they had told me they told me are you gonna want to breastfeed or to give formula and then also I don't be no prophet I'm gonna let them hang bitch I don't need no BRABUS let them tea they hate me I don't need no prophet let them do this Hey look motherfucker see the crip walk don't eat a crip walk and their leg wall since he's a preemie you're in half the breast pump because he's not gonna be able to latch on there lie I suggest you breast pump because it's better and you know it's healthier for the baby I was in the hospital for like a whole month and then they they try to make me stay there were time me hey you could go home if you want after these two days but I suggest you stay instead of you coming all the way all the time to give the breast milk all the time so I stayed there like another two weeks and I was really getting tired of it all just I'm tired of just sitting on this bed you know I want to go outside I am tired of just stuck in here laying down I was just really tired of him and I was like you know what I'm gonna continue breast puppy and I'm gonna do bringing it to you guys I just want to go home so the lady's like okay after I will continue breastfeeding and everything or breast pumping and all that every time I will go to the NICU it'd be something different like some days my son would get better other day see what if some days he'd be losing weight which is a bad thing some days he'll be gaining weight some days they'll tell me hey he stopped breathing we don't know if you know you want to keep putting him on the machine or whatever and I remember this one time they told me he had an infection in his stomach and there was a chance he couldn't make it you know there was just a lot of things so many things wrong and good at the top like at the time when I will keep going back and forth one thing for sure is I never ever ever ever once thought my baby's gonna die I never thought that that never crossed my head I never thought my son's gonna die after I think it was like I think it was like five months after five months I think my son was finally able to go home because he was breathing all right he was finally drinking his own bottle you know he was doing perfect and I took him home if you see my son right now he is the most healthiest baby ever he is gonna be for next month on August 3rd it's crazy how he when he was born he weighed 2 pounds 14 ounces and now he is the most healthiest baby ever um I don't know if there's any other questions I need to answer if I didn't answer any specific questions just comment down below I'll try to do another Q&A videos just to explain what I do have two kids I have a almost four year old which is my son and a two year old my son's name is Eric my daughter's name is Evelyn I am 18 years old but yeah again my name is Kimberly and if you guys like to see more videos whatever videos you guys like just comment below subscribe and like this video I hope you enjoy watching this baby girl see it's cool tomorrow baby girl I love you


  1. My brother was born premature he was supposed to be born on january 17 but my mom gave birth on november 22. They told her that he wasn’t gonna make it but if he did he will have problems when he grows up. He’s gonna be 13 now and is more then healthy. My mom was 23 when she had my brother she said it was the most scariest time of her life. So for you to be 14 and went through all of that just proves that you are a very very brave person ❤️❤️

  2. Wow girl ! You are strong woman 💞 and have two beautiful kids 😌💞 we need part 2 ✌🏼 about your second child 😌💕

  3. Your honestly really talented and it’s impressive that you are still standing to this day keep it up ❤️

  4. ❤❤❤❤ im so proud of you,you have became a very responsible young mother after everything you went thru you always kept ur head up❤ i love u sista

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