Pregnant Woman Shot In Stomach Charged

a 27 year old woman in Alabama she's been charged in the shooting death of her fetus although police admit she was not the shooter so let me try to break this down she was pregnant another woman shot her and now she is charged in the death we just had her picture up there her name is Marcia Jones of Birmingham and she was five months pregnant back on December 4th right when an argument broke out between her and another woman outside a Dollar General the fight which police said was over the fetus's father led 23 year old Ebony Jamison to shoot Jones in the stomach now Jones did survive this shooting but it resulted in a miscarriage and police did charge they attempted to charge Jameson the shooter but the grand jury didn't want to indict so the grand jury did not indict her at the time police alleged Jones started the argument and Jameson shot Jones in self-defense so Jones started an argument and Jameson shot her Pleasant Grove police lieutenant Danny Reed told a grand jury at that time would consider charges for the mother as well so that's kind of when this whole thing started out this lieutenant Reid went on to say it was the mother of the child who initiated and continued the fight which resulted in the death of her own unborn baby and all of those are keywords to kind of what how they like to change the narrative when talking about pregnant women in Alabama very specifically um now we have some word from Amanda Reyes she's the executive director of the yellow hammer fund that's part of a nationwide umbrella ad this advocacy group excuse me saying here the state of Alabama has proven yet again that the moment a person becomes pregnant their sole responsibility is to produce a live a healthy baby and that it considers any action a pregnant person takes it might impede in that life birth to be a criminal act and going on to say tomorrow it will be another black woman maybe for having a drink while pregnant and after that another for not obtaining adequate prenatal care so that's more of that statement there she has been indicted the formerly pregnant woman unfortunately because of another woman pointing a gun at her stomach and shooting her she is now in jail on a $50,000 bond last I was able to check and the grand jury in this case decided to indict this woman right here so not the woman who actually pulled out a gun and so it even broader here that you starting an argument with someone should it doesn't mean it's okay for them to shoot you this is Jeff yeah yeah and I think what Reyes is pointing to is really the key here which is that people have been linking the stringent abortion laws that started in Alabama I mean there was a version of that in Georgia but in Alabama there was an all-out abortion ban – the way that pregnancy is being criminalized in this situation but Reyes is saying this woman is black likely a working class person and held on a 50-thousand dollar bail so it got me thinking that the way that we were talking about the push for an abortion ban was really about people fearing a white genocide and return to nativism but the the other thing that they get out of this is an expansion of the prison industry they get to build up an industry that continues to have a $50,000 bail not supposed to be punitive no not at all and she's gonna be held until she gets she can pay that bail she's likely not gonna be able to pay fifty thousand dollars so she's gonna be sitting in prison when I don't know at what point she got indicted she might need medical care she says forced miscarriage I mean there's so many elements to this story as you were saying there's the self defense element which again maybe is really ludicrous that you could shoot somebody in the stomach and then you're the one who gets charged and it's it's the it's all the elements of that criminalization especially poor folks poor women of color yeah yeah I mean it's crazy I mean we you you had the I think it was the attorney there sketching out the next couple steps have looked more to be criminalized and I think it's totally plausible you know the because ugly Handmaid's Tale that's what our society is right now when it comes to those sorts of things but this is also a story of guns I I feel the need to point this out in every instance people and the NRA love to say that you know guns don't kill people people kill people that the gun is irrelevant take the gun out of the equation and that might be convincing until you look at any individual case and you try to explain why the outcome would be the same without a gun so the idea is if the first woman hadn't had a gun the second woman the pregnant woman would have what killed her with her bare hands right it would have been an argument because she started an argument right it would she allegedly started an argument so without the gun it would have continued to be an argument yeah worst case scenario someone would have gotten slapped or punch that's how fights work when you do not have a firearm that makes it very easy for regular people to kill other people or in this particular case to cause a miscarriage the $50,000 bond the fact that her life white might well be over terms the time she's gonna spend in jail that was only brought to you by guns yeah but I do think this is this is the important point the gun is not being criminalized clearly it's the fact that I know I'm saying it's creating these situations it's creating the situation but in this situation the person with the gun is not the one that is being held accountable it's the person who had the baby that put themselves in the situation to be killed right but I think this points to something else which is interesting so this happened December 4th couple months later is when the stringent abortion ban gets passed right so what this is telling me and something that we should look out for when we're talking about policy and changing gun laws are changing any of these laws is that culture shifts happen before policy shifts right well for sure and so what the culture and passing these type of laws or I mean passing or in dining people for these type of crimes or criminalizing people's activity is leading up to a culture where it's okay to pass an all-out ban on abortion because you know the interesting thing that the article that you pulled from said is that about Alabama leads in the nation in terms of charging mothers for pregnancy crimes yeah you know one is chemical engagement of a child so should you take any drugs or drink alcohol you could be charged with the crime if you're pregnant and in fact that's one of the advocates here who's been quoted in the story said you know next thing you know a black woman takes a sip of alcohol and she could be arrested while she's pregnant yeah this is absurd I just keep thing this poem and she hasn't even you know been given the opportunity they kind of grieve what happened to her and they want they think she belongs in prison yeah for manslaughter yeah and expect to hear a lot more of these in the future yeah absolutely the TYT Plus app is now available on iOS and Android download to get more TYT content at TYT dot-com / app

39 Replies to “Pregnant Woman Shot In Stomach Charged”

  1. There is nothing strange about this. If multiple criminals attack someone and one gets killed in the commission of the crime; their partners-in-crime get charged with their homicide.
    If a criminal takes a hostage and the hostage gets accidentally killed by the cops; the hostage taker is charged with their homicide.
    If a parent brings a child with them to commit a crime and the child gets killed; the parent is charged with the homicide.

  2. One needs to both be an American and a Christian in order to understand this. For anyone else, this is is insane.

  3. I have a Ned Stark mindset;those that set the punishment should have to deal it/witness it. I'm sure if these judges had to actually see their punishment they may be a bit more lenient. Just kidding this is America right ?

  4. Dear America, your police acts violently toward ethnic minorities, and you dare call yourself a tolerant liberal country. I feel sick 🤢

  5. So what the black corrections officers prosecuters judges in Georgia should charge a white woman hold the white woman ransom until they let this black woman go that's basically what should happen black people should have their own areas with police and prosecuters where that can conspire against white people since they gathered against us

  6. This pregnant woman was attacking ebony. It wasn't an argument, she shouldn't have been there in the first place. It's her job to protect her child.

  7. I don't know the case,…will look it up though.

    I can imagine (regardless of how tragically it ended) that the pregnant women was the assailant and that indeed the alleged victim was afraid enough for her life that she shot her.

    I can equally imagine that the alleged victim was the perpetrator of this attack and maybe even targeted the baby she was carrying on purpose,…making it a premeditated murder and attempted murder all in one.

    The witnesses say things that don't particularly help the pregnant women's case though, but again, I'll look into it.

    There must be a reason why the local PD wanted to press charges against the alleged victim/shooter in the beginning right ?

    Anyway –

    Great report Brooke👍.

  8. When all is said and done, this baby is dead because the babies mother is an irresponsible thug who violently attacks other people in the street: End of.

  9. Um, morons, it’s comparable to her drinking alcohol, doing drugs, bungee jumping, or anything that would endanger her baby. Understand?

  10. I mean if she was driving reckless and got in a wreak and killed her baby she would be charged too. Just like if she was holding that baby in her arms starting a fight with someone else. That's totally on her. She's a shitty mom.

    I've seen pregnant girls at school lose their baby because they start fights and think others will go easy on them. That's not how self-defense works.

  11. Wow Alabama is back to be the most stupid state in the union, sorry Florida you're only second now. Way to go.

  12. The way these pricks framed this story sickens and offends me. What kinda "news" org talks like this? Its unbelievable how blatantly racist these people are, treating blacks like retarded animals and whites like animal abusers. How can you sleep at night knowing youre turning your own people against each other?

  13. In Alabama if you are in a fight, you can get shot and the person who did the shooting can argue it's reasonable, no matter the circumstances.

  14. My goodness, that baby got lucky. I couldnt imagine having a mother thats willing to use a child/pregnancy as a human shield. What a monster

  15. In all the worst case scenarios, this is even worse than I imagined. I don't care if she started the fight, she didn't shoot herself in the stomach. Holy shit.

  16. The only way this makes sense is if the pregnant woman was about to kill the other woman and shot the pregnant woman as self defense. Not just pointing a knife or something like that, i mean if she already stabbed the shooter before the gun was pulled as self defense.

    Besides that being the case, ya'll in Alabama are completely retarded. So glad I am not an American when i see situations like this. At least reason still exist in other parts of the world, but left the US behind for a long time.

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