48 Replies to “Pregnant woman who was shot in the stomach indicted over unborn baby's death”

  1. Bet it was all over the last piece of spicy fried chicken and buscuit left over in the box…..
    Popeye's butter buscuits are to die for.

  2. Attacking someone while pregnant for what why did she do it and why did you not have her on you’re doing a story on her but didn’t interview her????

  3. The child dodged a (metaphorical) bullet by not being born to that psychopath. What kind of mother chooses to get into a fight when she is pregnant?!

    …And i see Alabama is living up to its name… who charges a woman for being shot???

    …And, abortion rights activists are choosing to back her??? What? Why? I mean, sure. She shouldn't be allowed to have kids but she definitely shouldn't be a "symbol" for anything.

    This is just a big layer cake of stupid. Half our population should be sterilized.

  4. Wait… You had to shoot a 5 month pregnant woman in self defense… Did she have a weapon in her hands? I must be missing something here.

  5. This is a complex issue.
    Whats not in doubt though is that this was a scenario that didn't warrant a gun and got made worse by its use. Regardless of legality.
    A gun should only be used in extreme situations. Having a fight with a unarmed woman in a parking lot doesn't count.

  6. Keep the commandments and come back to our God. We are the children of Israel. You are not free, we are prisoners of war with Stockholm Syndrome. You are in the land of your captivity. Wake up, Yasharalah.

  7. Keep your eyes open for information about how much of a criminal scumbag the woman is which they always leave out of these stories

  8. The shooter should be the one with this charge, not the innocent unarmed mother! This makes about as much sense as anti abortion activist logic.

  9. So, when are we going to arrest every mother that has ever drank or smoked while pregnant? Abortions are one thing but this is getting completely ridiculous.

  10. Lesbian feminists spinning false propaganda, In order to make this incident into an issue, to make money and promote their agenda.

  11. It is no diff3than if she instigated the fight with the baby in her arms. She attacked another person viciously and kept attacking

  12. Sheez beez DINDU nuffinz muffinz.
    Sheez beez a goot ger.
    Sheez beez finna beez onzez herz wayz tuh choych kollige an sheeeeeit.

  13. I guess we should round up every
    pregnant woman who drinks alcohol ,
    Smokes cigarettes,does drugs,etc etc etc……

  14. The cops are right, her actions were reckless, that is involuntary manslaughter. There are hundreds of videos on Social media showing ignorant woman starting fights while pregnant, while holding a baby, while someone else has a baby or pregnant. This behavior needs to be punished. its one thing to believe in equality there is a whole other thing about accepting ignorance in your society.

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