Prevent Miscarriage with SafeBaby

Hi there, Scott Martin from Advanced Fertility
Success. Today I want to talk to you about a really
important formula we have, and something that’s really close to the heart of every woman that
gets pregnant. And the formula that I want to show you, what
we are talking about is SafeBaby. This is our prevent miscarriage formula. What is its job? Prevent miscarriage! you’ve put all of this
hard work, all of this effort into getting pregnant in the first place, for some people
it is very very challenging only to find that within the first 6 or 7 weeks the pregnancy
is not going to continue, its heartbreaking stuff, its terrible stuff. We don’t want that to happen, nobody wants
that to happen but in reality up to 40% of first time pregnancies result in miscarriage. In fact the miscarriage rate in the natural world are uncommonly high. We can do something about this and so can
you. This is what we have, our SafeBaby formula
here, prevent miscarriage. Its entire job is to help feed the baby the
way it is supposed to and half of the formula is designed to do that, the other half are
ingredients that have been traditionally found to, if the baby is threatening to miscarry
to actually soothe and calm the baby and hold the baby in place. Its an excellent formula, it has been working
for a very very long time, we have our brand of it, it is very effective and if you take
it, it can help you with your pregnancy. This isn’t the only thing we use to help with
pregnancy. RPM energy booster. We put these two together, this is the most
potent combination we have for preventing miscarriage, RPM Safe Baby. Why do we put this with it?Around about that
6 – 7 week mark is when there is a nuclear explosion that goes inside that baby, it is
time to put the foot on the accelerator and it asks the body, “Body are you prepared to
keep growing this?’ Now if it is struggling to deal with you on
a day to day basis, to get you up and go to work, be a mother, be a wife, do everything
that you have to do in your life and grow a baby at the same time. if its having a hard enough time running you
its not going to grow your baby. We see this in nature all the time, if momma
bird has four chicks but she can only find enough food to feed two, two chicks are going
to die. This natural selection goes on in nature all
the time and it goes on inside your body, if you body is not capable or doesn’t have enough energy
to keep growing your baby, it will drop it, it will choose you over the baby every single
time and you don’t have a choice, you get no call in the matter at all, your body will
decide that for you. And that is why it is so important to add
RPM energy booster. Because when that baby puts its foot on the
accelerator and says I need more energy, you’ve got it. So Safe Baby and RPM, our miscarriage combination. If you want to secure your pregnancy and have
a live birth, use these. It is a very small investment, consider the
amount and time in investment you have put into getting pregnant in the first place. Please consider. Thank you very much for listening and have
a great day.

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