Pregnant + Parody Campaign

hi there I'm Kristen della pace I'm an actress I'm a mom and I'm currently with child and I'm just arteries I'm not a mom I'm not with child but I am a writer and editor at a magazine publishing company in Arkansas and Marin at house you will burn anywhere and no we're not all Hillbillies in Arkansas and we are the writers and creators of this series pregnant and we've also created a parody music video called I'm pregnant again which yes is based off of Britney Spears oops I did it again pregnant is actually a mini webseries it's for comedic episodes and they all follow a less-than Pinterest perfect mom named Val she encounters small-town advice givers elite Manhattan mom's asleep foot aloof husband and her worst enemy her own reflection arms only with her sharp wits in a purse full of chicken nuggets Val picks on the social minefield known as pregnancy if you want more know if you want to know more details about this series go ahead and head to our IndieGoGo page where you can find a lot more details that's repetitive yeah we're also making oops I'm pregnant again and though Brittany is pure perfection we're excited to bring you the pregnant version of this song and what we may like in production grandeur we'll be sure to make up for an humor and just to confirm all the rumors yes I will be dancing in a full-body jumpsuit while six months pregnant and I'm kind of excited about it if you mentioned that Kristen also cast herself both as bow and as Britney Nordic Jesus so the ball is actually already rolling on both of the project we have some cast crew equipment locations all nailed down but there's still a lot of holes to fill in a lot of holes we're raising $6,000 in hopes of snagging key locations more great casting crew members and editor props costumes meals on set and more and since neither of us hail from wealthy benefactors Richie Rich hello we need some dough and we would love your help every dollar that you contribute to this project helps bring the stories to life and trust me you're going to love them too comes alive she's a six month pregnant woman dancing in the pleather bodysuits and let's not forget about perks because I mean hello without you we are nothing from your mama jokes to nursery rhymes shoutouts to mystery goody bags we want to shower you with our appreciation when you contribute so be sure to check out our perks and the project in more detail on our IndieGoGo page pregnancy is the commutable night and we are so pumped breezy good it's going to be a really good time so be sure to follow me on all the various social medias as well as YouTube for sneak peeks behind-the-scenes updates for release dates all the goodies thank you so much for watching this and make you so much for your support let the fundraising begin

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  1. I so love this!!! Will most definitely shoot some funding your way when I have the means to.
    Any particular humorous aspects of pregnancy you're planning to tackle?

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