Pregnant with the ParaGard IUD and Miscarriage

hi everybody sorry about the bad lighting in here I'm in my room I'm pretty sure that you already know basically what I'm going to talk about after Eric was born from the time he was about six or seven weeks old I went and had my post baby checkup basically and got an IUD put in it was the Paragard so it's the copper one it's not the hormone one and that's what's the last for ten years I had one put in after Landon was born as well and that was in for almost a solid four years and we never had a problem with it fast forward to this previous weekend June 10th ironically is my dad's birthday I had realized that I was about a week late for my period since my periods came back after Ark was born they've been usually teetering between 30 and 35 days I had been waiting for it and I felt cramping and whatnot and thought oh for sure it's coming I thought about it on like I said Friday the 10th and I ordered from Amazon internet GP P sticks so those were going to be delivered on Monday Saturday comes around and we are getting ready to go hang out at the lake for the day the boys and Alex and I I knew my sister-in-law had a pregnancy test in the bathroom upstairs so thought to myself you know what I'm just gonna take a test to make sure that everything's okay and then you know just just to have peace of mind as I went to the bathroom and pull down my pants to pee in a cup I realized that there was a little bit of blood this is going to be full of TMI so if you don't want to hear gross bodily functions about periods and babies and stuff don't watch this video it was like that brown tinged blood so it wasn't fresh I guess but I thought to myself oh okay my period must be coming so I didn't take the pee test and then by Sunday to 12 my bleeding pretty much stopped which I thought was very odd I had a couple other symptoms kind of make me think maybe I'm pregnant or something but you know I have the IUD n so it's I didn't want my mind running away from me basically so I was like okay well well I'm sure it'll start up again Monday Monday comes around nothing so my package was delivered around I think 2 p.m. on Monday and I immediately pulled out the pregnancy test and came downstairs being in a cup dipped one in instantly positive and I started to freak out oh my god my god there's no way so I waited another hour so for another hold on my pee and test it again I had 25 tests instantly positive this can't be happening I have an IUD and I know I have one in I went to Target and I got a couple of clear blues I got the digital and then just the plus one and took those both of them instantly positive the digital one has that indicator on it to kind of give you an idea of where it thinks you are in your pregnancy and that came back at three plus which you add two weeks to that so it thought that I was over five weeks pregnant so I started to freak out because um you know I'd had several drinks over the weekend had no idea when I ovulate 'add and I mean I just knew in my head I was like I know I have an IUD in a lot of people say that they can fall out and things happen and whatnot but I know my body and I know that I would not miss it falling out I know Never Say Never but I honestly truly believe that I would not not notice it come out so I've started losing my mind and I called around I don't have an OB up here yet and I'll be GYN so I was looking for someone who took my insurance and was accepting new patients and I finally found one that was about 10 minutes down the road and he wanted me to come in that night for a number see appointment is what they're calling it I wasn't able to do that we had some plans for the evening the dock didn't sound overly concerned but he did say sooner the better but 24 hours isn't going to be the end of the world for it looking back on it now I kind of wish I had gone in earlier that night but I needed time to tell Alex and everything – Alex went to the gym when he came back we put the boys to bed and I showed him the tests and I just lost it I started bawling and freaking out and surprisingly to me he was very calm and very kind he said you know it we did what we were supposed to we were responsible and there's no need to worry about it we'll take care of everything and everything's gonna be fine and next day comes around Alex is able to get off of work early enough to come with me to the doctor's appointment when I get to the doctor's office I am asked to give a piece ample and realized that there is more like brownish pinkish tinge blood in my underwear like oh great it wasn't a lot but it was enough – you know you don't want to bleed while you're pregnant that's just not what you want to see gave him the pee sample go into the room tell the doctor what's going on he suspects that the IUD was just irritating my cervix because apparently the IUD had shifted in my uterus and it was really low towards my cervix instead of up in the uterus or it was supposed to be he said that even so having the IUD in my uterus was supposed to prevent pregnancy even if it wasn't positioned correctly so he is still kind of confused about that by the way he had never had a patient come in before and has practice wear the IUD was still in place and the patient was pregnant so he was kind of intrigued I guess would be a good word for it and the whole office was knew who I was oh you're the girl who's pregnant with the IUD so if you want to have celebrity status at the vagina doctor he had me go for a blood test to check my HCG levels they're supposed to double every 48 hours if the pregnancy is going really I think after like six or seven weeks it goes to like 96 hours plan was for me to Tuesday have the blood draw and then Thursday which is today have my second blood draw he said he estimated that if the pregnancy was going as he planned it would come back between like 500 1,500 maybe even 2,000 and then if it was doubling by Thursday which we would find out Friday then we would schedule an ultrasound for the following week yesterday Wednesday I weighed around the whole day like just freaking out I felt like I don't know I kind of wish she would have done an ultrasound the day that we went to x' day but i understand why he didn't i just felt like i left with so many more questions and concerns the members went in but at least I had the IUD out now so I was doing everything in my power to keep this baby yesterday morning comes and goes I'm attached to my phone put the boys down for their nap and Landon goes out to play with his friends and I just decided okay well I'm just making myself sick with worry so I was gonna take a nap I was napping for maybe like half an hour and I got a phone call from the doctor and he said okay well your numbers came back at 6500 and I went oh my god that is so high he goes yeah so we're gonna try and get you in for an ultrasound today like oh my god Wow he said maybe you're a little bit further than we anticipated so we'd like to just check and see how everything's going so to me that sounded like good news and I was so relieved I called Alex like he got to come home we got to go to this ultrasound and I'm so excited I can't wait he was pretty excited too so we get to the ultrasound place and I'm anxious and excited and then I started getting nervous and I went to the bathroom while I was waiting because I said I need to empty my bladder and there's bright red blood and I was just so like my heart sank like oh my god so ultrasound tech comes and gets us and they do that on the stomach ultrasound first and we don't see anything she goes well you should be pretty early still so maybe we'll do you know the into the actual vagina canal ultrasound and we should be able to see something then so we switch over to that as I go into the bathroom to change into the robe that she gave me I had heavier bleeding and it had clots weird-looking clots in it and I'd just in my head I knew that we weren't gonna see a baby I just knew it so my fears were confirmed that she spent so much time at least half an hour sweeping my uterus with this ultrasound trying to find something you know anything to maybe give us some hope and we couldn't find anything she's not allowed to talk about it because she's not the doctor but I I just do so after that was all said and done I went to the bathroom and more clots got myself dressed and then we went to go see my doctor and talk about the results of the ultrasound so he believes that I either have an ectopic pregnancy or already had a spontaneous miscarriage the fact that I'm not in any sort of pain makes him believe that it's not ectopic but my numbers were really high for where I was at so he's not completely 100% sure so today I'm going to get my secondary blood tests like they had initially planned and I'm going to see if my numbers tomorrow are increasing staying the same or declining if they are declining then I don't have to do anything further I'll have to go in for another blood test sometime next week to make sure they're still declining that just means that the miscarriages you know my body is taking care of it if they aren't declining or if they have gone up then I'm going to need to perhaps more blood done to make sure that my insides are functioning properly so I can do the basically it stops cells from growing and dividing so it would stop the baby from growing obviously it'd be topic and then my body would flush it out and if it didn't then I'd have to have a D and C but we're not quite to that point yet so I'm anxious last night I'm pretty sure when I went to the bathroom a few times I did that at one point there was just so much clotting and weird stuff along with blood and I'm certain that whatever needed to pass passed then and then we get to talk about birth control at the end of all this so I am my head is spinning it's been an emotional roller coaster ride this whole week it's been such a long week and I'm so tired and I am so blessed to be able to have my three boys especially now they've been keeping my mind occupied all day giving me a reason to smile but you know I I'm still very upset and emotional over this miscarriage it's just not something that I ever planned that I would have to go through and it's not something that I wish on anybody else I know I'm not the first person nor will I be the last person to have a miscarriage and again I'm so blessed to have my three happy healthy little little babies already but anyway guys thanks for watching

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  1. Copper IUD does not prevent pregnancy, its blocks the fertilized egg. This sometimes fails and implantation occurs. That's why many religious people will not use this as its main defences is an abortificant.

  2. That's so scary I've never had kids xc and I have the copper iud for like almost 2 weeks and my first ultra sound to make sure it's placed properly and I'm diabetic now I'm bit anxious I don't want it to come out and it's supposed to prevent pregnancy ._.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this has happened to you…. šŸ˜” The reason I found your video is because the same exact thing is happening to me. I had the Paragard IUD for two years. I am pregnant and as of right now, I am bleeding heavily after having a few days of mysterious spotting that I know can't be my period because my cycle is like clockwork. Ovulation was a little while ago but I should not have my period yet. I spotted with brown kind of old looking blood which made me wonder. I started kind of suspecting that I may have pregnancy symptoms, but was thinking "impossible I have the IUD." turns out I am/was pregnant. today I started bleeding so hard and heavy it hit me like a freight train almost instantly today. lots of clots and dark red bleeding… I am scheduled to go to my midwife tomorrow to have the IUD removed, and to get checked out, but I know in my heart it is too late…. there is nothing I can do at this point. if only I had listened to my instincts that something was wrong a few days ago maybe I could have prevented it. just hoping I don't need a D&C or anything like that…. in alot of pain and of course I am just at a loss…. I appreciate your video very much. it helped me to know I am not alone. wanted to also let you know that YOU are not alone either. again I am very sorry for your loss….

  4. So I am getting ready to get some kind of IUD done. The first thing my OB said was "The only 100% effective birth control is to not have sex." Then she went forward and told me about the IUD's and gave me pamphlets. So basically she was telling me that even with the IUD and tubal ligation, there is a chance of getting pregnant. I think that really put things into perspective for me…that even if I do get this done, a baby is possible, just a lesser chance than if I wasn't on some kind of BC.

  5. I'm so sorry you went thru this as well i lost my baby until 17weeks with iud copper as well šŸ™

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss. I found out I was pregnant at the end of April. I had the cooper IUD as well. I'm glad you have a positive support system!

  7. I am so sorry:( I have been through 2 miscarriages. it's so hard. love you. so happy your husband has been by your side and you have support.

  8. I am so glad you have your family with you for support. And I am even more sorry that you have to go through ANY of this. But, you are right, you are not alone. You're Aunt Melodee had an IUD and got pregnant. There was no Ultrasound then, so an abortion had to be done. It really hit her hard. The other person who had a miscarriage I only learned about MANY years later. After giving birth to a healthy girl, than a boy, she had a miscarriage. I know it hit her hard. It was almost two years later that they tried again. But I am very thankful that my Mom and Dad did not give in and give up. Emotions abound and they throw you way up and smash you way down. Hold on tight to your family and ride it out. You have my love, thoughts and prayers. Take care of your family and let the take care of you. Please keep us updated whenever you can. Love, Dad.

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