21 Replies to “Pregnant Women are Smug by Garfunkel and Oates”

  1. Every time one of my friends posts a “bumpdate” I should comment using this… and then immediately unfollow them!

  2. i posted this on my facebook for a laugh and got instantly attacked by women (one who was pregnant LMAO) had to end up deleting the status cuz people were going mental. IMAGINE THAT. fuck facebook anyway.

  3. Seeing these comments makes me understand why comedy is the way it is today. It had a good run, and maybe it'll come back someday

  4. I think you believe I just shit myself……But Donald assures me that the truth isn't true, so I didn't just shit myself.

    You did.

  5. In case anyone missed the point: You are all internet fuckwads.

    None of this matters, you are all wasting your lives.

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  7. I was going to use this song to announce my pregnancy to people but decided some people might not get it 😂

  8. I know young parents that never transitioned out of the smugness once the baby was born.
    Ugh. Just….ugh.

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