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hi everyone welcome back to my channel so first off I would like to thank everyone for showing me the amazing amount of love on my last video and and I are so grateful you just reading through all your comments all your positivity and as much as you guys say that I'm an inspiration for you you all are such an inspiration to me just sitting there reading through everything I was just so overwhelmed and I just wanted to thank you so this week I wanted to make a video following up and just get answering a lot of questions that you guys have about the pregnancy about being pregnant in med school what how how and why I kept it a secret for so long and so I wanted to start it off by by giving you a little bit of backstory so far that's those new here hi my name is Jenny I'm a fourth year medical student and I am currently pregnant so Stan and I found out that we were pregnant a little after two months and the reason why it took so long to find out was because this is TMI by the way but because I was still bleeding a lot it was like I was still having my period or constantly spotting and so one day we were supposed to go on this go to the cider bar and skin was just like you know your boobs are getting really big like we should really check like just in case I don't like there's no way there's no way I'm pregnant because I'm still bleeding but I'll take this stuff for you just for your life safe of mind or peace of mind and so I took it and I was like oh we're not going to the cider bar because I'm pregnant this is why if you're in the ER and there's a girl of reproductive age and she says she has abdominal pain but she's still bleeding you still need to get that pregnancy good so yeah I found out it was pregnant and in the Asian culture we don't like to well it's kind of voodoo to tell or make an announcement that you're pregnant be like before your first trimester is over just because there's they say that there's a scare of losing the baby and so I didn't tell any of my friends my sister anyone like it was just standing on you until after the first trimester and also because I was bleeding still like I feel like even 14 weeks I was still bleeding and so I didn't want to say anything until we knew for sure especially my mom I didn't want to tell her and have her worry and all that stuff and so we just waited it out and then yeah and then so that was our story I've mentioned this a lot but once you start med school you have to be such a planner you I plan my life a year in advance at least and so Stan and I'm you were going to get married and I knew that during my fourth year I had this gap and I wanted it I wanted to have it we were destroy family I wanted to have the baby within the certain time frame and so we talked about it and we agreed that if we were not to get pregnant within a specific time frame then we would wait until at least I started residency but luckily we did and everything turned out great going further into that so when out I think one of the questions I got was did this affect my residency or is this affected my boards living at all so fourth year you don't take boards at all and so I didn't have any tests that I was actually setting forth the only big dating big things that I was doing was audition rotations and interviews and that was fairly early in the pregnancy I think I was still in my I was in my second trimester least ii trust mr. and a first-trimester when I was doing audition rotations and so like no none of the residency is new just because I was still so small at the time and I didn't tell anyone so that didn't affect residency interviews at all and then I will be having the baby before residency starts so I guess for those asking if there's a better time to get pregnant or have a child there is I guess like after first year you have the summer off second year you have a summer off but then you're studying for boards and then third year you're also studying for boards and applying to audition rotations and figure out what you want to do I feel like for me personally third year would have been the worst to get pregnant but then I know several of my classmates who've done that so anything is possible it's just if you are capable as pushing through so when I started telling people I think one of the first questions that they would ask me was do you have any weird food cravings and I want to say no but the weird it's weird for me because I'm not a sweet person I don't crave chocolate I'm crazy kandi I don't create like ice cream yes I love Donuts don't get me wrong that donuts are my kryptonite and I would eat a donut from time to time but during this pregnancy it's been excessive like I've been eating dota non-stop and now I'm just like do I want that cookie who I'm going to eat that Oreo oh I'm gonna have ice cream chocolate like I don't know it's just it's just I don't I've never been like this before so weird for me is craving sweets I am like I hold before I was pregnant I'm like a savory person you know I like me my dinner like that is my favorite meal of the day so that was really weird and then during my first trimester I would really rice and bean like Mexican rice and beans but all I wanted to eat and now I think I just crave Asian foods but that's not unusual because I knew I crave Asian food even when I wasn't pregnant another question people would ask was about morning sickness and if or how was the pregnant pregnancy in general I would say that I am very very lucky and that this pregnancy has been fairly easy so during the first trimester I was fairly tired and I didn't know because I was pregnant just because I'm not doing it you know like my students are tired I work 10 to 12 hours a day and obviously you're going to be tired and I used to just sleep around six hours like that was my average but then I realized that I seriously do more I needed to take nap I didn't have any nausea early I probably had nausea for like two weeks and it only it wasn't even bad I just felt like I ate too much and I was just drink a little bit of like soda water and it would go away and it would be worse when I did take McCree meals in the morning um but other than that like the it has this pregnancy has gone on so smoothly I think now the worst thing is trying to fall asleep just because I've gotten so much bigger than I was so I would lay in bed and toss and turn and sometimes they would take me hours fall asleep and I think within this past week my hands have been aching like the arthritic ache or like a carpal tunnel kind of thing it like it's hard for me to open jars hard for me to make like a really tight fist so if I wanted to punch somebody it wouldn't like you know I don't know I just it just doesn't feel like I feel old and I have to take off my rings because they didn't fit anymore but other than that those were the only complaints that I would have about this pregnancy another question that I had was how do I plan on managing motherhood and medical school I think that once you start family especially raising a newborn child you need support you cannot do this on your own luckily I have Stan and he's been great he's been so supportive and he's been there for me 100% of the time and luckily for us his job with the luxury of his job he's able to work from home and so he's going to do a lot of the caretaking while I'm in residency our families live like days away like we're in another state so they're not going to be helping on the day to day basis but my mom just say she wanted to come for the delivery and I left us Stan and I was going to be just gonna be us so I'm not sure how it's going to turn out I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to manage everything and I don't claim to be an expert but I'll take you guys along on the way and you guys are used to determine for yourself another question that I got was the hardest thing about the hardest thing after giving birth so I think that the hardest thing for me after the delivery would be to leave my child and go back to work and go back to school and have to work 10 12 14 hour days and not see him and once you have this thing like growing inside you for ten months when you grow really attached and so I already feels bad just thinking about it but we got this baby monitor where I can see him on my phone like remotely so hopefully that will help with this transition another question was asked is there if our school had or how am i doing maternity leave so for med school I I know every school is different but for our school there's not necessarily a maternity leave you get four weeks vacation and if you stack that up till the end of the school year most my friends and in march and residency doesn't start till end of June or beginning of July and so you have those months to actually give birth and bond with your baby and leave your baby and go back to school go back to work it's not ideal but it's what we've decided to do if we wanted to stay on track my school luckily has a six-week newborn elective it would count as some of my credits and I would get to stay home and deliver and all that stuff and bond with the baby so that's an extra time that I would get to get or get to have so basically if you deliver and like if you plan it out really well and you deliver at the end of March then you have four months with your with your baby but weird living a little later so I think I will only have like a month what's a baby before I have to go back to work and so we'll just see how that goes a lot of people have suggested that I asked for an easier schedule in the beginning of residency like more outpatient stuff and then ramp it up more at the end so that's what I'm hoping to do another question I got was am i worried about giving birth after my ob/gyn education I want to say that after my OBGYN rotated well let me just say this like I'm scared about giving birth even if I wasn't in medical school and even if I had nothing I had knew nothing about medicine just because Stan is 6 4 with a huge head and I am 5'4 and I mean pretty I want to say I'm pretty petite and so just gives a huge head like oh my god I think after my OB rotation I think the only thing I'm scared about is getting a c-section just because I've seen what it looks like I've seen how mothers recover and it's not pretty so that's the thing that I'm most worried about another question I got was what is my opinion on effort for me personally I want to wait until like I want to go as far as I can and want to see what my pain level is pain tolerance or whatever and I want to wait until I really need the epidural before I get it just because like an epidural is a procedure and it does come with risk and I'd rather not have to take that risk if I don't have to but I have nothing against getting an epidural and I highly recommend it if it's if it eases the whole birthing process or whatever whatever your choice is like do you because you are birthing a human child out of your small orifice I need an epidural I'm going to get one and another common question I saw in the comment section was how did I hide the pregnancy for so long and I don't think it's just because you see me through a screen I'm trying to hide my tummy or anything like that but even the people that even my friends so they met up with for dinner and stuff like that they didn't even know that I was pregnant and I feel like I was able to hide it so long because my tummy or like I didn't blow up until like this past month and so I'll add some pictures like I think this is me at 10 weeks and then at 16 or 22 weeks something like that but like you guys can see like I I wasn't that big and even when I did get bigger it was big for me but I was still like a like a small asian girl you know so it was hard for to I could like you can see a bump and I was still really physically active I still try to go to the gym a lot and so just because you're pregnant it doesn't change who you are like you're more tired maybe but it doesn't you're still you and so I still try to live out my daily life and I still can make videos oh yeah during like that one time like if you guys remember I think there was a span of like four weeks or six weeks or something that I didn't post anything on YouTube and that was because I was so so so tired oh yeah I hope I answered a lot of your questions if you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below I'll be sure to answer them there thank you again so much for showing me all your love I appreciate you I can't wait to get to talk to you guys again if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if you haven't already please subscribe and I'll see you guys next time

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  1. I laughed so hard when you said your partner is 6’4 with a big head and you’re 5’4 haha I have the same problem and fear 😂 I just finished my first semester of med school so I’m looking for all the advice I can get! Thank you!

  2. I’m in my 2nd trimester, I’m going into nursing school. My husband works from home n occasionally goes to the office so my brothers n mother live 10min away so they can babysit. We have a lot of hosp work placements 3 in each year here in the UK. I’m hoping to study from home during maternity n when I go back to uni instead of 4 days I’m gna try to opt for 2 days attendance. It was never a right time for me b4 I was working 6 days a week then was at uni ft to finish my bsc. During the second year of Nursing I’m hoping to add on my Msc. So I decided during this summer break why not get preg I’m getting old I don’t want to delay it forever until I need ivf. Some ppl have it 15-18, I’m massive looked like 5m at 5 weeks. Morning sickness is mad, swollen feet n back pain is a killer on top of that sleepless nights giving me lack of energy. I do eat healthy n take all my supplement.

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  4. About to start PA school, just found out I was pregnant… and completely freaked out. I have a wonderful supportive husband but I am still scared…😢

  5. I am a freshman in college currently in a steady relationship. Me and my SO are trying to figure out a good time to start a family because I am pursuing med school. We are looking at once I graduate undergrad or my senior year undergrad. Do you think it's possible to manage a baby coming into med school?

  6. Cyclic bleeding may occur upto 12 weeks of pregnancy until the decidual space is obliterated by the fusion of decidua vera with decidua capsularis. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Take care of yourself 🙂

  7. Hi Jenny, I'm super sorry if this question is overly personal but at what age did you start medical school and at what age did you finish your first ms1 year?

    Im going through a hard time because I thought I was going to be able to apply this ccle after taking a gap year but now I have to wait again until next cycle and I'm just really bummed out because I can't help but compare myself to my other female friends who are already starting medical school 😔

    Thank you and love your vids and your cute baby!!!

  8. You go woman! To everyone who says "oh hormones mess with a woman's career, clear thinking,etc", clearly you are one of the several strong women who call out on this b.s.Thank you for being you!

  9. I heard residency is the best time to have kids ….but honestly there is no reward for running in a man's race …..chances are that's her last kid lol

  10. This is a great video! Being a woman and planning a family while being in medicine seems the hardest thing to juggle next to the actual school work! I'm starting med school in the fall and I can't wait to watch the rest of your videos and learn from your experiences

  11. In ancient times women used to dip in a lake and squat, so that water would receive the baby and come out smoother and easier.

  12. Congratulations ! I was just wondering how did your energy levels/lowered attention spam affect your studying ? Just curious in case one day mine couldn't be as ideally planned !

  13. It's true about the Asian culture, even in Malaysia. Btw, u r such an inspiration and congratulations!!!

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