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all the money everyone and welcome back to my channel as you can see in the title I'm taking a pregnancy test today we have the 6th of May in seven days my husband has his birthday I have had weird sometimes like cramping my gums are super sensitive even bleeding and since yesterday I like so Moody and I can't get a real big my little ones done here she's even half month now so I've had my period for pretzel month now but with my temperature I know that I had I ovulated twice the month before in this month so and now I'm eleven DPO and I'm just so nervous to see the results that's why I'm testing so early my parent is doing three days I mean that you are sitting not here talking I was so nervous I'm shaking I took a test my mom's to you to visit I took a test a few days ago and usually the tests are really white and there there was this hunched edge hunt of a lion she couldn't really tell but I saw it so it might be positive we will see so I'm in the test you I have to continue filming on my phone because my battery just died so well look at the test now so you'll see it still looks like a line but I will show you about quick it's so faint so it's barely there so I don't know we'll see it is so faint I would wait a few more minutes because it's still not all the way through but it looks like there's a line so it's a really faint line still because I'm still early I it with some patience I tested it again today because my mom looked at me and she's like are you pregnant you look pregnant and it's better to see today than yesterday it's still super faint because I'm still so early give money everyone today is the 9th of May 13 DPO yesterday I tested again at 5:30 a.m. and the test looked negative so I have looked online nope and then at 6:45 it took another one with the second morning urine and that was positive and so I was really confused so I looked online and I finally found this chart and I am well blended in for you that says that at 12 DPO the second one is more accurate than the first so this morning at 5 a.m. I tested again and a little bit darker but since my pure is supposed to be due today I found it really light still so I'm testing again at 7:30 you will see what happens so yeah I'm a little bit confused kiss it's sometimes kind of positive – it looks negative then it's kind of positive and I do feel pregnant but my period is supposed to be happened today due to the gap but my temperature grows extremely so I'm not getting my period I'm just really confused I'm sorry all the symptoms I'm so tired I took a nap yesterday what and I'm so moody like oh my gosh I'm in a really bad mood most of the time so I do feel pregnant well we'll see what happens so I'm just so confused the lines shown I'm definitely pregnant and I feel pregnant according to the app my period is due today but since my ovulation was a dig later it should be coming tomorrow so hmm I'll just hope that the test lines get stronger tomorrow kiss right now they're so faint and that makes me nervous to have another miscarriage and I don't want to go through that again and I want to surprise my husband so I just hope hope wrote that this baby sticks and then it will look a much better tomorrow so yeah just crossing my fingers I hope it looks better tomorrow see you then so I just walked two hours to get a more sensitive pregnancy test because I noticed that the cheap amount from Amazon that I have are I can show you these ones are like the 25 something something sensitive and then I got one from the drugstore that have 10 something something I will show you what I mean so since I walked for two hours I didn't pee for quite some time so it's 1 p.m. now that I'm taking the test I will wait for three minutes and then come back to it and then I will see you guys then yep okay I just knew it I knew it I felt it I knew it can you see that it says two lines pretty strong 50 strong two lines cannot deny that I'm so excited but it had four more days until I can tell Marco because then it is his birthday so excited I'm happy I'm nervous and I'm so happy thank you guys so much for watching that lets you guys in the next video you

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