PREGNANT WITH A TODDLER | Week 26 | Patience | Real Struggles

this is fully creased okay this wasn't even a edge so I'm like struggling thinking I was fully clothed oh this bra fits really nicely what did I get it from um the best decision you can ever make for yourself is to buy yourself a fan so I want my cue just one getting dressed well no I'm going to Pinterest now come on quick oh really fools okay there's the car Oh so with everything I do the hardest thing is actually Kevin destroy dressed it is absolutely a struggle and I try and be patient if you've got a toddler you know exactly how it is because they we didn't want to just get up and go so my husband just came back from work so he's relaxing he normally does do all the work but sometimes I want to chip in and help but yeah it's a struggle so be patient and by the end of it I'm exhausted and I just need like five minute lie down – everything yeah making sure baby's fine

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