Preparing For A C-Section: Woman's Hospital: Baton Rouge LA

hi my name is Kelly and I'm a labor and delivery nurse here at woman's I'm going to give you a few instructions on how to prepare the night before your cesarean delivery the night before we ask that all of our patients take an antibacterial shower an example of an antibacterial soap is Dial soap that's the soap of choice after you take your shower we'd like you to put on clean freshly washed clothes also a few things that we'd like to remind you of is what time to be at the hospital your physician will give you a pamphlet and let you know that we typically like you to be here two hours before your scheduled delivery time this is so we can adequately prepare for your delivery also we ask that you have nothing to eat or drink eight hours prior to your delivery if that means if you are if you're a scheduled section is for eight o'clock we ask you to have nothing to eat or drink past midnight we also ask that you leave all of your personal belongings at home that means if you were scheduled section you should remove all of your body piercings and jewelry we have no place here at the hospital to store those valuable assets next the morning of your surgery we ask that you take another antibacterial soap Dial soap being the soap of choice if you have it again you put on clean freshly washed clothes once you arrive here at the hospital you're going to arrive in our main entrance then you will be escorted to admissions and from there you'll be escorted up here into labor and delivery where you'll be prepared for your section one more bit of information we ask that only two people come into the room with you for the section congratulations on your pregnancy and you're going to have a wonderful experience here at woman for more information visit woman's dot org

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