Pregnant prank

Yoyo bitches!
You have nagged very much to see a pregnancy-prank Because you want to see Jocke´s reaction I’ve got a fake pregnancy test, which only shows positive And now we can see how he reacts to this Here we go The package has not arrived Can you come? Whaat? Can you come? Why do you put so much stuff in the hall? Come! We have closets to put things in Sit down I’m pregnant What? Pregnant? We’re going to have a baby Are you pregnant? Yes A plus, accounting for pregnant Yes, we´re going to have a baby! What is it? Would you not like to have a child? Would you not like to have a child? What are you doing?! It is enough! What are you doing? What is it? It is a prank You’ve been cheating on me It´s a prank! It´s fake! I am sterile I am sterile, I can´t have children Are you sterile? I can´t have children! What is it you don´t understand Why have not you said anything? I have been afraid that you’ll break up with me I feel like shit about it and then you get to know it like this How long.. Stop! How long have you known? a long time Why have not you said anything?
We have been together for 3 years and you tell me nothing! I have been afraid, what is it you do not understand? How the hell do you think I feel now when you say like that? You can´t say it after 3 years! I want to die! I’ll jump from the window STOP IT! How the hell can´t you say something How the hell can´t you say something Take a sit and rotate! Are you sterile or not? If you want No, I’m not, you’re so damn bad at doing pranks You order a pregnancy test at the party king and then you get an order confirmation to your email.
Where it says exactly what you ordered! Good job! Then all of a hundred who commented on your Instagram, do a pregnancy-prank Really smart! Don´t you think I understand? What are you doing in my emails? Your mail? If you have not been on my mail, how could you then see it? Have you been in my emails? No! Why snooping around you? I don´t have been snooping around How could you see what I ordered?
You just said that you have been in my mail? I did not mean like that How could you see what I ordered? How could you see what I ordered? The test? Yes Because.. A mail? Never mind, I saw anyway that you would do this Then I thought, that I go and check some pregnancy-prank at Youtube Then I saw a guy who said he was sterile, but he said it so calmly, Viral Brothers think. Then I thought that I would do the same prank on you, though a hundred times worse I’m so fucking happy Never mind, I don´t have been snooping around. I saw the camera right there! Hello Hello, my name is Jocke and I’m not easily fooled You suck, You suck, You suck He is not easily fooled, he’s just a snoops He snoops, he snoops, he snoops You look retarded when you do like that I got a big bump on my forehead when I hit the table I had to put my hand in front, because it hurt so bad I don´t have been snooping around, she was called Jonna-Owl. This is entirely true No, FBI-Jonna You wanted to be called that, but you were called Jonna-Owl Because she was snooping around on everything I could be at someones Facebook profile, and then she checked the history and asked, Who is this? Thanks for watching and don´t forget Jonna The Owl I rock, I pranked her on her own prank Whaat? The prank is worse Thanks for watching!

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  1. Hahaha där vid 2:58 var Jocke jätte rolig😂😃😂😃😂😃😂😃Ni två är jätte roliga och bra på att pranka varandra. Ni hittar altid på jätte bra prank.

  2. Gravid prank, efter så många års försök att få barn och ha gått igenom så mycket. Men nu har dem barn👶🏻

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