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hi everyone so today's video is going to be although my pregnancy I'm sorry the lighting sucks I'm sorry of the quality sucks I have a very perfect our very perfect very new very brandy camera but it's just not working well with me here's a little story let me tell you the team okay I'm sorry anyways okay so I got this camera like two years ago like that you're gonna have now like it's it's been two years I'm sorry I can't talk and I wanted those cameras I'm gonna miss the obvious watching YouTube YouTube and you guys see the bloggers or youtubers whatever their screen flips awfully over here so like this we like the screens up here and then I can see myself well I played myself because I thought that the I why am i stuttering I thought I thought time that all of these cameras came with that you know like lips cream type of scene but I guess not because this little thing doesn't it doesn't go like that and obviously I'm not a professional videographer I don't have my little thing connected to the TV where I can see myself I don't have a person to help me out so it's very hard for me to be filming the video with my camera so therefore I'm using like my phone camera film so like I said I'm sorry for the quality and I'm sorry crusty dusty but it is already the times it only I would be filming at this time it's already 736 and I'm barely filming this when the sun's obviously going to set so I need to get started or run away so if you guys do not know I am pregnant very weird for me to say but I am extremely positively pregnant okay I took a lot of tests and I went to go get blood work and I year-end etc and I came out to be very positive pertinent okay so you don't know and then I am pregnant congratulations to my friend you're gonna be a mom that's good I'm just gonna get into the questions because I'm on a time and the Sun is setting so that's fun ain't gonna wait for me okay so you guys are wondering why I'm holding this iPhone 20 it's just because like I said I'm using my phone and obviously other questions or on the phone and so I had to take a picture with them with my mother so that that answers your question also I've been like filming this video back and forth but some other questions you guys asked me I didn't have the answers for so I had to wait and also I've been having some complications which I'm going to be telling guys about right now during the video so let's just get right into it I'm sorry I'm just eating through it and I'm sorry if I it's actually I'm not fun to watch but I'm trying oh yeah I might not be here and my crusty shirt but honestly I look pretty glowing it's just let's just get into it first question is how many weeks are you I am a 10 weeks and four days pregnant I literally just wanted this out on Tuesday finally so everyone stay I'll be a week XS so this wants to be 11 weeks like Sarah so yeah I'm ten weeks awkward when did you find out I found out a few weeks ago I'm like yeah I found out a few weeks ago maybe like a month I don't even know I'm so happy for you how did he tell your parents thank you so much girl must I told my parents well technically I told my mom and then my mom told my dad so that's how it went I literally that same day I found out I was planning to tell them a week like later this is also scared for my life if you live in him a good home oh you know that the chunk was gonna come by I was gonna I was gonna have to dip out but thankfully I didn't have to do any amount but I was just super scared I didn't want to get home that day because honestly like you do feel guilty when of the stakes you make I'm gonna saying that my baby's on a stick but you know what I mean too much to take in but like I said I wanted to wait but you know what part of me I was like okay I still live with my parents and I'm gonna feel good waking up every single day I'm going to sleep without them knowing such a big news so I got home and I'm always outside in the front porch and I was like mom I need to talk to you she just seemed worried I feel like like as a mom I feel like she really knew so I took her in my room and I literally just told her – Liam but I saw that man she was like you know she almost fainted and I was like thirsty man oh man getting the Bible that's very how I told her and then she's just her eyes water and she hugged me and yeah then I went to the store right after with my sister and I told her don't tell my dad yet I'm gonna go ahead and prepare a whole ass just tell my father he'd say no but I told her not telling him I want to tell him you know like you know me so even though I have to go tell my my daddy what I did and so I went to the store my sister and my sister tells me my mom told my dad he's neither if this ever happens to you guys really you tell your mom to not be something the man she goes on chose that's my mom I told her don't tell and he did so there I go then praying for milling way I look at the store because they didn't want to get home so I was in that fear when I got home my dad just looked at me we didn't speak for a week we finally spoke on a Saturday and then everything went good my parents would be very supportive which is honestly the only thing that matters like you know what I mean we present man I feel like it's just an emotional time and it's so like overwhelming in a good way and that's just like you don't even know what's gonna happen type of thing oh so when you have your parents support it's honestly the best thing okay next question woman do you think you were pregnant um I want to say my breasts were hurting a lot it was like I don't like you do get breast pain when you're about to be your period but this was a different kind of breast pain it was like I could mean the way down because we're burning girls they were on fire away you guys are liddie down there I couldn't even lay down on them and if I did like if I calls me for something I would wake up with them aching like too much it was just too much pain I did have a missed period but here's the thing I'm very you by clear my period new husband I can't talk my period hasn't been it was like regular ever since I lost a lot of weight like my freshman sophomore year how do you remember but it was a lot of weight on that cost from interior to not be regulars so that didn't even concern me because my period has always been late but I did have a missed period now that I think about it and I think you just have a feeling it's not like those times where you have like pregnancy scares it's just your head knows your body knows you feel different like just doesn't feel right like you need to look at the test and there will be positive so if you have any of it just I think the test must believe you about we don't best believe you will about to be a mom I clearly need to do my head together because I don't even know how to talk right now okay next question how did he feel when you found out I felt very overwhelmed I was scared I was worried I was stressed I was questioning my whole existence I was like oh my gosh what am i parents gonna do to me I do I hope I wash my clothes oh my gosh Papa date yeah I just felt super overwhelmed with different kind of kinds of emotions I was honestly very stirred on that issues because of my parents like that was the first thought I think someone asked me someone asked me what was your first what was your first thought when you found out and that's literally like my first thought wasn't currently I am I gonna tell them I'm gonna get kills I'm gonna get murdered I'm gonna get home and I need to buy what I thought it was gonna be home at night so we got have you're wondering how to feel like fine now obviously it's different when you're already married just going on very things to like find out oh yeah next question oh no what do you want it to be I really want a boy with something inside of me tells me it's going to be a girl but either/or I'm going to be blessed okay what made you take the prettiest I do have a lot of questions like asking me that what made you take the furnaces huh why do you feel we give to stuff like that like I said it was my breast and I just had the feeling I feel weird if you have a feeling I would say just take it good sometime like us girls we like I'm gonna be guys have heard that sometimes you make yourself feel sometimes when you when you don't even have it well that happens to me we're like I'm pretty man I've taken this negative so it's just like it's just like a legit feeling where you're like okay you know what I mean I'm pregnant and that's about it how did you know you were pretty man like I said wait I think I answer that well how do you know you're pregnant and want me to take the pregnancy test so it's literally the same master – about your two questions I just felt a my breasts are hurting and yeah literally like the same thing I'm sorry like I don't have very descriptive answers but it was just the way I felt tell me god I need to hurry up with them please do you have so in the first weeks when I found out I was eventually having very bad diarrhea but they're not twenty though because I asked my OB on Tuesday if that was normal and he stands out that's not part of the pregnancy that it's just my body I'm just like but you're telling me that out of nowhere I'm sure it's pretty initiative whatever I eat to me it was the form of like throwing enough like instead of feeling nauseous and throwing up I was over there chori angle you know what I'm sorry that seems very disgusting but yeah this literally the only saved in my head and I want to say my breasts and they're very very emotional and I still AM I get very emotional what do your parents say my parents like I said we had a personal talk they told me that they're going to be here for me that obviously Davis Jake not the baby's in the state but you know what I mean like I should have thought about things like the usual like you know you're in here it's not gonna be easy type of thing but at the end of this day like I said they are very supportive my mom takes care of me I'm like her little baby need to take a community you don't really do you I'm going to eat this and then to have also yeah that's pretty much that's pretty much it boy or girl I want a boy but if that either or is fine what gender do you want I want a boy you guys are asking the same questions baby names I do not have any baby names yet or I mean we do not have any baby names yes we will pretty soon be making the list boy I have some in mind but I don't want to share sure them yet I don't know but yeah if you guys have any baby names please comment down below or let me know in Instagram I do a basic name and I'm sorry but like my name is super basic I shouldn't be one to talk I literally have a no problem because literally I'm literally gonna stay a member so here goes my whole career its money yeah literally okay this is a little funny story my senior year I was going to my econ econ class and I was actually homeschooling before that when I like my home high school here's what we're like a year and how cool okay I'll be there I'll be there like I was trained I went back and I hate this I literally hate this and it happened to me like literally three days ago I go into class I'm obviously it's like you come back from the semester and you have any seats or whatever they want to see who's there and who's not so you know like they have the attendance sheet this is my teacher Maria Guadalupe Martinez Romero so I was like are you serious bro just say Maria Martinez and there was no other like I would have understood there was other Maria's but there wasn't I wanted to punch him like dude everyone laughed I was like this is so embarrassing oh boy yeah that's literally my name so please do not come up with any Maria Mario name just a little like little bit if I actually wait I'm all over the place if it's a boy please do not let there be fireworks channel if it's a boy I do want to name baby Jose and that's just because that is my grandpa's name may he rest in peace that's my death that me so I would want to name him after my grandpa I know you like my cooking tradition in life as a girl baby no I wouldn't want to do that every week Michael I feel like that's very special just because my next dress it passed away when my dad was like a year old so I feel like it would mean a lot to him and I don't know I just feel it in my heart so who did he tell first I did tell my baby daddy and my best first they were literally they're like my working about the test and he we took it during my break at work I went into the bathroom and my skirt and I was just so like positives or negatives like always taking one no I honestly like deep inside I knew I was but then part of me was like I'm not but girl let me tell you so like I don't exist has ever taken pregnancy but you need a pee on anything you need assess I for like three minutes I mean you can look at it let me tell you this so I Fiona I put it on a little thing I was living on my skirt and as I turned nothing was already pumped I was like I literally like flew back and I almost freaking his dive into the toilet and flushed myself away cuz that was good yeah Congrats you're gonna be a great mom thank you so much um what was your first thought when you found out I'm thinking reentered that do you consider yourself a milk honestly a lot of people are telling me you're gonna be a MILF but I think that's when you're old enough like isn't that when you're already like in my thirties or something like that I'm like I mean honestly I hope I've become a milk like who doesn't want to be a cute cute mother how did you feel girl it's very emotional and I live actually kind of like a little like I feel like I have a little undecided you attack I mean dude crying my screen is slowly getting darker I'm a symptoms bad like I said it's true the diarrhea is away my breasts are not hurting as much it's only like if like a pinch minute Bowl why am I gonna be pinching my nipple anyway I think the only thing that's to have is just emotional I mean besides me and pregnant I think I've always been an emotional person that's pretty normal I think it's just like 20 times worse do you have a name and do you want a baby boy or a baby girl I want a baby boy but either or I'm gonna be happy um how do you tell your parents where were their thoughts reactions also congrats thank you so like I said parents are being very supportive i original there's everything well yeah I think that's literally the long story short they gave me like life lessons but they are wait but they are being supportive yeah do you know if it's a boy or girl no I do not but I I saw cuz I don't want to go to an ultrasound I already had like three but it's just for a medical reason I've been liking it too ultrasound places and I almost I found one here by where I live that there's but they can't find out the gender at 12 weeks and I'm gonna be 12 weeks into like oh I'm kind of tempted to go and I'm gonna have a baby general review a super cute way and I'm trying to tell yet but yeah I think at 12 weeks but I know that the doctor stays either between 14 or 16 weeks I don't know we're gonna see because a lot of these girls like on the reviews they say that they go out 12 weeks and they say by gender and then when they go back to their like OB appointment it's actually like the correct gender so I'm probably gonna do that next question is how many ones I am – what are you planning on getting an epidural that's a very good question so I'm not gonna say hell no I'm a mistake how Jager I'm gonna be dead no I'm just gonna say whatever happens happens because I know that obviously I don't know what the pain feels like this is my first kid so I don't know if that's gonna be easy painting because I'm a really good pain tolerance first time like I can handle pain apart and I only thank you very much for interrupting maybe as I was saying and I always say that I can't handle pain is just because when I was like a freshman year I was having a lot of constipation problems I don't know wrong with me yo I have pooping problems like my booty cool my freakin and I don't know what's going on down there but I have some issues I'm just kidding um but anyways I was having some constipation problems and I was just because I was eating horribly like I would eat like 2 bucks to watch heroes with tomorrow in a school dance what else was gonna like I would see pure comin atcha Tara so that would lead from em food getting stuck so I was at the ER like every week because of that and then the doctor friend told me you are a little boy be done I remember when they still call me than Elementary people used to call me boil it down okay well now you can actually call me a bully cuz I'm a little worried but anyways he told me yeah he told mom y'all girl needs to go on a diet she's overweight she's causing this pain her style she's not eating right boss so ever since then I started running a lot I started running every day like a mile every day I could have a hot you started eating replacing it with fruit and then I would eat Sally's OS phone you know they don't look what he does better oh I need to take merlocks yeah that's how I lost one week and I don't know what this why I told the story oh yeah pain tolerance okay this is why I would go to the ER because every time so I wouldn't use Russian for like five I swear to you guys it would be really almost a week the pride of looking for someone had the headlight sorry hello darling oh yeah so I literally sometimes when I go to the bathroom for a whole week oh wait okay Michael I thought bigger and then when I'm fine okay here's the thing though my food would be stuck but when I would leave the restroom I would be the idea okay it would be like mo hottie spoke but I would already be using the restroom like that but let me tell y'all when I obviously when you have like like it comes out you know I like fast but the pain to like the feeling you know like that was very bad it was a very bad pain like I even had to get morphine every time I would go in there cuz it was horrible but I mean that's nothing a first paper but the moral of the story is I think I can be pretty good at having the pain also I'm not scared of needles maybe God oh boy I like to watch fun fact I went to school for that lobotomy well yeah like whether I do or not get the epidural like that's your own opinion that's your own like that's your own choice you know it's like whether you gonna get it or not congratulations it's okay and I don't honestly hi fact whoever it doesn't get that fedora because like you got balls yeah okay so that was there any other questions I just do want to like mention some stuff I know the Lighting's books but I just want to like I know that one of you asked me questions like the dance but you guys have the thing that I have been going to ER I've gone twice I went like this and then I really went on Thursday so I've been having a lot of Threatened miscarriages a / abortion so basically every time I go to the ER it's because the both hands that I went the first time that was because I had Peter clock and then you're pregnant that's not normal like that is not do not want to bleed obviously some spotting is okay cuz you are having a plantation bleeding but that sweating has to be like brownish like pinkish but whenever it's bright red already have a clot it's not good like I'd be wearing a previous everything that it's not good at all so that's the reason why I have been going the last time I wanted to like this it wasn't bad it was just a clot that scared me and I was having really bad back and forth back on lower abdomen pain so right like I said my first time mom so I don't know any other so I went right away fighting give me one second let me turn on the light okay whenever I look better like this I don't even know where I desktop with this story but so the first time I was because of that back and forth and back and over abdomen pain so they check the baby got an ultrasound dad and the baby was okay I mean I was okay too so I went home and then on Thursday it was very scary like I actually thought baby I I was outside talking I was with my best friend my sister my mom we were just like little laughing having a good time and then I don't know where I felt like like I don't know like okay whoever obviously ladies swing to your period you can puke when this is going on sit there one hollis angry you can feel when your blood comes out that's literally what I felt so I honestly thought it was just discharged because you do how weird like you got discharged from we were pregnant so but it felt gross at the same time so I was like and you know I know how to got it at my mom will somehow go to water balloons we had like a water balloon fight so I went in a shower cuz I had to take no that's right home so I went to the bathroom and I pulled down mine I had like a little pedal I pulled down my shorts unlike my underwear and it was like bright red like they really like if I was on the curry and then I thought scary so then I go pee and it was strange blood and then I quit myself and I wasn't wondering period I mean keep cleaning and you peeling that's just blood I'm good so that's what it was I panicked I started crying and I couldn't stop crying and I was nervous and my sisters like you need to go to the ER right away so we went to the ER and this is literally just a little complaint that's gonna be along this video a little complaint that I have about hospitals so obviously they go by like say weird like whatever a little toddler and emergencies to me as I give the lady's part if someone's pregnant and they're having an emergency possible miscarriage they need to take you in right away let me tell you guys why I was waiting for two hours okay mine that I was still bleeding and number two I was in pain two hours to get a room and it took another two hours to get an ultrasound I was there like in bed they kept checking my blood pressure and they put IV and all six to six tubes of blood by day plus another six early in the morning because I was doing my lapses for like the pregnancy whatever things do and I still would another two hours to get on like could you guys believe that I feel like that's so ridiculous when you're pregnant and you're having a possible or like keeping you're having a miscarriage I feel like they need to take you in right away but I don't think I really my legs the guy that was checking my um my way and all that I was like what's denote the weight is he was a well approximately it's going to be about three hours so I'm like even though you're pregnant and you're believing he said yeah and he was honestly like a little he was a rude so I was being rude back to him and he noticed that I come back so he like started to be nice and I understand and I'm fully aware that it was busy that day and they had other emergencies but it's just the fact like when you're I feel like it's just you're pregnant you know what I mean like you have a baby in there you have a life you're worrying about I hear in pain you're bleeding I would see you don't know what's going on so to me that was just a book out so long story short that's the reason why I have been going to the ER when I got the water song done on Thursday they told me that the baby was okay heart was beating fine and I guess it's just my body wanted to you know why I mean like take it out honestly I'm just saying God hurry but it's not happening to me and I've been praying a lot and it it is very overwhelming and it's worrying I'm stressing because you don't know what can happen you know I've been good and then I was I was good for two weeks and I don't know where it happened like you really don't know what comes in when you're pregnant and it's just very scary and it's very emotional for me to think you know like I know I'm barely 10 weeks I know like my baby's still super tiny but like you already feel to the moment you're pregnant even before fine you know you already have a feeling it's like yellow connection you know that that's your baby it's inside of you with making you feel whole bunch of different things it's literally hard to explain you know you're pregnant but your body is changing every single day and obviously I'm already feeling those changes so when I saw all of that like the blood instead I got really scared and my mind was just like oh my gosh like I honestly thought I was going to marry so it's just it's just very overwhelming and you know I think God is that my babies okay and I'm thinking that I'm okay right now all I have to be worrying about is taking care of myself and they lived you put me on bed rest so I have to be a potato literally cannot do it like much yeah just at least for like one more month I think after three months I mean it can still happen but obviously like you're a little bit more like an speakers zone but you never know anything happen so it's just about like having faith and hoping for the best everything yeah that's pretty much it for today's video I'm sorry is literally 30 minutes long I really hope you guys enjoyed I did tell you guys that I was going to be filming my whole pregnancy journey and I know I'm barely starting but like I said I've been having ever since again after I've been having like stuff back and forth and I didn't have some of the answers you guys asked me so I wanted to wait to go to my OB appointment which I literally just had on Tuesday so I kind of answer crew with you I really hope you guys enjoyed don't forget to like and comment and subscribe if you have not I would love for us to coming any video ideas regarding pregnancy you guys want to see a makeup tutorial hi go from looking like let you beat those two looking like this let me know whatever you just want to see I don't mind doing anything like like I said I don't want better worse or and also take advantage I kind of film as much as you guys want but yeah so fully my camera like hopefully I figure out what I can do like I'm like filming my camera's he doesn't get better quality so I'm sorry like once again for the quality of this video oh yeah you guys made it all the way to here I'm giving us a round of applause because hearing me speak is very very annoying because even though today I struggled talking I think that's just cuz I get a little nervous yeah thank you so much for watching I already said that three times but thank you for watching it truly means the Wankel don't forget to follow me on instagram with me hands and yeah hope you guys have a great rest of your day very

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