Pregnant Homeless Woman Shares about Homelessness in Oakland

– Tonya?
– Yes. – You’re homeless.
– Yes. – In Oakland?
– Yes. – [Interviewer] Tell me about it. – Being homeless is
really not a good thing, because I’ve been homeless on the streets for about five years. I’m not safe being homeless, ’cause a lot of bad things
been happening to me since I’ve been homeless, like
I’ve been living in tents. The city come and knock over all my stuff, take all my stuff away from me. I’m without water, electricity, and it’s like sometimes I don’t know, I don’t like being homeless at all, ’cause it’s not right man. I think homeless people should
get a little bit more help because we’re on the streets,
and people are pregnant, should get a little bit more help I think, ’cause they got a baby coming. I don’t got nothing for myself. I can’t, sometimes I feel
like I wanna keep a baby, but then I don’t ’cause
I don’t know how could I, I can’t even take care of myself. So why would I bring a
child into this world, but I don’t believe in
killing kids either, you know what I mean and
me being homeless is hard. I need help with my life. It’s hard for me to be like this. I don’t like being homeless. I have nobody, nobody to help me, not even my own mom, my baby
daddy, nobody, it’s hard. I just wish I could get some help. Streets are not nice. – [Interviewer] How far along are you? – Two months, two months pregnant. Two months, I do wanna keep the baby, ’cause like I said, I love kids and I wouldn’t want to
give my kid away to nobody or have an abortion, get
rid of my kid or nothing, it’s just I don’t know what to do. I just want some help. Being on the streets is not my thing and knowing that I have
nobody to help me out. Sometimes I need water, nobody
wanna help me out with water. Food, I be starving sometimes with three or four days without eating, ’cause I have no money or I’m
not going to go on the streets to do something bad to get money, ’cause that’s not what I do. So I gotta survive with it I guess. Wish I could find something better to do. – [Interviewer] Now you said that you’ve been applying for housing. – I applied for housing. I just don’t remember the name. They went by my place
on 85th by my trailer, but can’t remember the name of the place. Housing Authority I think. Yeah, they went by there. They said that we were
gonna be on the list for a couple months and that
they were gonna give me a call. They haven’t called me. I know it takes a minute to get housing, but man, it’s hard man. I would just appreciate it if
somebody could just help me because I’m wanna be a good
mother like I know I can be and I want to keep my child and I don’t wanna be on
the streets with my child ’cause that’s not right. Think me and my child should be in a place where we’re gonna be
safe, not on the streets. – [Interviewer] How’d you
end up on the streets? – Bad decisions that I
made before in my life, like hanging out with the wrong people, doing drugs back in the days. I don’t do drugs no more, but
doing drugs back in the days, hanging out with the wrong people, not giving a crap about myself. My mom was just tired of me not listening and doing bad things, and
hanging around with bad people. She’s like if you wanna be
hanging around bad people go choose your friends then and I was dumb and I choose my friends
instead of my family. So I ended up on the streets and then I was doing bad things,
going to jail all the time, but I don’t go to jail no more. I’ve been out of jail
for a long, long time. My records clean, I’m
doing so good right now. Just like, I wanna get my life straight. Just be a good mom that I know I can be and just stay off the streets. – [Interviewer] Well
everybody says homelessness is caused by bad decisions and I always say as the Bart goes by, if homelessness was the
punishment for bad decisions, we’d all be homeless, ’cause everybody makes bad decisions, everybody falls a little bit– – It’s not only that. – [Interviewer] And we
need to pick people up. – Yeah, I had my own house and stuff, it’s just I lost it ’cause
I didn’t have no more job, I lost it ’cause I couldn’t pay my bills, and everything just went down the drain. I lost my place, and then I ended up just being on the streets, and it’s, I don’t know it’s hard man. It’s hard. Like right now I don’t get no income, they won’t even give me cash on my food… On my EVT card, they
only gave me food stamps, it’s kind of weird. They won’t give me cash ’til August. – [Interviewer] I thought pregnant moms got some extra help here in California. – You know what, I thought so too. But I told welfare that I’m pregnant, they said I can’t tell them
again ’til I’m six months. Now there’s a new thing now, that they won’t let you get
on until your six months if you’re pregnant, that’s kind of weird. ‘Cause before they,
right when your pregnant, you’re supposed to tell
them and they’ll get you on, but I can’t get my
welfare money ’til August. So I’m screwed anyway. Sometimes I get food stamps, $200 a month, I can’t support $200 a
month for the whole month, I’m pregnant, come on now. What’s $200 food stamps
gonna do for me, it’s hard. It’s ridiculous man. I tried every program. I tried a lot of things man, it’s just not working, I don’t know. – [Interviewer] What would
you want people to know about homelessness that
they probably don’t know? – Being homeless it’s very
sad because a lot of people don’t decide to be
homeless, and the people that are out here that are homeless, they need a lot of help
because I be seeing my friends out here that are homeless and they’re dying of cancer and stuff. I think those type of people need help. If somebody sees somebody homeless on the streets like that,
at least stop and help ’em, you know what I mean. My friend right now he’s dying from cancer round on 85th. He’s doing real bad, people
just beat him up all the time, being homeless is not good man, at all. – [Interviewer] If you had
three wishes what would they be? – Three wishes would be
for me not to be homeless, for me to get off the streets, and for me to be a better
person that I can be and have my own place. – [Interviewer] Well thank you very much for talking to us. – You’re welcome. – [Interviewer] Let me get a still shot if you don’t mind. (bright upbeat music)

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  1. I don't understand why they took her tent? Why no EBT?? WTH is going on in California? She's pregnant! This broke my heart.

  2. This is the very reason why this country can’t keep taking in more immigrants. We have a homeless epidemic

  3. The " If you could have 3 wishes "" question, should be answered like this ….(1) A billion dollars (2) The ability to fly , and lastly (3) A 1000 more wishes …….lol….

  4. God Bless you's 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Poor person here or I would help you, it's strange those who can't Would and those who can don't 💔🌎

  5. These people should NOT reproduce seriously in these conditions , so selfish to bring a child into this world. Wow. Disgusting

  6. Not even going to bother watching this because I know all about already – she will blame a man for everything. She will claim to be the victim, no personal responsibility whatsoever. Typical woman. No woman is held responsible for her actions. Never happens – ever. Major thumbs down to this white knight pandering to women video.

  7. Omg my heart breaks for this woman. It was hard enough for me when my child's father abandoned his son, when I was 4 months pregnant… then being a single mom post c section was extremely difficult.
    … but being alone and homeless, I cannot even imagine how hard this is going to be for this woman.

  8. Dang. You're beautiful girl. Go aquire by any means necessary a nice dress and go to a few nice places and acr like u was stood up. Youd meet a great guy im sure.

  9. Keep your child, she is your Angel. YOU DON'T NEED NO ONE SISTER. YOUR HAVE AN ANGEL AROUD YOU.

    Can I help you in anyway?

  10. I don’t wanna be that person. How can she afford to get her nails done if she’s homeless tho? Don’t you think there’s more important things to spend your extra cash on something? Hope she gets the help she needs. Just wondering though

  11. Homeless and pregnant is worst then pregnant and single👎😳nightmare situation, will pray that she gets help and got out of this situation.🙏

  12. The thing with this lady is she knew it was hard out that why bring a kid into this world knowing that… this shows for the proof that people put their priorities in the wrong places remember you're responsible for your actions…

  13. Of course the streets are not nice.. which gives you for the reason not to get pregnant… I don't your body and your choice yes your choice which means you made a decision so I can feel sorry for you for that that's the choice you made you made that bed you now have to sleep in it…

  14. I say give the baby up for adoption when you have it.. unto or if you get yourself back on your feet then get your baby back on better terms… which will allow your baby to grow up in a stable decent home rather than the streets and repeat how you live…

  15. I am going to be the Bitch that says it… being homeless is horrid.. but why oh Why did she not use the free birth control that is available to her or just do not have sex!!!! Now she just made things worse for her and a life of what for the new human??

  16. Most likely this lady is crazy in a relationship n probably cheats n all that u can see it in her ghetto eyes 👀 ive seen so many thugged out bitches like this dont feel bad for them they always make stupid choices like this

  17. Man, some of the comments here are ridiculous. Please stop being ignorant and assuming this woman just went and got pregnant on purpose. For all we know her birth control failed, or she was raped, or she may’ve been infertile all her life then got a surprise out of nowhere. It happens. I’m wishing the best for her, and hope she either gets all the help she needs and is able to start a new life with her child, OR, the child at least gets adopted by a loving family. That way at least a part of her ends up with the life she never got to have.

  18. She hits the nail on the head 2:35 while there's a lot that can go wrong in a person's life, sometimes it's just plain old stupidity that gets punished 🤔

  19. Sorry but why would you risk getting pregnant when you are living on the street? another bad decision on her part.

  20. OMG how sad. I can’t even imagine it. I pray Tanya gets permanent housing for both her & her child. God Bless 💜🙏🏾

  21. Man I feel for her. Will getting a car to live in. She will hopefully get that housing. They give her stamps.

  22. Each of these stories break my heart. Have they brought any attention to the government to get help get them off of the streets? Can't the government build mini houses to protect them from the elements and give them access to hygiene? There are solutions, but the nothing from the government! You can't just give them food, they need shelter and clothing too. These are very basic necessities that should be met by being a homeless U.S. citizen. Honestly, they should all move their tents to the governor's mansion. Then maybe something will be done if the governor has to see them everyday.

  23. How does she get her nails done if shes homeless? It costs around 20 to $40 to get your nails done. This is when you know somebody doesn't have their priorities straight. Btw how did she get money for the nails

  24. I feel bad that she's pregnant and homeless BUT it is very clear that her nails are done and it certainly isn't cheap to keep up with the fills on that. What is spent on those fills could feed her for the 3-4 days she said she goes without food sometimes. Priorities girl…….priorities.

  25. $200 a month is plenty for food
    Stop eating junk
    The help you get you have to use sparingly
    I didn’t know about having to wait six months for anything else
    There are shelters but many won’t take you if you have a record
    Not sure what’s available in CA
    Maybe try the women shelters?

  26. My heart goes out to this woman and her unborn child. I pray that our system realizes how fucked up the way they treat homeless in America.

  27. Even if your homeless remember you are still capable go try to find any work possible even if it 3$/hr you can work and get the things you need. As far as this pregnant woman i beleive she needs to be more responible with her life choices as having a baby while homeless is not a good idea. Buying a condom and plan B for having sex might just be a better option but kinda too late now

    Edit: Ending a childs life is not in the playing cards.. you can put them up for adoption their is a loving family somewhere

  28. Dam football team is right there with millions.!!?? Fuks So glad she doesnt want to hurt or kill her baby….so honest please Jesus send help. Breaks my heart..
    .praying for her. Thank you for this info

  29. She should have tried birth control! Then She wouldn't be in this poisition! Duh! She knew sex leads to children. Come on now!

  30. I wonder why she didn’t apply for housing sooner? …before becoming pregnant…she might’ve been in housing already.

  31. This makes me sick. Money for tattoos, eye brow waxing, hair dye, fake nails and piercings crying the blues. This girls gotta prioritize. Go collect cans. Or Offer to sweep and pick up trash at Macdonalds parking lot twice a day for a free breakfast and a dinner go offer to hold up a business advertisement sign on a street corner for 40 bucks cash a day….. do everything I did when I was homeless only it took me 6 months not 5 years to figure out No one will help you till you help yourself.

  32. Sounds to me like she's burned alot oh her bridges,
    Bad Decision lead to a bad life.
    Unappreciative for Food Stamps,? Really??
    They're alot of places that will help her on certain conditions.
    But Beggars can't be Choosers.
    I pray she does what's Best for the Child.

  33. Really bad decision yea i can go with that.. shes in the streets because she wants to i dont feel bad for this bitch i only feel bad for the child

  34. Please Tanya do right by that baby and yourself. The greatest gift you can give that baby is prenatal care, and then put it up for adoption; so it can have a crib and formula and shelter from the storm. Go into any emergency room and tell them of your dilemma. Please give this baby a chance at life!!!!

  35. I want to thank you for telling me about this one this treatment of her is crime shame the richest country in the whole world United States of America show no mercy people need to stop critizing her

  36. authorities basically being the enemy of people without a home, that's not how it is supposed to be. she's someone literally crying out for help ffs, lost and in need of help and kindness.

  37. I'm unsubscribing I cannot stand to watch people be exploited with no way to donate when the videos come out it will reach people who want to help in some way or another and if we're not connecting the people that are being exploited with the resources that are going to result from their exploitation then I want no part of this

  38. What I always ask my self is… Why are they really home less? Lack of motivation? I'm amazed how immigrants travel thousands of miles from their home land to get to the US, with little money, they risk their lives by walking in the desert, possibility of getting deported, kidnapped, killed, they arrive with no family, no friends, don't speak english and still manage to find a job and have a better life than these folks, and in top of that they still have to deal with high rents and food. Something is wrong with homeless US citizens, they don't have the will to do what it takes to have a good life.

  39. First of all get rid of that phrase "Baby Daddy", it is ignorant, and if she has been homeless for five years what the hell is she even doing getting pregnant??? And what is that garbage saying that nobody will help her, #-1 you help yourself, and spreading your legs and getting pregnant is not helping yourself nor your situation, what about the sperm donor, just where is he???????
    We the Taxpayers are not your Baby Daddy as you like to call it. If someone who already has children becomes homeless my heart pours out for them, but this girl I have absolutely no sympathy for, she could not make good life choices & now she goes and brings an innocent life into that disaster, and on top of it she expects we the Taxpayers to provide for her and take care of her. GO AWAY!!!!

  40. If the baby comes open her a go fund me so people can help her and that baby 👶 this sad homelessness is not a crime!!!

  41. It sucks that anyone is homeless and the city is fkd up for taking these people's personal items do what you can everyone to help these people living homeless because our government does not care about them or you don't be like the government CARE

  42. I've been helping a brother for some time because I don't want him homeless. He continues to make bad choices. Won't listen to advice. Whatever help he gets I think he should be grateful for and not act like the world owes him more. He gets himself in such messes that I'm speechless in trying to figure out what to do. He must need some kind of mental help! Homelessness is terrible! And for children to be homeless it is beyond sad!

  43. She didn't listen to her moms advice, hung out with bad people, did drugs all of the time, ended up on the streets, doing bad things and went to jail all the time. No, this person should not have a kid. No she does not deserve our tax money. Life is all about choices. I hope she starts making the right choices. I'm rooting for her, not against her. If you don't have any job skills, work for free to acquire the desired skills, and then find a job with your new skills. People work for free all the time for experience. I'm more than happy to do it myself with certain things.

  44. You have this happening in USA and then China celebrated their 70th year of communist party and getting out of poverty. The American government and corporations destroyed the country giving majority of profits to CEOs. It should be illegal. It should be illegal to pay property taxes. Amazon doesn’t even pay taxes. Trump is using Americans tax money to support automation instead of giving back to the people. Corporations should move back jobs to USA from china. This is insane!!! Americans should not be homeless!!

  45. Sorry couldn't make the end of this one…😥… no one should be homeless and never a mother to be… please set up a GoFundMe page for her…✌

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