42 Replies to “Pregnant | Part – 2 | Bengali Short Film | Binjola Films Bangla”

  1. Its the first time i saw any of your clips. And i say am impressed. The message you gave, the way you portrayed how a parent should be. Its great. Its a powerful message to this changing society and the increasing generation gap.
    Great work team.

  2. Khb sundar protyekta baba ma erm hole satyi society will be changed totally…khb sundar…and my parents is like my bst buddy..they know everything about me…they r tooo much frank to me…so I can realise about those suffered Youngers those parents are not frank free…so thnks for ur effort doing….🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘

  3. Video ta kharap holeu…ata te shikar onek jinis ache…amar family khob vlo ora kono din bari theke aka betote deina😌😌…sabdhan India 🧐🧐

  4. valo laglo..but khubb kharp laglo r ay typ er video thke onkk kisu shikar o ase. experience ta bare r socheton hoar jnny vlo video ata…good😊😊💜

  5. হ্যা এটা না হোলে হয়তো অনেক বড়ো ভুল ডিসিশন নিয়ে ফেললে অনেক বারো ক্ষতি হয়ে যেত

  6. The father he is so sweet and understanding. l mean if it has happened it has happened what they have to do is to find a solution to the situation

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