Preparing for Baby: Washing Newborn Clothes

hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I am going to be doing a preparing for baby video and so this is M what I'm going to be doing today is washing baby's newborn clothes and so it's going to be washing with the first wash and here we use non bio detergent and so I have laid out everything that I have in size newborn and again I don't know if my baby's going to fit into newborn and but either way most of these are bought as gifts so I have to try and so I will show you what exactly it is I'm going to be washing I might have to do two washes because there seems to be a lot for the size of my washing machine drum is quite small and so I will show you what I am going to be washing so these top four things here are all baby vests so we have these two here are playing right in long sleeves and short sleeve we have patterned ones here is whipped bunnies on it and then also over here we have Dumbo one and what I found interesting about this is these are from Tesco's and this one here is from pennies and they're both sized newborn but look at the difference between the two of them so I can't imagine these are gonna fit my baby because I have a feeling she's going to be big and but I'll watch them anyways and so it's those all those bodysuits which I'm probably going to wash together then here we have the baby grows so there is nine here in different patterns and so these are like polka dots pink and some flowers these ones are kind of bunny related ones and then these they're these are winter ones they have like polar bears and stuff on it and then we are also going to wash this small outfit this is the only outfit I have and it comes with some socks and I'm hoping this is going to be her coming home outfit and so all of these things I am going to be washing before I actually put on the wash em I am going to do a washing machine detox and so basically Robert M is a mechanic and he his clothes would have some oil on and so we do rinse it after we do his wash em but just in case and there is I think a tiny bit of a smell I am going to be using these eco egg and wash clever detox tablets so basically before I'm going to put in the baby's clothes I need to run this wash em and make it a little bit of a healthier cleaner environment in that washing machine for EM the baby's clothes all of my best and baby grows in here because there actually is a good amount of space and I'm going to be using press online bio and fur my wash so we just need to scoop it out so I'm just gonna use em at it to my drawer up and I'm going to wash them on a thirty degree because they're not soiled at all so 30 degree here is number eight so click it over to number eight start and off we go so our washing machine is done and I'm just gonna hang them on this a clotheshorse so um yeah this is where I'm going to dry them and I don't want to put the baby's clothes in a dryer and not at first anyways but I will come back when I have this all stacked up so there you have it guys this is our first baby clothes wash I have to say it is so strange taking baby clothes all out of the wash machine and hanging on this clothes hers and it's just so strange seeing it because we're just so used to like big people adult clothes and so it is extremely extremely strange so that's it for today's video guys and my hope and you enjoyed it it was just me preparing our newborn baby clothes for our baby that is coming on March 21st and so thank you so much for watching if you're new don't forget to subscribe if you liked it give it a big ol thumbs up and I will be back with you soon bye

7 Replies to “Preparing for Baby: Washing Newborn Clothes”

  1. i'm 27 weeks
    is it too early to wash everything?

    i will be moving close to my due date that's why i want to wash & pack away


  2. I remember doing my first load of baby laundry for my son. I loved doing it and folding all the tiny things!

  3. Nice video. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant due March 23 and will soon be washing my newborn clothes as well.

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