Pregnant Minnesota Mom Saves Little Boy from Drowning as She Was Teaching Her Own Son How to Float

vil mom in the right place at the right time when another mother was screaming for help and this was on Sunday morning at Crystal Beach Park in Burnsville it's a story which highlights that drowning is silent and learning to swim is crucial here's Fox 9's Rav Olsen this was on Sunday morning a young boy starts struggling here in the beach at Crystal Beach Park in Burnsville his mother spots it immediately in cries for help luckily nearby another mother 33 weeks pregnant with her own toddler children is able to spring to help and she believes she was here for a reason for Stephanie Swedberg there is so much of this story that just makes sense I just have always known with these guys that I wanted them to learn how to swim as soon as possible that is a former lifeguard she'd come here to work with her three-year-old twins on floating just to be able to not panic in a situation where maybe they can't touch the bottom that is a woman of faith she'd chosen to be here on a Sunday morning normally we would have been at church and we decided to watch online it was 11:00 a.m. and Stephanie and her sister had the boys in the water at Crystal Beach Park about 20 feet away another group of boys ages 10 to 14 were horsing around in deeper water and I didn't really realize anything was off until I saw one of the mom fully dressed sprinting into the water screaming for somebody to help her son and then I looked over and I saw one of the boys unable to keep his head above the water handing off her son she swam at 33 weeks pregnant to the drowning very silently taking place yards away he wasn't screaming no he was just thrashing around bobbing a little bit and it would be longer Stephanie credits the boy's mother for being vigilant seeing the problem immediately because this happened so fast and so quietly says this is a dramatic reminder the importance of swimming lessons is the boy had had a few but only a few so in all your time as a lifeguard this was your first rescue yes it was at 33 weeks pregnant it was yeah a few years ago Fox 9 did an investigation about the dangers of drowning and how drowning is silent it's worth a watch or a rewatch if you've seen it before to know the signs we've got a link at Fox in Burnsville Rob Olsen Fox 9

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