Pregnant woman shot, loses baby.

the mother and father shot we’ve learned the mother was pregnant and lost her baby this happened at an apartment complex overnight but detectives were still there tonight they just left and still aren’t telling us how this happened good evening to you I’m Eric Vaughn Hank and glad you’re with us we want to get right out to new Six’s jury ask it live at the Los Robles Apartments on Silver Star Road in West Orange County Jerry what are neighbors there telling you Eric I tell you first off a very sad story happening here in Pine Hills neighbors left wondering what happened here and why this all happening as you mentioned as a pregnant mother and her boyfriend at last check that would they were shot in at last check are in stable condition but that mom was seven months pregnant but her child didn’t make it tonight neighbors are trying to make sense of tragedy after investigators say a couple was shot here at these Pine Hills Apartments Robert cologne lives nearby and saw this massive crime scene when he got off work last night it was like cops everywhere crimes like crime tapes everything and even today a crime scene van was on scene tons of evidence markers and this apartment window was shut out Colome said his sister heard the commotion around 11:00 last night she heard gunshots and stuff she said it was like she heard it was a drive-by was a quick like spatter and stuff and then like the car left deputies told us today two people were shot a woman who was seven months pregnant and her boyfriend deputies saying their unborn child was killed but are not yet releasing info on what led to last night’s shooting it happened here at the Los Robles Apartments in Pine Hills we also know from deputies earlier in the day at this same complex a man robbed a second guy attacked him then stole his cell phone investigators saying the suspect was eventually caught as he tried to leave this complex we all really have no words just man you need to be safe out here men start thinking about each other and stuff and keep it like that with one piece yeah very very sad story deputies not yet releasing the victims names in the shooting or the robbery both happening here yesterday in addition it’s not related and we’re also working to find out more about a motive for both of those incidents we’re live in Pine Hill was in Orange County New Jersey asking new six we’ll post updates on Clicquot as we get them Gerry thank you

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