44 Replies to “Pregnant Cat Giving Birth to 6 Kittens”

  1. Hi everyone, thanks for all your comments and your love 😻
    Because i receive some comments about the music on the video, the music it's from the Youtube Library

    if you find Funk music kinky or offensive its all in your mind…… there is a 🔊 button on the video and you can turn the volume down, its so simple.

    Second about not filming the cat giving birth, ask your self: if you were giving birth,
    would you like someone moving you, shoving you, filming you, with a flash light in your face and being obnoxious?


  2. My cat gave birth to 4 kittens,3 died🥺🥺then she got pregnant agian and all survived😍 because she ate good food for her😊

  3. my cat is in labor right now and its her first labor. 6 kittens already came out but sadly 1 died

  4. Kittens are precious, but please spay and neuter your cats! There are way too many in shelters being killed on a daily basis because there are not enough homes for them. Please stop breeding them

  5. My cat had kittens today. We have outdoor cats and she’s so tiny, yet this is the biggest liter we’ve had. There were 4 all white ones and one black one. It’s so amazing to see the mother, I love the way she’s all proud of them. She kept rubbing me and jumping on my leg. She’s actually the first mother cat to not hide them from us so I found it very sweet.

  6. I just found out two weeks ago my cat was pregnant when her tummy was big, now its HUGE! How do you know when theyre going to deliver? This is her first litter and I felt 3 tiny kittys but that was only on one side of her tummy. Any advise? , she hasnt found her "Safe place" to have them but shes so restless

  7. If my guess is right they were mainly female. Most beautiful colours and so cute. Can we see more of them please.

  8. To those of you screaming for the cat to be spayed, if she has the resources for kittens and has them adopted out responsibly it's fine calm down

  9. Kitty giving birth, she's beautiful,.my cat is pregnant with her first litter ,and I am anxious to see them Born

  10. I have a pregnant calico she is not fully domesticated but she is very sweet and loves me I believe she may have a month or two left it's her first time and she's kinda still wild I hope she trusts me to want to stay close by and doesn't have any trouble and decides to have them near by and not in the woods how will I know when it's getting time for the birth date

  11. My cat is giving birth 4 times she’s about to give birth tomorrow mom cat colour is gray white and father cat colour black and white

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