Premature Birth Complicates Case Involving Ex and Fiance (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Smith v. Brooker.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Smith, you are here
in court today because
you claim a miscalculation during your pregnancy
has left you unsure
about the paternity of your 4-month-old son,
Lemontrae. Now, today you hope
to determine whether
your ex-boyfriend or the defendant, Mr. Brooker,
fathered your child. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Brooker, you’re Ms. Smith’s fiance. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay,
and you’re one of her son’s
possible fathers. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) Yes, Your Honor. You admit you’ve
had doubts all along. Yes, Your Honor. And your “detective work”
has left you with
questionable evidence. Yes, Your Honor. All right, so, Ms. Smith,
explain to the court why your fiance
may not be your
child’s biological father. Well, Your Honor, me and
Lemontrae met back in college, last year, but at that time,
I was with my ex-boyfriend, so I knew I couldn’t talk
to Mr. Brooker. So, when me and my
ex-boyfriend ended up
breaking up, I talked to Lemontrae
and I invited him
to my birthday party. And then, after that,
a few days after,
we had sex. (AUDIENCE MURMURS) So… And then, once that happened,
I was really starting
to like him, and be interested, and, a couple of weeks later,
or next month, in September, I felt, like, sick,
so I decided to take
a pregnancy test. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. And, so, it came
back positive. So, the next day,
I actually went to the doctor
and I confirmed it. And that’s when they gave me
my due date of April 9th. Okay, so, now, Mr. Brooker,
is that an accurate account? Well, yes, ma’am.
Basically, everything
she said is accurate. We met through school,
she invited me to her
birthday party. After that, I was really
digging her and whatnot. Everything else…
It flowed through time,
we got together, We did our thing,
blase squase, um… “Blase squase?” Excuse me, yes, ma’am.
All right, that means… Everything was rolling… BROOKER: Everything
was kosher, yes, ma’am. The relationship was
going well… Yes, ma’am. Nothing eventful.
Got it. Yes, ma’am. Through time, she came up,
well, she was in, the, uh… She was in her car,
at that time, and I was home. And she sent me a text saying
it was important and
she needed to talk to me. And I was like, “Okay.”
And I’m laying down,
and she said, um, “I just went to the doctor
and I found out I was
six weeks, instead of eight.” (AUDIENCE MURMURS) And, I’m like… My heart dropped.
I was like,
“Oh, my God.” So, I was like,
“Okay, cool. All right.” So, we got in person
and we talked about it. She said it may
be a possibility.
She was sure of who it was, and she said
we were the only two… Me and her ex were the only
two dudes that she was
with during the time. Okay, so she was open
with you about that? BROOKER: She was open
and she was honest
and straightforward and I was cool about it
and it was understandable. So, now, you and
Lemontrae Jr., you know,
this is your son. You have a bond, now, right? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And, how are you
feeling in terms of…
Aw, what a beautiful picture. Have you all started doing
father-and-son things, and… Oh, look! (SMITH CHUCKLES) AUDIENCE: Aww. JUDGE LAKE: Oh,
now that is such
a cute picture. BROOKER: We like to
talk in the morning. JUDGE LAKE: You like to talk? Yes, we like to talk
in the morning. What do you all talk about? (STAMMERING)
I have no clue sometimes. You don’t know what
he’s saying. (ALL LAUGHING) I know,
that’s so good, though. I love it when they start
rambling, you don’t know
what they’re talking about. But that’s beautiful.
So you have a bond
with this little boy, Yes, Your Honor. he has your name,
you all are engaged. Yes ma’am, we plan
on getting married
in September. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) (BROOKER AND SMITH LAUGH) JUDGE LAKE: That’s wonderful. So, now, Ms. Smith, talk to me
about this miscalculation. What happened? SMITH: Well, the thing is, I went to three
different doctors. The first one I went to,
and they told me, “Well, yeah, you’re about
eight or nine weeks pregnant.” And they did it by the chart,
so that led back to my ex. And then, that next week,
I went and I got a
blood test done, and they said just about
the same thing,
eight or nine weeks. and my due date was April 9th. And that’s the reason
we’re here. So, when you went
to the doctor… You have evidence here? I have evidence. Jerome, please,
pass me that evidence. I wanna understand this. Right. And you brought a calendar
to explain this? Yes. Please, step up
to your evidence. And let’s see. Okay. This first one
basically shows… Oh, boy. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) The time I stopped having
intercourse with my ex, which was July 17th. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Okay, in September,
these are the days
I actually went to the doctor, and they gave me a due date
of April 9th, and they said I was
eight or nine weeks pregnant. Right, which lines up with the
first two pieces of evidence
you submitted here. Correct. So, first two appointments
you’re feeling like it’s
likely it could be the ex’s, and you’re telling
Mr. Brooker that, too. SMITH: Right. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
okay, now what happens? So, this is where
it gets confusing. (BROOKER CHUCKLES) I was stating that
me and Mr. Brooker
had sex August, on the 14th. And then that’s when I went to
the doctor again on the 24th. And they gave me
a date of May 13th. And, at that time,
I’m like, “That corresponds with
the time me and him
starting having sex.” (AUDIENCE MURMURS) Oh, so now, at your
third doctor’s appointment, which this piece of evidence,
this is a picture from
your ultrasound. After they actually do
the ultrasound,
they give you the due date of
seven weeks later, May 13th. Mm-hmm. And then when you count back,
that date of conception is in line with the time
you were with Mr. Brooker. SMITH: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Wow. You have two due dates
that far apart. SMITH: Right. One, April 9th,
and the other one,
May 13th. That’s a pretty big
discrepancy. You’d be questionable too,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So, all right.
First two appointments,
April 9th. Third appointment, May 13th.
When was Lemontrae born? Lemontrae was actually born
March 12th. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, my goodness. (AUDIENCE REACTS) He was born premature,
he, um… He was born two months
early because I have an
incompetent cervix. So that kind of prevents me
from holding the child inside
so they had to do a surgery. And… JUDGE LAKE: Well, the question
is, really, though, you said, well, two months early based
on the third due date, but only a month early
based upon the first
two appointments. Exactly. And the doctors, they weren’t
certain whether he was one
or two months premature. Exactly. Mm-hmm. JUDGE LAKE: Wow. All right,
well, thank you for that,
that exhibit really helped. The court wanted to understand
how this type of discrepancy
can happen, so the court is calling upon
an expert witness, and Jerome,
if you would please escort
Dr. Jameelah Gater. She’s an M.D.
and board-certified
in family medicine. I’d like to call upon her
and ask her
a couple of questions. JEROME: Watch your step
going up. GATER: Okay. Hello, Dr. Gater, thank you
so much for joining us today. Hello. JUDGE LAKE: We have
a situation here, and we needed
expert testimony. So, have you reviewed the
paperwork we submitted to you
and her evidence? Yes, I’ve reviewed
the medical records. Can you hold up the calendar so we can understand this?
Thank you. All right. So, Dr. Gater,
as you can see,
on July 17th, is the last time Ms. Smith
was intimate with her ex. GATER: Yes. Now, on August 14th, was when she was intimate
with Mr. Brooker. Correct. First due date she got
was April 9th. GATER: Yes, correct. The second one, seven weeks
later was the date. How can that happen
and why does that happen? It actually happens more often
than you would think. At Ms. Smith’s first visit, she basically was given
a potential due date
of April the 9th, and that was based off of
her last menstrual period
of July the 3rd. However, as she testified,
her periods are irregular. So when you’re basing it
off that information,
it can be very inaccurate. At the third visit,
she has an ultrasound, which clearly dates her
at seven weeks pregnant. So the doctor revises
the due date to the date in May,
the 13th. And that’s because
a first trimester
ultrasound is gonna be the most accurate way that
you can date a pregnancy. And so that would make
the date of conception
in mid-to-late August. Which then points towards
Mr. Brooker being the father. GATER: Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Wow.
And so, at the point… Unless she was intimate
with someone else during
that time period. SMITH: No. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Smith,
tell us now. No. ‘Cause we got all these
calendars going, if we got to
add something else on here, tell us now. There’s no adding.
That’s it. Okay, so. Now when
the baby’s premature… Yes, it further
confuses things. So I can understand why
everyone’s confused
in this situation. But the ultrasound
is very clear, she was seven weeks pregnant
at the end of September, which puts the date
of conception in
mid-to-late August. All right, well, thank you
so much, Doctor,
we appreciate your testimony. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Jerome, will you please
escort Dr. Gater? JUDGE LAKE:
So, that was a lot. And so, because of this,
Mr. Brooker, you had doubts. I had doubts, I did,
but at the same time,
um, like I told her, through the time we were
together, I actually ended up
falling in love with her. So… JUDGE LAKE: Oh, you did? AUDIENCE: Aww. BROOKER: Yes, ma’am. Regardless whether the result
came out of the baby
was to be mine or not, I was gonna be there.
I even gave him my name. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE:
Aw, that’s wonderful. So, throughout the pregnancy,
you were there? BROOKER: Yes, ma’am. Did you go to doctors’
appointments? Yes, ma’am. SMITH: Some of them. It was… Some of them,
because, like, at the beginning of them
I didn’t go to because, I didn’t know until
she called me after
the third appointment. And I gave him my name
but I didn’t sign
a birth certificate because of the DNA test. So, Ms. Smith,
throughout your pregnancy, with these due dates shifting
and everything going on, what were you telling your ex?
Because he thought
he was the father at least a strong potential,
right? SMITH: Right. So what were you telling him? Well, I let him know
up front that, you know, Trae could possibly be
the father, but he was
really upset because it would’ve been
his first child, and that would’ve just made
him happy, but he said that, if I, you know…
Whatever happens,
he wanted to be there, he wanted to be supportive,
so I was like, “Okay.” But at the same time,
he was sad.
But at that time… Did he go to doctors’
appointments? SMITH: Yes. Oh, did you all go to
the same ones? Oh, nah. He just went to
the first three. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) JUDGE LAKE:
I was about to say, “Now, this is very big
of everybody.” (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) He went
to the first three… The first couple ones, yeah. Okay, so when it was
pointing towards him,
he went to the doctor. SMITH: Yes. And then when the arrow
started pointing towards you, you started going. Correct. JUDGE LAKE: Who was at
the hospital when
the baby was born? I was there. He was. JUDGE LAKE: You were there? Yeah, birth ain’t
what women say it is,
but I was there. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Birth ain’t what? It’s not what women say it is,
but I was there. AUDIENCE MEMBER: What? So when the baby was born… I know you’re happy
that the baby’s here, but, I can imagine you
were thinking in your mind, “Now what date
does this go with?” SMITH: That, and,
“Is he okay?” and… It was a lot going
through my mind. JUDGE LAKE: I could imagine.
So now, you really are like, “I gotta have a DNA test.” Correct. And so, what do you do? Well, uh, my cousin
bought a test for me. I took it there
to the hospital… So your cousin brought an
at-home DNA test? Yes, ma’am, and… Okay, and… But the baby wasn’t
at home yet, right? No, ma’am, he was
still in the hospital.
He was in the NIC. For a whole month. And I swabbed him,
like, the first… In the NIC Unit? Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE GASPS) They let you do that? BROOKER: Yes, ma’am. He was only two days born. (AUDIENCE GROANS) So the baby was two days old
and you bought a home DNA test (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) and went into the
Intensive Care Unit… Yes, ma’am. And what did the nurses
and the doctors say? Well, she said that
it wouldn’t be all that
accurate and whatnot, but she said some of the tests
work, some of the tests don’t.
And I… She advised us
not to do it. I did it anyway… And you knew he was
going to do it? Yes, I was there
when he did it. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! He wanted to do it,
so I’m like, “Okay,”
cause I was sure, I’m like, “Okay,
he’s the father,
I wanna let him do it.” But the nurses was like,
“Oh, we wouldn’t
advise you to do that, “wait till he’s
a little bit older.” JUDGE LAKE:
So the nurses told… I’ve got evidence for the… Let me see the evidence,
Jerome. So these are the results of your at-home test. Yes, ma’am. It says probability of
paternity, 0%. JUDGE LAKE:
What did you think then? BROOKER: That’s still my baby. JUDGE LAKE: You did? BROOKER: Yes, ma’am. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE:
So, Ms. Smith, you say you don’t believe
this test was accurate? No, I don’t believe that. Because I feel like
he was born early, and the nurse advised us
not to do it, so that’s why I don’t believe
that it’s accurate, and I want
to get another one done. But you just wanted to know
right away? I wanted to know, and I wanted
to know also for the baby. I feel like he deserves
the truth, regardless… JUDGE LAKE: Yes, he does. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE: You’re right.
You still believe he’s your
biological son in your heart. BROOKER: Yes, ma’am. Even though the probability of
paternity on this test was 0%. Correct. Correct. And that’s why you’re here. Yes, ma’am. And Ms. Smith,
you’re convinced as well? You truly believe this is
Mr. Brooker’s child? Yes. All right. I think it’s time for
the results. Jerome,
the envelope. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they
read as follows… In the case of
Smith v. Brooker,
as it pertains to
4-month-old Lemontrae Brooker… Mr. Brooker… In the case of
Smith v. Brooker,
as it pertains to
4-month-old Lemontrae Brooker… Mr. Brooker… You… Are not his father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) (JUDGE LAKE SIGHS) I’m sorry to have to
deliver that news. It’s okay.
I’m still gonna be there. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) (SNIFFLES) Ms. Smith?
What are you
feeling right now? (EXHALES) That was not
what I was hoping. It’s all right, baby. AUDIENCE: Aww. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) JUDGE LAKE:
I am really, really proud of how mature you all
have been through
this situation. It has been confusing. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) And Mr. Brooker,
I cannot say enough how much I commend you
for being a stand-up guy and just stepping up
to the plate, despite the confusion. All right, I wish you
the best of luck. Take care
of that beautiful baby boy. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS) (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) We’re gonna go forward.
I’m gonna be there,
I’m gonna be his father. And nothing’s gonna
change between us. We’re gonna go forward with
our day-to-day life like
nothing really ever happened. He will have
to know the truth. They both will have
to know the truth. But as far as that, um… Like she said,
we’re gonna live day-to-day. And we’re gonna go through it.

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