Pregnant woman stabbed on bridge thanks her hero

OVER AND OVER ON AN OKLAHOMA CITY BRIDGE. SHE LIVED TO TELL HER STORY. NEW TONGIHT. SHE THANKS THE HERO WHO SAVED HER LIFE. KOCO’S MECCA RAYNE HAS THEIR REUNION NEW AT 10. “You’re welcome I’m glad you are ok.”– hugging and meeting HOW DO YOU BEGIN TO THANK SOMEONE WHO SAVED YOUR LIFE. Very thankful … WITH HUGS AND PURE APPRECIATION … THAT’S HOW KATELYN POWERS DID IT. YOU MAY REMEMBER HEARING KATELYN’S STORY IN MARCH. SHE WAS EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT, WHEN SHE WAS STABBED ALONG I-35 NEAR I-40. HER ATTACKER, POLICE SAY, WAS HER BOYFRIEND CHRISTIAN HILLARD. THAT’S WHEN OKLAHOMA GUARDSMAN SGT. KEVIN PAINTER JUMPED IN. Sgt. Painter He was actively attacking her and my thought was this aint right, something has got to happen. Flash Sgt. Painter I pulled my vehicle between them and he stopped. I almost hit both of them trying to get between them. She came to the driver’s side of my vehicle. A TWO LIVES SAVED THAT DAY, THANKS TO A MAN WHO WAISTED TO NO TIME TAKING ACTION. We are trained to deal calm, you have to react.

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