Pregnant Christina Anstead Slams Critics Mom-Shaming Amy Schumer: ‘More Power To (Amy)’ | Access

the coast” premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 on HGTV. Christina is here with us right now.>>Hello, beautiful. You’re glowing over here.>>Thank you.>>How are we feeling?>>I’m feeling tired, tired. At least like the first trimester was rough. I had the nausea and all that fun stuff, like the all day sickness.>>All day sickness?>>Yeah. I’m feeling better now.>>When your body makes this baby, it is like as tired as you’ve ever felt. The nausea, I couldn’t brush my teeth.>>Yeah.>>How bad did it get in.>>So I was doing my grocery list, and everything on there was carbs, bagels, macaroni. Whose list is this?>>Did you do the cavings thing?>>It is carbs to get by, yeah. Basically, that’s what it was.>>I want protein with my son, and I wanted sweets for my daughter. Similar for you?>>Peanut butter with the boys. Sweets with my daughter.>>Interesting.>>I was like, I need a steak at 8:00 A.M. I need protein, and I want it now.>>Husband would love that.>>Your wedding looked so beautiful.>>Thank you.>>Was it everything you wanted?>>Yeah, it was perfect. It was so nice. Yeah, it was an amazing day. It was so nice for the kids to be a part of it, too.>>It was awesome.>>Do you — the second time around, do you do — do you go do you go truer to what you want, versus what other people want?>>I think you do what you want. That’s why we did a surprise, so no one knew what to expect. They thought they were going to a party.>>Speaking of, this pregnancy was a surprise for you.>>Yeah, it was.>>You talked about the pregnancy before being kind of difficult. What happened this time around?>>With my son, I went through in vitro, did the shots and the whole process. Yeah, it was a difficult pregnancy. With this one, we were on our honeymoon. I felt like off. I felt like I wanted to be home and nesting. I just felt a little strange. I got home, took a test, and I was like, well.>>Oh, my gosh. How did you tell the kids?>>We waited until I was out of the first trimester. They didn’t even know why I was feeling off. My daughter kept being, like, are you okay? I wasn’t myself. I didn’t feel well. We just surprised them with cupcakes, and we did a gender reveal. They got to bite into the cupcakes. My daughter wanted it to be pink, but it was boy.>>Tarek kind of told everybody.>>He said it was a boy.>>We were excited, but at the same time, I don’t think that’s your news to be telling everybody.>>At first, I was like, what, but I thought it was funny.>>Right.>>It’ll be five in your household now.>>Yeah, yeah.>>How is the blended family going in.>>It is amazing. My husband’s kids are 15 and 12, and mine are 8 and 3. We have a big spread. We have a lot of help. Everyone is really excited. This is a tie-breaker baby, another boy. Another crazy boy.>>Right.>>Then you have the new show “Christina on the coast.”>>Yeah.>>Is it not just home makeovers? It is also still pretty>>Yeah. It is cool because there’s a lot going on last year for me. It’s the same crew I filmed with on “Flip or flop.” It is fun to follow this other journey, everything I was going through. I sold my house in yorba Linda. I’m writing a nutrition book. We covered that, exercise, eating healthy. Just my daily life.>>What’d you think of the people coming after Amy Schumer, going back to work two weeks after? Honestly, going back to work, I mean a night of stand-up.>>More power to her. She wants to go back to work, go back to work. I went back after five weeks with Braden, and I had a I felt it was too soon for me at the time. It depends how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling great –>>Do it.>>We have to stop shaming one remember you posted that cute bikini shot with your daughter?>>Yeah.>>By the way, I bought the bikini. I was upset you were shamed, or that anyone would comment.>>She was holding a donut, and I was holding a dog.>>Kitt really did buy the bathing suit.>>It was cute. I thought it was adorable.>>Yes.>>We got to change that culture.>>Yeah, I don’t understand. Women shaming women.>>I heard an amen in the back.>>Yeah.>>Amen to the back.>>Right?>>”Flip or flop” is going to go on?>>Still filming. It airs in August, I believe, as the set date. Season eight, which is crazy.>>When you saw him again, were you the hardest eye roll, like really, bro, really?>>I swear, I thought it was funny.>>Don’t stop doing “Flip or flop.” It is fun to see you all together, the work. Congratulations on everything going on.>>Thank you.>>Can we get you a bagel?>>I’m back to juices and protein bars.>>We got you covered.

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  1. Never ever been a Fan of hers. She’s an opportunist in the highest degree. She always treated her ex like he was a second class citizen. Will not watch anything she’s in.

  2. Maybe she shouldn't be an obnoxious goat throat.
    I wonder how many HGTV executives she had to 'service' to get her new show.

  3. I hope her marriage last…Never heard her talk about her first husband, don't want to judge but she love the camera notice this on her show flip n flop…

  4. I've stopped watching this show. Since Natalie is no longer there. It's like theyve both forgotten Natalie. All together.

  5. It's so funny how theres so many haters and Judgemental people on this page. Its so pitiful. You are all so miserable in your life. Envious Christina is so happy in her life. It's very sad we have such haters in the world who are always ready to judge others. Or shameothers. Very sickening..

  6. You mean Amy "My vag smells like a small barnyard animal?" Schumer. The most vile woman on the planet. That poor dork that married her, WTF was he thinking……..

  7. What's the matter, does the truth about you hurt. Flip or flop viewers are sick of you. Just go away and enjoy your pregnancy.

  8. She’s OK Hope that her second marriage lasted longer but I do like her first husband I hope he does find love and gets married

  9. I loved Flip or Flop, then that Christmas when her and Tarek  did commercials as a family enjoying the holiday.  Later we all found out that they were seperated and it was all fake.  No thank you, part of the blame was HGTV for trying to fool its audience.  Don't know why HGTV is giving her another show, no one will watch.


  11. She is an awesome mom and a beautiful wife.
    Her new husband is so handsome.
    He should gave a show of his own.

  12. She is NOT a real woman. Any woman who leaves her man when he has cancer TWICE is WICKED official narcissistic thing. I suggest she seeks forgiveness with the Lord. Sad.

  13. This chick is a used up slag. Ten lbs of fakeup, sleeps with anything that moves. Tarek was smart leaving this has been. He had her best "hot years". Now weak Anstead gets this declining, wall smashed remnants of a woman! Meanwhile Tarek is smashing young hot women. Good job T

  14. i can not stand this woman – she is trying to spin-doctor herself after what she did to her ex. i hope his career skyrockets.

  15. Christina is a ditch whore. What a disgraceful pig.
    Tarek deserved better than you anyway. Take your rotten teeth on down the road. You AND baby daddy # 2

  16. What a waste of space people are who make nasty negative comments. Especially about people you don't even know.

  17. This woman cheated on Tarek with an old fat contractor. When that didn’t work she started dating her old high school boyfriend. When that didn’t work out she found this idiot to marry her. 3 guys in a year and a half. Sorry Tarek is Soooooo much better off without this opportunist. Tarek will find a good woman. Somebody that really loves him and will stand with him through sickness and in health.

  18. Not a fan of this chic, she didn't honor her vows in her first marriage…as soon as it got hard or health issues came into play with her ex-husband she literally looked for a replacement. Instead of putting in the work & being there for her 1st husband. I don't like her & I will not watch her show. No thank you. Gurl Bye!

  19. Ya I cant watch her anymore. She was such a snob in her 1st show but I tolerated the "do I have to shake that dirty person" handshake. When she did the new boyfriend thing I was out! Not interested in her at all. She actually makes me feel nauseous when I look at her.

  20. I can't stand Christina. Her voice grates on my nerves and her taste in decor is terrible. I don't know why she got her own show excepts she looks good to the camera – until she opens her mouth.

  21. Had she been a man… no one would be talking shit about how she remarried so soon. Double standards in society is so sad. I'm glad she's happy

  22. She always came off as being kind of snooty and stuck up and Flaky! Happy she's moved on and is happy, and I hope her ex-husband finds a down-ass cool ass beautiful woman!

  23. Cristina new charter ..what about her children’s is a new chapter they didn’t ask for that she self fish not good mom !!!!

  24. I hope her relationship now lasts cuz everything seemed super fast….I don’t know if it’s gonna last , it seemed too much too fast for me. And leaving someone that dealt with cancer, was cold …even I wouldn’t do that….demn…..

  25. I felt that he was more difficult with her on their show. People change in a divorce there is no judgement we don’t live with them. At any rate I wish all of them the best to have a happy life and raise their beautiful children in peace.

  26. I try to give her benefit of the doubt but my gut tells me She is fake and a fame ho. This new guy better stay healthy.

  27. Wow! It’s a lot of haters on Christina! As a woman, I do notice how women tend to hate on other women! None of us know the story between Tarek & Christina’s marriage! It’s their business! As a fan of the show, I was disappointed that tarek and Christina broke up. I wanted to blame her! But I don’t know what happened! If you watch the show, you should know… Christina was there for Tarek during his illness. What we don’t know is the timeline. These shows have one and it doesn’t match ours! What may seem like one month, may actually be a year! Please don’t be so quick to judge because you read an article from TMZ…all these reality shows aren’t real.they feed on us all for the likes-and the ratings! they are not always about the truth!

  28. Wow, reading all these remarks about a woman you don’t even personally know.even personally in you all must be a bunch of perfect little charmers or perhaps just a bunch of jealous bitches putting someone down trying to build yourselves up. I’m going with the later myself. I don’t know her personally myself however she seems like she has goals that she is living up to, appears to be a great mom, and she speaks with the voice she was given, do you all change your voices so you sound like people think you should. As for her divorce, , none of you know what went on in their marriage. Why don’t you all go take a look in your mirror and try to convince yourself your not just petty bitches.
    To Christina I wish you the best with your new show, husband and baby, and I’m glad you and your ex will be back on flip or flop. I’m looking forward to the new season.

  29. What the fuck is wrong with this CUNT'S left eye??? It looks as if it wants to go up and to the right and then finally to the back of her head! I think that she has been sucking too many dicks and the dicks have been hitting that left eye and pushing it back into her brainless skull. That's what happens when you are a WHORE screwing around behind your poor husbands back while he is sick. What a NO CLASS TRASH BAG SHE IS!!!! I CANT STAND HER UGLY FACE WITH ALL THOSE TEETH AND THAT EYE!

  30. Sorry hope people don't support this cheater. She is an awful self center person. Just let her fade away.

  31. I think Christina is a bitch she acts like she’s all that and a slice of bread I think she left her husband because he was sick

  32. Want to know who puts her to shame? Not only in looks, in intelligence , class, and, oh, did I mention looks? Omg, Bam! Heather Rae Young! Is flat beautiful. Tarek is dating her. I'd say, Tarek snapped out of it like real quick, and moved way up with a much sweeter lady. Bam! KaBoom! Spank, spank

  33. I have heard he was not nice to her. Watch on the Roku search his name. I watched he even said he was not a nice person.

  34. I would not waste my time watching her. She seems really spoiled and thinks she is so hot.I thought the show was cancelled.

  35. Stupid comments from people here hating Christina’s voice. Tell me what she can do about it, God gave her this voice. Instead of focusing on more important aspects of her life as a celebrity real estate entrepreneur, all you can say is this, “I have her voice”, do you have a brain, then use it.

  36. Thing I find disgusting is how she posts photos on Instagram of Tarek’s kids posing with her new husband Ant Anstead. I think she’s doing that to mess with Tarek by showing that someone else is raising his kids.

  37. You know people, we as outsiders, viewers of someone else's life, only get to see parts of their lives. I am sure they did not air their real lives and we did not see what really happened in their story, but I love her, and only wish the best for her. She has worked hard to get to where she is, and I personally congratulate her on being able to move forward and living her life as she wants to. Divorce is hard…on everybody. We don't have the right to judge her maliciously. Christina, I wish you and your new life all the happiness in the world!! And I hope Tarek can find love again also. But, haters are gonna hate…girl, just ignore them, and enjoy the blessings bestowed on you! Go Team Christina!! I love you lady! You give inspiration to many females out there by proving life does go on, and We too can be fearless, powerful, and you damn well deserve it!!

  38. Cancer that Tarrig had takes a toll on anyone. And messed up hormones. It's no wonder there was a divorce. No one really wins. Life goes on. Hope the best for both if them and the children.

  39. Gorgeous until she opens her mouth. Husband gets sick, leave husband and get engaged to another man before divorced. Get pregnant right away. I give this bimbo 3 years before she leaves #2 and gets knocked up by pool guy.

  40. Looks like the old double standard is alive and well. He can do no wrong, and she can do no right. Was everybody blind to his faults?

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