5 Replies to “Preparing for a Supernatural Childbirth Without Fear and Pain”

  1. I’m 38 weeks pregnant. Due to deliver my baby in 10 days time. I’ve been listening to this book since the 3rd month of my pregnancy and been memorizing the verses and prayers and building up my faith just only a month before. Praying for a pain free supernatural birth that will glorify the Lord. And tell the world we have a supernatural God 😍 Been watching all your videos for a while now. Love them

  2. I wish I could have gotten that book and read it for my pregnancy. I'm 40 weeks and 1 day now. But regardless I'm still going to trust Jesus Christ and pray that he takes my fears away. Please pray for me to have a supernatural childbirth and live without fear through Jesus!

  3. My experience (1 miscarriage, and 3 successful natural births) fear will produce pain! My 3rd birth, the birth of my son was probably the most supernatural I've experienced. It took me a long time and many, many hours seeking the Lord to eliminate that fear. For some it may happen faster, but for me, it took that time for my faith to grow and ask for those things with total confidence.

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