hi everybody dr. Joseph Cipriano here and today we have our patient how are you doing well okay um don't know this is the second time mm-hmm how was the first how things been going the first was great I loved why strap was life changing so my back has been killing me because this baby lives in my ribs and so I just dreamt about that why stress this is probably I started my second trimester so gotcha and now you are 27 weeks so 107 and they have twins friends twin boys coming so congratulations all right what I want to do first I'm gonna have you lay on your back I just want to get I can check the link check so she's pulling short on the side here that hit was I'm just going up as well all right any pain or tenderness going on and the first trimester my neck look awful but it got better and then turned to my back that's not control ester okay and so now today a lot of let me mid-back correct okay where were you feeling that again that on the right side like literally opposite of where he lives right okay well let me go ahead we're going to use the massage device for us I just don't relax things and I will start with the adjustment oh yeah so yes I mean as you guys can tell we've got to change up the routine obviously not having you lay flat on that stomach at all let me stand up okay no let me fix your back to me bring your hands alright I'll be back just a little bit squeeze your elbows together oh wow okay next one what I want you to do I want you to have this sit with one leg at the other side so doesn't matter if you faced either way but keep utilize to the table rotating like this look over the shoulder father little bit right earlier okay let me have you actually sit here but place like China over their eyes that's right yes please thank you take a deep breath and I shall so what I want to do I want to check the leg length again a lot better still a little bit short here on their side relax for me okay oh wow no no what I want you to do we're going to lay on your side that's right yep face me first okay I'm just like that perfect good and then I won't have you flip to the other side good and then flat on your back from you now I'm gonna do the white strap okay so I'll have you coming down just a little bit perfect right there how are you feeling look good uh like totally think yep it's all really good good what do I do with my hands arrest them on your stomach okay oh my gosh all the way down but that's so good like I've literally just oh oh dream it not but somebody has my feet somebody has the pendant I'll just pull in opposite directions just for that feeling feeling better yes good how's everything Phillip good you know it's just yeah with twins yes unfortunately and then everything's been right here so just pulls me forward so it just feels good like it's the first time I've been able to sit up straight so thank you um I would say keep me updated with how things are going you don't have that much longer and on your second trimester right now so usually twins come a little bit sooner than normal but keep me updated if you need to come back and more time before ok completely fine if not my goal would be to see you after you get back so after you a couple weeks and then oh come on just to make sure everything gets put back to our knees right but good I don't quite well perfect and good thank you

24 Replies to “*PREGNANT MaMa* gets INSANE BACK CRACK!!!”

  1. Oye, me interesa, lo que pasa es que tengo un problema en la columna, donde tienes tu consultorio, tengo varios años tratando de que alguien me acomode pero nomas no

  2. Damn, I lived in the south most my life and I hate southern accents. However her accent is fucking hot. No wonder the man didn’t pull out.

  3. I would love to have this done but that y strap is absolutely terrifying to me. I could do everything except the y strap and neck cracking.

  4. Omg this gave me life. Why don’t you do tours. I need my the y strap but I can’t come all the way to North Carolina 😔

  5. How can someone be so unlucky that as I was watching a video of Doc’s, he happened to have deleted it the moment I was almost getting to the Y-strap. I had lost connection and I looked on his page, the video is gone. 🗿

  6. I have constant back pain in my upper neck/shoulder area and sometimes my lower and tailbone area. I'm very young (13) and I want to go to a chiropractor but I think I'm too young lol. I should be starting physical therapy soon.

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  8. wow, she's a very beautiful woman. I seriously thought her water was going to break the second he was done with the Y- strap.😂

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