PREGNANT AT 17 Teen Mom Story

hi guys welcome to my channel my name is Damaris I've been wanting to make this video for a while now but I just not that I haven't had the time I've just kind of been pushing it off because this is kind of something that's way out of my comfort zone um well as you can probably tell from the title yes I am pregnant and I did get pregnant when I was 17 I did just turn 18 a few days ago so yeah I'm 18 now and I am currently about 24 weeks along so the reason I wanted to make this video was because when I first found out I was pregnant I went straight to YouTube if I'm being honest and I just looked up other teenage moms because I wanted to know how other people go in my situation we're handling it and honestly it just made me feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone knowing that other people are going through the same thing and I don't know I wanted to share my story with you guys um so I kind of just want to go over you know like the details of what happened and all of that stuff talked about my boyfriend talked about how our lives are going right now yeah I just want to share my story and hopefully help someone else out there like other people help me so to start off um and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year now but when we found out I was pregnant we had to live in Haiti for about six months um we found out and about at her in March kind of and it was really weird for us because it wasn't really something I was expecting the whole week before I actually took a pregnancy test I had been feeling really sick I was nauseous every morning I didn't want to eat anything like nothing felt good I was just I felt really off and I don't know it was really weird but it never occurred to me that I was pregnant well I remember just talking about like oh I feel sick I don't know what to do like I don't know what's wrong with me and I thought I have to go to the doctor or something I don't know but I told my parents and of course my parents were just like oh no take this take that it'll make you feel better like you probably just ate something and you know that's what I thought I went to bed every night thinking I'll feel better tomorrow I'll feel better tomorrow and of course I did not feel better for like four months so yeah I knew that I had missed my period but usually my period is very irregular so I didn't really think about it it wasn't really a concern to me um I more so took a pregnancy test because we were joking about it I was still working at the time and one night after work I was sitting in my car with my boyfriend and we were talking and I was like oh man I'm so tired like I feel so steak and I had already called him once that week so I didn't want to call in again and I remember me saying hey what if I'm pregnant and we both just kind of stopped and looked at each other and he asked me like do you want to go to Walmart and buy a pregnancy test and I thought about it and I was like yeah sure but I didn't actually expect to be pregnant um so we went to Walmart and we had a pregnancy test and he was telling me you know like oh wait until tomorrow to take it because I want to be there when you take it like I want to know bla bla bla and me being impatient as soon as I got home I told him I was gonna take it because I did not want to wait any longer I just wanted to get it over with I wanted to see what the result would be because you know if I wasn't pregnant then something was wrong with me because I had been feeling really ill for over a week so I took the pregnancy test and I called him and we were on the phone and I wasn't really thinking about it because I had it like I've taken pregnancy tests before and it's always been like a false alarm or whatever and I don't know it just seemed like there's no way I'm pregnant like there's no way and sure enough I ignored it the little test I don't know I just like I always try to keep my mind away from me if I'm taking a pregnancy test so I don't stress out about it I'm just gonna left it and ignored it and I was talking on the phone my boyfriend Toledo to go check it after a few minutes and I did and there were the two little red lines and I kind of freaked out I broke down I started crying and I told him I would just call him the next day because I didn't know how to deal with it um I remember calling two of my friends that night and freaking out to them and like crying and I couldn't stop thinking about it and I don't know at the time it seemed like this is the worst thing in the world like I don't know what I'm doing I don't know how this could've happened bla bla bla I mean obviously I know how it happened I know that I wasn't exactly paying safe and me and my boy from we're not really being saved at least I safe as he should have been but I don't know I never got pregnant for such a long time I just I don't know it was a shock but I obviously wasn't acting like oh this isn't my fault like I we both knew we both owned up to it we both knew so the next day I asked him to pick me up because I freaking out so we went and we drove around for a while and I started bawling my eyes out because I didn't know what to do and I was talking about it with him telling him like what are we gonna do we can't have a baby like we're teenagers because I was 17 he's 19 I was like this just it's I don't know what to do like we're teenagers were too young like I'm gonna go to college and blah blah blah I'm like I had been planning on going to a college three hours away from where I live right now and I had already gotten accepted and everything you know like we were going to move this summer um so I was freaking out and I was like I don't know what I'm gonna do and another thing was like my parents I had no idea how I was gonna tell my parents um they've always had high expectations with me like I said I was gonna go to college and all that um I don't know I've always been like the really good student like straight A's blah blah blah all of that and I don't know I was terrified to tell them because I didn't want them to be disappointed in me I didn't want to tell them at all I wanted to just like hide hide it for at least a week or something I don't know I don't know what I was thinking but whenever my boyfriend finally took me home that day like my mom was home and I was trying to make it seem like I hadn't just been crying for over an hour and I am came inside and I was just thinking about it and I was like I have to tell her I cannot keep this from her I cannot keep this from my mother like if anyone's gonna help me she's gonna help me like you know I had to tell her at some point I had to tell her eventually so I went inside and she was sitting on the couch and I sat down with her and she immediately asked me what's wrong and I looked at her and I just sighed and she was like are you okay what's wrong and I was like can we please talk in my room so we came into my bedroom sat down and I remember just asking her like mom do you love me and of course she said yes why what's wrong like what happened and I started crying so hard I couldn't even talk and I couldn't get the words out I just I didn't know how I was gonna say that to her like I could not look at my mother and say mom I'm pregnant but of course eventually I did say it and you know it was a whole big deal she cried I cried she called my dad I was terrified of my dad mostly I thought my dad was going to kill me I thought he was actually going to disown me luckily he did it um he's actually really calm about it which I think for me was probably the best thing because I felt so much better after telling them cuz at first my mind was all over the place I had like I didn't know anything I was thinking a lot of negative things if I'm gonna be honest but as soon as I told them it just kind of helped me calm down and figure out where I was because then at least I knew like if I were her if I was gonna have their support or not and luckily my parents did give me their full support um my dad was just saying to my mom like oh there's no point in crying you know she's almost 18 it's gonna be fine and of course my dad did not know I had a boyfriend I don't so they both just kind of asked like who's the guy does he know is he owning up to this like is he gonna be responsible about it bla bla bla and I told them like yes he is he knows like he's my boyfriend like yeah I know who the various like yeah it's his kid um so of course that meant they have to meet and stuff which was really awkward and I hated it especially since my parents don't speak Spanish and my boyfriend it's Hispanic but doesn't speak Spanish so you know it was just kind of awkward to have to translate when that really met up but we got through it and it was fine it was weird cuz my parents asked all the basic parent questions like ooh did you go to college are you working do you want to marry my daughter like what are your intentions of my daughter which was awkward and for me at least I don't know um but thankfully that was over with and I think the best part about it was that both of my parents agreed like he had to either move in with us or we had to move in with him now we decided he would move in here just because of personal reasons that I won't get into but we decided it was best that he move in here so he moved in with me like about maybe less than a week after which was kind of scary for me because yeah we had been dating for a while and yes I had spent the night with him before and stuff like stuff like that but living with him it just kind of scared me because I was like we're teenagers I'm so terrified of what's going to happen next but it ended up being fine if anything it was a lot better um he really owned up to the situation and after freaking out about it for a few days and crying about him for a few days I calmed down about it and I was able to think about it with a clear mind and it was honestly fine the more I thought about it the more I just kept telling myself I could do it especially since I had the support of my parents um I honestly was scared of what people were going the same I mean of course right now I don't care at all like I'm very happy about this I tell everyone but at first I was still terrified I didn't want the rest of my family to know I was scared to tell my older brother too but everything's fine now um yeah I just really wanted to get my story out there because like I said it was horrifying for me at first I had no idea what I was getting myself into like I I had no idea what to do this wasn't really something I never thought would happen to me um not that this is like a bad thing I just it wasn't something I was expecting like I was um you know like I've said I was 17 um luckily though I had already graduated from high school I stopped going to school in December because I just graduated early I hadn't got my diploma yet but you know I wasn't going to school anymore so that was the best thing in the world because I had so much morning sickness which I don't know why they call it morning sickness because I was sick all day every day literally like the toilet was my best friend I would throw up all the time in the mornings and like at work and stuff at night if I ate something like no it was just awful but it's fine now um so yeah I just kind of wanted to share this so maybe I can help out some other girls in the same situation really I just want to help anyone because I know that when I was in this situation that first it comforted me to see other people's stories because it's just you know if you're going through the same situation you're not alone you are not the first teenage mother and you won't be the last and honestly it'll be fine it will be fine like I don't know but me personally seeing other people's videos made me have that feeling of like I'm gonna be fine I am not the only one going through this like other people have gone through this and they've come out of the situation and it's totally fine so pretty much the point of this channel will be to film my kid just film little videos with her I just want to have that not just in my memories but you know like on tape and I also really want to share like all the details of this of pregnancy and stuff I am completely 100% prepared to talk about everything like all the details that people want to know because that is the one thing I spent so much time looking up to is like just how things really work like really I'm ready to share details like I really don't have a problem with talking about this and if it's gonna help someone else and I would love to talk about it I'd love to share my experience so anyways if you like this video please give it a big thumbs up and be sure to subscribe to my channel it would really mean a lot to me um comment down below if you like this video if you want to see any other video similar to this or what you want to know let me know if I helped you or maybe share this video help someone else I don't know just yeah thank you for watching I hope you like this video

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