Pregnant woman in Spain diagnosed with Zika virus

While Brazil, already in the midst of Zika
outbreak, faces the grave challenge of preventing further spread of the virus during its Carnival
holiday that begins Friday… and further down… the summer Olympics in August….
the first Zika infection has been reported in Spain.
The pregnant woman had recently returned from a trip to Colombia.
The Korean government, meanwhile, has advised those who have travelled overseas within the
past month not to donate blood. For details, here’s Kim Mok-yeon .
It’s thought to be the first such case in Europe.
The woman is said to be in her second trimester of pregnancy and was under medical supervision.
She’s described as being in good health, but details on the condition of her unborn child
have not been released. The woman is now among the seven people identified
as having Zika in Spain. Spain’s health ministry has moved to reassure
the public,… saying all the cases were contracted overseas.
International efforts to cope with Zika are ongoing in various fields, especially in the
tourism sector. Italy’s largest airline Alitalia says it’s
offering a “no penalty fee” for pregnant women and their fellow travelers who wish to change
flight schedules or cancel their trips to countries affected by Zika.
Destinations where the Zika virus has been found include Brazil and other Caribbean and
Latin American countries. Korea’s land ministry has also announced that
pregnant passengers will temporarily be exempt from flight cancellation fees if they have
tickets to Zika-affected countries. Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and the nation’s
low cost carriers will not receive any cancellation fees for flights scheduled from February 1st
to April 30th. Jin Air and T-way Air have further expanded
the scope of the exemption to routes to Bangkok and Phuket, Malaysia’s Kota Kinabalu and Vietnam’s
Ho Chi Minh. Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

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