47 Replies to “Pregnant Woman Shot In Stomach And Indicted In Her Unborn Child's Death”

  1. I believe some pregnant women use their pregnancy to initiate altercations with the notion they won't get hit.

  2. Why get pregnant by community dack in the first place? Why fight over any unfaithful partner in the second place? Why would you need a gun to defend yourself against a pregnant woman in the third place? 😨

  3. Easy, when you are pregnant you dont initiate physical fights, you walk away, because shit like this can happen.

  4. Now the baby is dead as a result the relationship with the father she was fight for is done. And on top of that she has a charge with manslaughter.

  5. Everyone take a moment and see another perspective as to why this case is so important and vital to our country at this point and time.



  6. Not that the death of her baby was punishment enough or anything, so why don't we just drive the knife in, rub salt into her raw, wounded uterus and charge her with the demise of her unborn baby, after all she's not human is she? Sometimes I feel like we're still in the pre 1834 era. The only difference between then and now is that back then, they objectified and dehumanised you through ownership and physical whippings and lynchings, whereas (because all those other stuff are now illegal), today's dehumanising process is upheld and reinforced through their penal, judicial and corporate systems….oh and the press!!

  7. It doesn't matter if she started the fight (poor choice). The other girl knew she was pregnant and an argument/fight over a man isn't a life or death situation that warrants you firing a gun. Throw those hands and move on.

  8. “Had a RESPONSIBILITY at 5 months to her baby”

    Yet a month ago Donkey’d Alabama abortion block law


  9. Fighting over community dick. They both need to be indicted BC it is obvious that she wanted to kill the baby. She shot her in the stomach. Why aim for her stomach?

  10. How can you shoot n unarmed person in self defence. So that means all those police officers that shot unarmed black men that wouldn’t resist they way they wanted are right. You Americans are allowing this fucking bullshit. Protest black people

  11. But for her acting a fool and starting a fight with someone, her baby would still be alive. If you’re the aggressor, then you take the brunt of the consequences if something goes wrong. Her ass deserves to get locked up for being so careless with her baby’s life.

  12. So you can shoot niggaz that’s tryna beat you up? 🤔 #WhereTheyDoThatAt But the pregnant girl shouldn’t play the victims either. But she also shouldn’t be charged with manslaughter. She should be charged with assault and do a year in jail, 3 years probation. The girl who shot her shouldn’t have any charges on her. The death of the baby was an accident.

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