hi guys welcome back to my channel for today's video I'm going to be doing a huge swimsuit try and haul for you guys I did one of these about a month ago and you guys loved that video especially because I'm pregnant I think I don't know but I decided to team up with the same company Cup she they're an awesome company to work with and a great place to purchase your swimsuits I know summer coming up it's a great idea to get some suits and it's always so annoying to spend so much on a swimsuit that's one thing that I hate spending money on so cup she is perfect because those swimsuits are super affordable so I'm gonna link all their information in the description box below along with every single swimsuit that I'm showing you guys in today's video today's video is going to be a little bit different than my last one because my last one I just showed a ton of my favorite pregnancy well they're not pregnancy they're just regular swimsuits but I can wear them while pregnant but for today's video I'm just going to be showing you guys bikinis I have a whole pile right here of some great swimsuits to show you guys I'm also gonna be trying them on for you so you can see what they look like on especially on while pregnant if you guys are pregnant so I don't want to ramble on too long let's just jump into it the swimsuit haul this first swimsuit is one of my favorites I love the simple colors on it but also like cuteness of it does that make sense umm I also really really love these banjo style tops I think they're very flattering and they're supportive and great and will fit whether you're pregnant not busty small all that kind of good stuff I also came with matching bottoms which I love I love a good matching set and this is a pretty good quality durable cute comfy great and a perfect swimsuit to just throw on this next swimsuit is one of my favorites actually really like the triangle styled tops so this is what the top looks like and I really like the detailing on it kind of has a textured feel to it if that makes sense but I also really like how the straps go straight back there's no crossing detail it's just really simple and cute and this is also one of my favorite colors to wear I feel like I always get compliments when I wear green and whatnot which is kind of random but I just really like this color on I think it makes my skin look a little bit more olivey and whatnot so this is definitely a favorite and then this one also came with matching bottoms and they're just green as well super cute and flattering I want to point out that I got a medium and all of these swimsuits and one thing I really love about cups she is most of those swimsuits are adjustable so if your top is maybe a little bit too big you most likely can address the straps or just something in the back and make it fit a little bit better I chose to get a medium just because I know I can adjust if I need something smaller and a medium is pretty good fitting and stretching for when these grow a little bit while nursing or whatnot so the medium is perfect for me and all of these are medium this next some suit looks a little crazy it'll look better on the Tryon part but it's this blue swimsuit I'm pretty sure this is my favorite one that I received in this whole haul I think it's super cute and flattering you tie it in the front right here and it's just so fun and cute this is a great one if you want to adjust it because it does tie so you can make it tighter or looser and just adjust it to your size preference but I love the color on this I love the details the straps everything about it I think is so so so cute so love this I don't have the bottoms with me when heck did those go thing it oh they're behind me these are the bottoms again I have some cute matching bottoms and they're just blue with the same kind of pattern or texture to them and then the butt is pretty cute because it has a little scrunchie area uh-huh which i think is fun and cute and adds a little bit of detail but this is just a really simple swimsuit but I feel like it's also not simple and it's so cute so you cannot go wrong with this one it's definitely one of my favorites this next Sims who I got is just a real simple black one with some really cute ruffle detailing I love these bottoms they have just a really fun ruffle criss-cross type of detailing at the top to them which makes it a little bit more fun and different and then the top is the same way again it's one of those bando style tops that I really really have been loving especially while being pregnant I mean it doesn't really matter I guess but just anytime I love them so this what it looks like let me clip the back so you can see it a little bit better by the way guys this clip is so cool it looks different than any clip I've ever seen but you just kind of slide it in and then pull it together and it's pretty cool and fancy I think that's great um but this is the swimsuit it has the ruffled straps which is really really cute I'm gonna say cute a million times I'm sorry about that but I think this is fun adds a really flirty look to it and it's just a little bit different but it's still your simple black swimsuit which you cannot go wrong with I feel like everyone needs a black swimsuit to mix and match with patterned bottoms or just to wear as a whole black swimsuit everyone needs one so go pick up a little black swimsuit from there they have a ton of different options but this is one that I just grabbed and I loved it I didn't even realize how many bando styled tops I got in this video but I'm back at you with another one and I'm pretty sure the one after this I'm about to show you is also a band a band of style top again the back clips really cool you just slide it in KY I can do this you just slide it in and then pull it straight super fancy but this is the next one I think this one is so adorable I love the stripes and the ruffles and everything about it is is so fun um yeah this is one of my favorite some suits it's very flattering the color is great you guys know I love this some suit and yeah and then I also have matching bottoms these bottoms are great for if you're already showing your size you can sighs you think you are and if you need to loosen it or tighten it these ons are great option for that because they have the ties on the side so they're easy to adjust but these are the bottoms that go with this top super fun-loving the maroon color I think in my last swimsuit video I showed a maroon one piece and you guys really love that one for whatever reason and I think you guys just like the maroon colors this summer I don't know but they're great so I got one in a bikini as well and I left some soot then I'm going to show you guys is again another band of styled top can't go wrong with them but this one here is striped and it's kind of like the one I just showed you it does have Moe they're a little different it does have the ruffle detailing on the top and bottom though let me find the other strap why is this oh the other strap fell off it's probably over there on the floor but you'll see it in the trial part this is at the swimsuit top though so so so cute and flattering I love the stripes and again it has just these little striped straps but I'm missing one it fell off and it's probably on my ground on my floor over there but this is the top so fun and then it did come with ruffled type striped bottoms so these are the bottoms to that striped one another matching set and on say I'm sure there's a lot of these that you can mix and match I could even throw a strike to one with some blue bottoms or some green bottoms or some simple black bottoms you can do this with the maroon bottoms honestly I'm pretty sure all of these you could mix and match which is so fun that we have multiple swimsuits in one that makes sense but back to the bottoms they have lots of ruffle detailing around the legs and also around the top and these are pretty good full coverage so if you guys like your bottoms to be more full coverage and not cheeky I really recommend this swimsuit because it definitely is pretty covering on the booty and everywhere else so unlike this the size of the here are pretty thick so that'll be nice or after I have the baby I can probably hide some of those love handles but yeah I really like this swimsuit let kind like all of them so that is all of the new bikinis I got I'm obsessed with all of them I cannot wait to wear them this summer I'm probably not gonna be able to wear them too long so I'm hoping to bust out all my slimming at the beginning of the year and definitely sport all these swimsuits cuz they're my favorite I'm so excited about all of them again I want to say a huge thanks to cup Qi for sponsoring today's video they're awesome to work with and awesome to purchase from I have also purchased swimsuits from them outside of sponsored stuff because I really do love their products so don't forget to go check them out I'm going to leave links in my description box to all the swimsuits I showed you and their website if you guys want to go check out some of their other ones I'm also gonna link below my last video that I did with them because I also showed some one pieces so if you're not into bikinis I have some one pieces that I showed as well these are pregnancy related not pregnancy related you can be whatever to wear these they are great safe Demery to go check them out thank you guys so much for watching today's video and I'll see you guys in my next video bye guys you

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  1. these clothes seems like you have nothing on your body….I don't know why girls wear these type of dresses…why the girls show off their body…there is no difference in covered and naked body by wearing these types of dresses…LOL

  2. You’re so naturally pretty and you look amazing through your pregnancy your literally glowing, I can’t wait to become pregnant❤️

  3. Love!! I desperately need a bikini now that I’m pregnant 😭 the one that I can find is from freshman year of high school, go figure. You’re so cute!

  4. I really like the red white & blue one/ green one / Nd stripped one!!! The red/white/blue one would be perfect for 4th of July!!! 🖤💜🖤 so happy you uploaded

  5. Omg I love how responsible u r like seriously ur about to have to kids and ur not one of those ppl who act like their kids ruined their lives. Cannot wait to meet ur baby. Btw ur looked absolutely stunning in that last one

  6. You are glowing momma. You are such a beautiful pregnant goddess Olivia and you legit could be a pregnant model. Good for you for being brave enough to wear a bikini at this stage of pregnancy. The green blue and last one and dark red ones are my favorites. You should do the baby momma dance video. Also when’s your due date?

  7. I admire you, your my hero especially as a teen pregnant woman who has been through a lot like losing my boyfriend and moving schools every while or so. I just really really appreciate you and your videos helping me going trough my pregnancy

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