yeah no pill but the boys nose miniature body hold what the same thing like sending it down and chain rings clean now each Irene is Ari my baby my baby it's my baby gonna walk I think my baby because she'd need for food I think I'm gonna give my baby some fruit because she want some fruit or he want for free at this point my baby burger I was just looking at me because I'm pregnant in the stove forget outlook hard live my damn snow at tomorrow we had a modest going out of water just because I'm about to start my man people gonna be looking at me like a baby kind of deformed little bump but it's okay it's okay cuz I go still on my baby regardless I want those up there Kendall and Kylie collection come on mama how much I said we should look at them because that's case [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] now I can take it watches better pick it out I'm gonna see my room because you know I'm gonna watch TV that much should you want to get one smile oh yes I do one smaller TV alright in the end what about this you think it's a success if you yes so let's talk okay and how much is it and yeah you just get your dress the next time then you'll be able to gather everything your little TV mouse a name to see how all right so sorry for not closing that freaking vlog out y'all I lost the last footage I don't know what happened to it that's exactly why I looked cut off and I'm sorry for my CV in the background BAE I wanted to like comment subscribe daughter good stuff you know I love you though recently nobody swear skirts

32 Replies to “PREGNANT FOR A DAY!🤰🏽😳”

  1. I cant wait to have a kid one day. And if Sylvia has a kid, that would be one iconic child boonk periodt 😂😂💗 sub to my channel

  2. Heyyy Guys Thanks To Sylvia I’ve Decided To Become A New Youtuber And I Would Love If You All SUBSCRIBEDDD 🥰!! I Would Most Definitely Subscribe Back ‼️ I’ll Have A Video Posted Soon ☺️

  3. You should do a slick back with a middle part it'll help cover your edges buhh either way you still a baddie so 😍!

  4. Self Love, Confidence, and High self esteem is everything…. Hair shouldn't make you who you are…. She is beautiful…..still… 💯💯💯💯

  5. Sylvia I Honestly Love All Your Videos And You Channel I Think You're Very Beautiful As Well You've Inspired Me To Create My Own Channel I'm A Little Stuck With Video Ideas But I Would Really Love Some Support.

  6. 💕I love youuuu💞I watch your videos every time u post, I rlly look up to you and your story times really help with my decision making and how to handle situations..I’m graduating to high school this year, can you PLEASE do a video about your first day/year of high school and how u felt about starting high school?😚I would really appreciate it because I’m not very close to any of my older family, thx LY💝🤪🥰💖💕💓

  7. What you doing being pregnant you're still a baby yourself. I se you have two bumps one in the front and the nice one behind you. Love you and your videos i check every week to see what you got planned next. But you are very beautiful with any banging body could you show us guys more sexy outfits you wear. Maybe swim suits , tights, .

  8. Ayyy for your merch in the front it should say " is y'all ready?" "Is y'all really?" 2 Times And in the back it should say "alright let's go"


  10. When u said my baby is kinda deformed u hit it and added the sound effects I was dead weak u hit it hard too lmao

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