32 Replies to “Pregnant Sick Regina Daniels In Tears | Wizkid Insults Naira Marley For Supporting Yahoo Boys”

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  2. Talking about Regina daniels if she's really 18 year old people should let her be with the man he chose to be with okay I believe that her husband cannot marry her as under age knowing fully well that he's a lawyer,I believe a lawyer who studies in America wouldn't have done that so you guys should stop talking about the ones who has made it already, talk about yourselves who are still managing. Continue putting fire on your food God will make it done for you too eat only the wise people will understand what I meant by that.

  3. Dat is nonsense watin wizkid dey sing wen he dey collect 100.000.000 hundreds millions for what oooooooooo

  4. She's like one of his children. but why doesn't he smile. i have never seen a picture of him smiling

  5. Regina, you are pretty, awesome and generous… I no go blame you for your decisions towards your old papa(husband) I know say na your mama go push you ahead due to excess money… Unsatisfactory.. Regina, mind you that your immune system is only taking weak/old cell into your body. Good day.

  6. 100 millions dollars? For nija? 130k$ for foreign country ? Chai, this blogger, you are just an embarrassment to nature""" Ewu!""" Wizkid you mumu for your reactions towards the source of the youth in catering for his people…

  7. E be like say wizkid no get song to write/sing again… And you idiot wey be foolish blogger wey dey talk rubbish… Mumu blogger, no go work, dey mumu dey go

  8. Like wiz is now take 100,000,000 pa show wow hmmmmm please, help me out is ooh well the guy need ma shall i need that amount of money for my future use and i will never be por again never

  9. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. Nawaooo 🤔🤔🤔🤔 old grandpa ooooh 🤔 married 18yr old gel 😯😯 chaiii….

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