what's wrong I'm giving birth what's up guys welcome to the vlog today I've been challenged by Lindsay to experience what it's like to be pregnant for 24 hours that's right we're going to see if he can do this for a full 24 hours piece of cake I got this in the bag we all want pregnancy suits so we gotta get creative so this 8 pound medicine ball this is my baby understanding yoginah momentum in the bosom so I grab two and a half pound weight plates and he's going to represent two movies and they're gonna same places they were or throttling this message or the single things that a successful operation nobody can access yummy up this thing Brad you can represent my unit ready yeah spicy yeah all right knock me up this is Kentucky you man I'm good is it challenge accepted Baron or going on alright let's see how this goes oh my boo boo Society children I'm terrible yeah oh my baby be careful in the counter okay no no no no that's not fair I wasn't really good get 100 man hey this will be a little harder than I thought so you lay on the side is that how you do it oh my boobs okay oh no body colour look something to help it slip it's in your life hey some time off I do have to peel yep I had to pee all inside I'm sorry that make it through the night well hopefully I fall asleep soon I'll see you in the morning well it's almost midnight I haven't fallen asleep yet my back is already killing me sleeping definitely sucks and hey good morning more how did you sleep pretty bad I'm doing something to prove a point and so far mother's winning nothing when I get up and you gotta get your day started you know yeah it looks like me when I get up this is this is sister clean and we need them for combat system here I know 100k full plate Oh back there in the face no no no I was broke back fold my boob my boob fell out almost almost shattered my foot oh I would suck so bad this is nice having your little shelf right here that's like my own little personal table yes but the coffee pot you know the cheerful bash this kid against the bathroom counter I bathroom that's a dishwasher he can hang a little so we're actually going out in public like this huh yeah wish me luck well I don't really care was her look yeah I'm one of total bears but it's okay all right so breakfast was done we had our coffee we did we had our coffee I'm going to get ready mom's already upstairs getting ready you have an action-packed day right gap gonna go and do stuff but this time daddy's going to be pregnant – he did that funny yeah yeah tell me a pole Paul Paul me just look at this per second he made boobs because I told him it was okay I stuffed my bra Legos and no I told him I was okay to take the waste out since it fell out so like when I put a shirt on it looked like I just had like one boob in the middle and I was feeling insecure so I tried to kind of make them nice and rounded take off my shirt on walk oh this is good this one fits a lot better put my jeans on what okay oh there we go I'm peeing button oh yeah all right hold on I gotta like pick up my guy here not a guy's to be me sure I'm in the chair well when she's really tighten would you it's really loose but they're on there so roll first stop of the day wish us luck I'm already embarrassed there are a lot of people out here here we go all right that wasn't so bad I didn't think the I notice that I was pregnant I don't don't you get kinda look down but I think you just kind of maybe thought fit like big growth coming out of my stomach heading for Verizon now all right here we go Oh a lot of people in here are you embarrassed by there are you in there keep working Lily they are sick where we've been in Verizon for about 15-20 minutes and we've already had people come up to us and compliment me on my baby bump we agree he's noticing other than shy food that can be cooked dinner say anything so the ladies they enjoyed it they thought it was kind of cool that he was doing it yes I am okay we'll be right back all right so we just left Verizon he say $70 on our phone bill just like going in the rides and then talking about our plan I think that was a huge success a lot of a lot of women were coming up to it and saying how cool was that we're doing this so it made me feel it made me feel like one all right our final stop of the day is getting some groceries at the grocery store ran in this coworkers oh my belly just popped out today's muffin Monday did you know that everyone feeding the baby nice and helpful yeah I'm not I mean for cute all right you helping good job yeah what a helper no particles will walk across the parking lot we get em feel it a lot of rough yeah sound like me I know but that when we get home we're actually getting our carpet delivered a rug big area rug delimit I think the delivery guys going to freak out when he sees me maybe this is going to be him I'm probably gonna have to help them that will be interesting side effect that we in pregnant yep seriously I owe patients a moody I'm hungry recipe he has really been taking on the role of being pregnant I will play that folks well half of it is I'm mad the other half are people are just being stupid happy and you know it Jeff right Oh at the end you know it's every bad if you happy and you know it then your face will surely show it if you're happy and you know it already oh are we home yeah your friend Oh you basically just live unfiltered uh-huh and you can get away with it get down if that's the case your diamonds are falling in my face yes kids are a mess now that's not just babies open again I know that's the new one open that Wow um that's good Oh no not I get it off really push down he was a little Klingon there oh yeah you pushed it your foot is on the under hobble where they are the one is its power did you do this for nine months I couldn't even do it for 24 hours but showered the other sucks how am i doing no I think I'm doing all right good you're doing very well I'm gonna surprised that you stuck with it for this long and you're sticking with it I realized that I could not have you pregnant no my OCD is too crazy thinking I was over exaggerating this and I'm done I did I thought this could be a lot easier than what it was alright it's officially been 24 hours and I can take this stupid suit off lucky for you been a pretty long day I've learned a lot about pregnancy and I've learned a very hard I don't envy you at all I can actually kind of feel bad for you my time has come to an end yours will soon come to an end yeah two more weeks but yeah this experiment was definitely a lot harder than I thought it was going to be I thought it's gonna be a piece of cake yeah let's take this suit off so I can I enjoy oh damn it Oh he's dropped them all to 4:30 this trip that your book what's wrong I'm giving birth that was wrong oh hey talk to me see that's not us – bye-bye little new

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  1. Thanks all for watching and laughing with us! Make sure to watch Part Two of this challenge where Chris did the labor simulation machine and was zapped by Lindsay! Also be sure to subscribe to keep up with our next challenges and videos! Much love! Share if you can!

  2. lol You are a cute couple but you only used 8lbs, it should be about 30lbs. Are you going to do the labor pain simulation next?

  3. This is something women have been doing since the beginning of time. Now women want to be pat on the back yet again for a basic human function…harboring and delivering offspring. Do you think you're great grandmother was asking for attention while pregnant? No, she didn't. She just did her job and kept her mouth shut.

  4. I love this. I was laughing so hard especially when his boobs fell out. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I really want to see if my husband will do this. I don't think he will lol. But great job to your hubby for supporting you. I hope he has more empathy for you now.

  5. I loved it! It was very funny and brave of you. I loved how y’all support each each other. I’m a new fan btw 🤗 Oh and congratulations on baby # 2 🙌🏼

  6. and there Chicks with beards…Lord have mercy.👰👑👒🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💛💛💛💛💛💛

  7. stupidest thing I've ever seen…
    camera magic….Motherfuckers👍👊✌👰👑👒🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💛💛💛💛

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