47 Replies to “Pregnant Mom of Two | Roblox Bloxburg Roleplay | alixia”

  1. Awesome vid! Btw the house was gorgeous, but I don’t think Alixia did a vid for it. I wish she had ;-; again good job alixia!

  2. I just hate when people online date in roblox its against the rules all u people who are talking about how much you love this i hate it ODERS >:-OOOOOO😠😠😠😠

  3. Alixia I'm ur biggest fan also can u build me a nice living room a bedroom and a bathroom pls if u will username:elmasala3

  4. That family is all girls smh

    Is like mine I have two other sisters I’m the middle child and my dad wishes we had a son cos is all girls

  5. Hey can u add me back my username is 21savagedom10 pls you will make my day😁I really love your vids keep up the great work 😁

  6. OMG it's my birthday today July 25 2019 yay as I see ur pregnant u remind me when I was a tiny baby in my mother's stomach 🙂

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