Pregnant Women Share Pregnancy Horror Stories

natural birth is embarrassing hi my name is Steph I am 25 weeks pregnant and I’m about to tell you a pregnancy entire story during the first trimester which is usually like the worst trimester in terms of morning sickness which is not in the morning by the way it’s all day I don’t know what it was about being pregnant this time around but there was like something about the smell of my kid that just made me want to vomit every time and she’s very attached to me and she loves like sitting on my lap and she wants to be near me all the time so I would come home from work and she wouldn’t be watching TV and she would want to sit on my lap and I would literally just be like I can’t let me see if I can figure out how to describe the smell it was kind of like old formaldehyde if that’s like even a thing and it was like just permeating from her head was grassy and it wasn’t like a dirt thing like we would give her full baths and I would like scrub her head with shampoo and conditioner like really nicely scented and it’s still I was just like I can’t smell you I’m like I love you but I can’t smell you but you know you can’t say that to a three-year-old so one night my husband was out of town for work so it was just me I was like solo parenting and she was going through this phase of like not wanting to go to sleep and so I was like rocking her for like a couple of minutes and then I was like I literally I can’t do this I can’t I was like you have to go into bed and she was like no and she’s like clinging to me I was like no you have to go into bed like I can’t I was like I’ll sit in the chair and then now I’m getting just sick because I’m pregnant now I’m sick I can’t smell her I need to get out of this room I can’t sit in this chair with her to let her fall asleep and I’m just like I’m trying to rationalize with a three-year-old at like 10 p.m. and I’m like you need to go to sleep and she’s like I don’t want to sleep I got tired looks like everyone’s tired and like I’m at her door and she’s like out of her bed now we’re like having this argument at her door I’m like arguing with a child and wanting to just go to the bathroom and so finally I’m like I can’t hold this anymore and so I go the bathroom and I throw up which stops her dead from crying and screaming and everything and she’s literally like why did you just throw up and I’m like I am sick this is what I’ve been arguing with you about I don’t feel well so it’s like this whole back and forth and then finally I like I just sucked it up because I need to get the hell out of here so I just like scooped her up and I like sat in that chair and I just rocked her and because we had already been arguing for probably like almost two hours she passed out and I was just like thank God and I put her in bed and like here’s the other thing is the sleep sucks when you’re pregnant like all the time so it’s not even like I got a good night of sleep after that it was miserable but thankfully now I could smell my game hi I’m Eva girls I’m 25 weeks and I have a pregnancy horror story to tell you this is my second baby or in my second pregnancy first time around was really really a breeze it was really easy I was never nauseous no throwing up it was the perfect pregnancy this time around the first trimester was really really hard I was nauseous everyday but I hadn’t thrown up like even part of me I wanted to throw up to feel better but I didn’t I didn’t get to that point it was just like this constant nauseousness a few months actually before in the mail I got a jury duty notice which I had postponed because we were gonna be out of town so I postponed it for a few months ahead in advance and I didn’t realize that when I would postpone the jury duty that I would be three months pregnant so I’m like okay I can’t get out of this one this one actually said you have to attend like there’s there’s no way you can postpone again so I’m like okay great first trimester nauseous all day have to wake up super early go to downtown let’s make it happen though we got to do it so I get there and they start asking who needs to be excused today is there any reason any specific reason so I’m looking around and I’m like I’m feeling so sick and I’m like there’s no way I could I could be here all day long and then what if I get picked if I’m here in a trial for a week it’s gonna be miserable so I decide to go and get excuse they asked me what was my excuse and I’m like well I’m pregnant and I’m super nauseous I didn’t want to have to use like the pregnancy card but I’m like there’s no way I could do this luckily they understood so it was time to walk back I left I was super happy I could go back home and rest and relax and as I’m walking back to the car I’m like oh I’m just not feeling good maybe I just need a snack I have a snack in the car perfect I get to the car and immediately I take one little bite out of my snack and I had to open the door and I just threw up all over the place and I couldn’t believe I could actually finally happen but I felt so much better after like her weight lifted off my shoulders and I was crazy McDonald’s which I never eat McDonald’s so I went drive through it to McDonald’s and I had my baby nigga cheese biscuit and I felt amazing I didn’t want to use the pregnancy card but I needed to get out of there and then part of me thought oh I threw up because I used that and maybe I should have stuck it out but I just I needed my own good I’m Jessica and I’m eight and a half months pregnant and I’m gonna be telling you a pregnancy horror story so I’m pregnant with my second I’m a stay-at-home mom to a rambunctious little toddler and the thing that I never thought about with having a second is how many doctors appointments you have to go on with your toddler pregnancy appointments are already kind of draining and hard but when you add a toddler into the mix it’s ten times harder most recently we were at an appointment and my doctor was running an hour and a half late because he was delivering a baby which I understand like I’d rather have him focus on delivering a baby than checking my blood pressure like it’s fine I’m good bye my son was all over the place so he was playing with like all the you know contraptions the like uterus models and the IUDs that I’m trying to keep him from like sticking an IUD in his arm which is super fun when you’re like half dressed you know you have like a cloth over the bottom portion of you you’re trying to keep your kid from running out the door and it’s it’s a lot with every appointment pretty much you have to pee in a cup so people that aren’t probably – probably don’t know that but you have to go in and pee in a cup like right away so yeah I mean you take your toddler into this bathroom dragging him along with his cars and his iPad and snacks and drinks and then you’re trying to write on a cup and do all that fun stuff and keep it sanitary which is super hard obviously in a bathroom and then you’re sitting there squatting you have a huge stomach so getting your arm you know into the toilet is already a lot harder so yeah I’m sitting down I’m trying to find a comfortable squat to pee in a cop that I’m holding below a giant enormous stomach and I look up and I lock eyes with my toddler and he’s staring at me the entire time I’m filling a cup asking me what I’m doing narrating everything I’m doing that’s the best part about a toddler by the way is having them narrate your entire day especially the stuff that you don’t want them to narrate and this happens every couple weeks again just something that’s made a little bit more stressful by being pregnant and also taking care of a toddler at the same time hi I’m Mya 300 week pregnant actually 37 and I have a horror story for you I’m a personal trainer so I can deal with pain I feel nothing you can bring it on and with my first kid I felt nothing all the stories the water will break you will feel contractions nothing nothing and then exactly my due date at nighttime I felt like mm but that’s it I’m fine and then like 10 minutes after algae I’m fine and my husband looking at me honey you don’t look good no I’m fine delusion then he took me to the hospital so I walk into the hospital and everything is quiet in the movies you see women screaming cry and I came to the front desk you know to check in myself again kind of feeling fine from nothing hi I’m here to help and from zero to hundred I was screaming and all the nurses were scared of me my doctor was just booked a c-section he was busy in a c-section so they sent a midwife like a doula someone that would calm me down try to calm me down and the nurse tried to go by you know by the protocol so she tried to measure and she tried to see how how far am i and then the doctor just come for one second and he’s screaming at the nurse she’s having a baby what are you measuring there’s the sheet is out take her to delivery room and my doctor is really hot he’s like he’s gorgeous is George Clooney ER he’s like he’s coming with the lights are on him when he’s walking to the room every time you need to check me up I need to watch myself not just me all the women in this clinic they’re like doing their nails before a point man and the hair becoming like ready so he walks in and I’m I’m the monster and then he told me just push this he’s really calm you know he’s a hot guy he’s really cool George Clooney just come on okay push and I ate something in the morning and there were no time so push I can literally hear him saying no don’t push that push again it’s the most embarrassed thing you can ever imagine natural birth is embarrassing I lost my dignity [Music]

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  1. Basically my whole 8 last weeks were a horror story I had to get my contractions stopped twice but the thing is i was getting strong contractions everyday for hours. Like it was so bad I had to go to the hospital 2-3 times every week and the nurses knew me by name. The machine they used to measure contractions goes up to 120 and they were at 50 but nothing was happening just pain. Then my doctor went on vacation the week I was supposed to get induced. I had a 24 hour labor with 3 failed attempts at a Foley ball and I was in so much pain that my reaction(screams and crying) scared my second doctor who was performing all of it and he got emotional and teared up and after that he didn't go back into my room. After that I only saw him at my c section and he wouldn't look me in the eyes. I got my water broken. The doctor got squirted with my fluids. and I had to get a csection. But in the end I got to meet my 9 pounds 14 ounces baby boy that I love so much.

  2. Had a pregnancy scare a week weeks ago. I’m only 18. My period was kinda late and i was spotting, which isn’t normal for me. I went to the doctor and took a test. It was negative. A million google searches later and I didn’t trust the test. Waited another week, took two tests both negative.

  3. I had just gotten out of my 4 mnth drs appt …my dr getting mad at me cuz I kept loosing weight n I never gained becausei threw up everything I ate n smelled I simplycudnt hold anything in as much as I tried …. so I decided to go to subway n maybe if I ate my favorite food it wud stay down… a few bites in I was feeling great n then I decided to drink my prenatal n my calcium n iron pills I felt like I was on a roll but then I felt it….everything trying to come back out…. I looked at my mom sitting infront of me n my husband sitting at my side n sed "I'm not gunna make it" I quickly got up trying to run for the front door while my husband gets up trying to race after me but as soon as I get around the table I threw up everywhere on the table on the floor on myself n on the chairs but to top it off for some reason my first reaction was to catch the vomit to try n keep it in but I had my folder where I kept all the papers I'd get from my dr in this folder n it was covered in vomit as well…. n right wen it happened 3 new customers walked in….so at this point I'm crying telling the workers how sorry I am that I wud clean it up I'm just very pregnant I tried running out but I cudnt make it so my mother was trying to clean me up while I tried cleaning up the floor n chairs trying to help my husband but then he tells me to stop bending that he wud do it ….at the end we cleaned as much as we ud with the paper towels they handed to us n told us they will handle the rest…. so embarrassing but thank u to those very nice works for understanding …morning sickness lasted till I was 7 mnths ….it wasnt great for me but now I have a beautiful baby boy 💙 WORTH IT.

  4. It does seem super hard to have a toddler along but…. why would they make you be already half-naked if the doctor hasn't arrived yet? like let the woman rest jesus

  5. Im 27 weeks pregnant right now. I was super sick the first trimester and had motion sickness from the car ride to work and literally all my coworkers saw me throwing up in my work parking lot 😂 so embarrassing

  6. It was probably the products that are made for kids that made you sick. There are certain ingredients that are used in them that really make kids smell different. I remember when my baby brother's hair smelled really chemically sweet, just like…. Johnson's baby wash.

  7. Dear people producing videos at As/Is: If you don't give an exclusive series for Yaya's stories, you are missing out in an amazing business opportunity and probably a promotion at Buzzfeed.
    With love: The audience in this video that is dying of laughter.

  8. I couldn’t stand my husband breath when I was pregnant oh my god. Could smell it from a different room and wig the f out

  9. My mom experienced the same thing with not being able to smell me when she was pregnant with my little sister. She would shampoo my head SO HARD I would have to tell her it hurt so she would stop lol she just kept telling me that I smelled bad to her lol

  10. These are not horror stories. Wanna horror story….. I've been pregnant twice, my first was when I was 19 the pregnancy went ok but I had 2 weeks to go and I started to bleed…..hard. I was young and scared and thought I was losing my baby. I went to the hospital, was put on the monitors and was watched. My baby heart rate would drop and he was going into distress, which would cause me to go into distress and it becomes a circle of his heart rate would drop then mine would drop and so on….they told me that they would need to take him and now! I thought he was dying. They told me that I needed a C-section. So at 1 am I had my 9lb 4oz baby boy. Happy and healthy. Nothing was wrong he just got to big for me to carry which caused the placenta to tear. And this was my first pregnancy. My second pregnancy is a whole nother horror story. But in this video these are not horror stories.

  11. The last story had me dying laughing!!! 🤣😂 That would be my luck, too… 🤣🤪

    I don’t want to spoil it for the rest, but it’s a MUST watch! Bahahah!!

    I’m so happy she shared that story! It made my day! Thank you mama! 💗

  12. I’m so glad I can’t have kids at this point, and I’m starting with adopting teenagers, no dirty diapers for me

  13. "pregnancy horror stories" 🧐 nah bro these are normal pregnancy stories. Try ALMOST DYING because of a blood clotting issue, organs shutting down, no platelets and almost no red blood cells left in your body (chance of bleeding out from like anything), and the only treatment/cure is delivering. THAT is a horror story.
    HELLP Syndrome Survivor

  14. I honestly love this I really want to see more videos on this topic because seeing them laugh about it all makes me less nervous

  15. W h y would you want to flirt with your doctor?? Just let em do their job, they gonna be checkin out your anatomy anyway, don't make it weird.

  16. I felt similar to the second lady i was so nauseous but didnt throw up till one goooood time.. n craved mcdonalds !

  17. I'm 16 weeks and luckily the only thing that really I can't stand the smell of is deli meat. My husband eats it like crazy and I get so sick to my stomach.

  18. Yeah. That 0-100 is that great thing we call transition 😁. I went from calm, cool, and collected to grabbing my husband by his collar and demanding that he HELP ME!! LOL

  19. Pregnancy horror story: Becoming so depressed you contemplate killing yourself because it feels PHYSICALLY Impossible to live another day feeling like that.
    Pregnancy horror story: Becoming So depressed after birth you stay up for 43 hours straight crying and screaming. You are admitted to the hospital and you can't stop thinking about how you'd be better off dead.
    I will never become pregnant again. The thought of being pregnant again terrifies me. I don't want to feel that way ever again.

  20. I’m pregnant with my first baby.. I’m having a baby girl. Let me tell you this pregnancy has been horrible. Ugh the constant crying over nothing, the throwing up everyday, the intense cramps from round ligament pain ! It goes on but I still find myself being completely inlove with my baby girl and knowing that it is 100000% worth it! I’m only 18 weeks though! So I’ve got more coming lol

  21. As a mum of 3 kids ages 5, 3 and 1.5 years old I’ve experienced most of these horror stories. I worked through my contractions with my daughter and couldn’t really tell. I ended up giving birth in the front seat of my car at the gas station BY MYSLEF!

  22. Don’t try to apply mascara while listening/watching this video 😂 you‘ll become panda when person 3 and 4 comes around….

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