Pregnant Women Get Adjusted Too! | Chiropractic Adjustment at 18 Weeks of Pregnancy

hey everybody dr. Llewellyn dr. Taylor here at one life chiropractic and Gulf Coast ultra-slim in the office today we have mrs. Jennifer here one of our best friends she happens to be pregnant and we want to go over some of the adjusting techniques that we do here in the office and dr. Taylor here is going to take over and show you guys alright guys so a lot of the questions that we get asked are do we do prenatal care what are the benefits of it and what's involved with it yes we do prenatal care so answer that question what's involved with it there's really not much difference to adjusting women that are pregnant all we have to do is as the stomach gets bigger we just alternate how we adjust just a little bit some of the techniques but it's really just plain and simple as the stomach gets bigger and goes through pregnancy it starts to really pull on the back muscles back here and the lower back it will pull on the hips and it will even pull up here through the mid-back so a lot of times women will start to try to arch to contract these muscles to counterbalance the weight that's going to be in the front and that can lead to a lot of lower back aches and pains some women may even get sciatica which can go down either one or both legs so taking chiropractic care through your pregnancy is going to benefit you so very much in the overall lower back pain and the aches and fatigue and all that stuff that can come along with it so basically I'm just going to walk you through a normal adjustment so Gina's gonna step up here just lean forward her stomach right now is small enough to where she can continue to lay on her stomach at a certain point she will probably get a comfortable doing and we have special pregnancy pillows that we put underneath her to cushion her stomach right there which will pretty much bring you all the way up through 38 to 39 weeks of getting adjusted so again not real bad right now at all so she's pretty comfortable she hasn't had a lot of main issues right now she's about five months somewhere close to there right four months 18 weeks 18 weeks so she gets adjusted regularly anyway so this is just kind of a normal checkup for her so we just check her feet we check her hips just like we do any normal patient right this is the poiicy pillow FYI so what we're really feeling for is just restrictions and the hips any lower back muscle tone change or anything along those lines right there so late on your left side for me Jen as your body goes through changes and you get into the third trimester your body releases a hormone called relaxin which starts to make your ligaments fill loosey-goosey which will help actually it doesn't help it makes the body start to relax and the hips will start to open up and they can get out of alignment much easier which is why it's good to do it under care and that last trimester especially but all we have to do is just roll her down and give a nice little boom and that popped super easy now we roll to the other side it actually pop before I even anything the same thing here we just come down to the restricted area and get some nice pops there lay on your back for me so now our low back is back in alignment the restrictions are free Ernests can do whatever they need to do and basically we walk our treatment program through pregnancy kind of like you will with your OBGYN we'll start to see you like once every three or four weeks from the beginning and then as you progress through and you start to get bigger in the stomach then we will drop to every two weeks and then in about that third trimester it stays about every two weeks and then once we get to about 34 and 35 weeks it goes to once a week and then you have the baby it's really clean that simple guys now granted care is proven to help with easier deliveries with less back back and neck pain and whatever else you know that women go through I don't know exactly necessarily I've seen my wife go through it twice but anyway she had two great deliveries – a great pregnancy she had very little pain we're hoping that we can provide the same options for Jen if you have any questions about prenatal care and chiropractic feel free to ask for versa you know comment below subscribe to our channel if you want to see any other videos like that Thanks

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