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  1. Thank God for you guys and your supporters. This vid is pretty old, I've been binge watching lol. As a lifetime horse woman I cannot express how amazing this is. I am pretty damn poor, but you've just gotten a new supporter! YOU are doing God's work I can't think of something id rather help with!

  2. Вы молодцы, что спасли лошадку, жаль что такое происходит с остальными

  3. I know this is an old video but I have a question regarding the herpes virus, is it similar to canine herpes virus? Can it be transferred during birth and during the breeding process. I’m not a horse person, I love them but don’t know enough to ever own one. Thanks

  4. Wow, that guys arm was like elbow deep in that horse. And that horse took it like a champ! Hope everything goes well with her

  5. She’s such a pretty horse who would want to do that to her 🙁 this world is cruel and that needs to change

  6. My hourse was rescued by my dad he was so skiny he had some paches of fur missing, and he was just a baby, people were trying to sell him and no one wanted him, then people were going to put him dow but me papa saved him ❤

  7. If Mexico and Canada need meat. They should raise beef, pork, chicken, etc. That's inhumane to horses

  8. Why is it so easy to abuse these horses right out in the open public. I really believe if more word was out there more people would respond, this is just soooo wrong

  9. Once again slottering a pregnant animal . Can’t there be something done about these poor horses

  10. HI vet ranch. I'm just wondering where you are located. I'm looking for another horse so if you are close to me I'll love to adopted a rescue horse ❤️

  11. Horses have served 'humans' (and not always been treated kindly) for decades and this is the thanks they get?? Shame on every animal abuser. Thanks for rescuing them.

  12. I am glad you saved her.  The baby is priceless..   I remember buying a old trail mare (Tennessee Walker) We had her for a few months with a hay belly?  One morning they was a second set of eyes.  Pure black with 3/4 star and snip.  She was a beautiful horse.

  13. In US there are regulations for all slaughter houses. The animals must be cared for properly and then killed quickly so they do not suffer. However when a person or group decides to sell animals, and what the buyers do with them is not well regulated. It says at the beginning this horse was going to be taken to another country with different laws. There is no longer a big market for horse meat in the US for people, but when I was a child we had horse meat when we did not have enough money for beef. It had very good nutritional value. Most cultures eat whatever form of meat or protein is available. People also need to be fed and cared for.

  14. Long time ago I moved to Missouri, it was my first experience I was going to an auction. I felt so bad I couldn't stop crying over an hour which was the whole way back. That night I started crying all over again. I'm thankful to people like you who can get out there and save these horses!!!😩

  15. Thanks folks for your hard work, we rescued 2 cobs destined to be put down, 4 month and 6 month males, one was skin and bone with two types of worm. Hard work and cash, not nearly 2 years old both are doing well, so know how hard it is. X

  16. Yet, vegans are the "assholes" of society. Meat eaters are the epitome of stupidity and selfishness.

  17. Poor little girl. She's beautiful. And her little foal is adorable. I hope Mommy and baby were able to find a forever home where they could be safe and loved.

  18. love vet ranch ty for saving them but so sad to see soo many helpless horses to be sold to the slaughter..

  19. Thank you from here in ireland, we love our horses , and I'm so happy that you rescued that beautiful grey mare and her foal ….ty ty ty ..😃😃😃👍👍👍👍👍👍🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡💯💯💯💯💯💯

  20. WHY are people so horrible to beautiful animals like horses but then again you do what yous can sadly the truth is you cant take all of them

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