Prevent Postpartum Depression Course Intro

this is an online course designed to give you the specific skills and strategies that will help you not only manage the transition to becoming a parent but actually enjoy it and thrive my goal is to help you to understand some of the things that you can expect that are going to be changing in your body your mind your emotions and give you specific skills and strategies to move through it my name is abby bird I'm a therapist and licensed clinical social worker in San Diego California and I have been blessed with a most successful private practice I work one-on-one primarily with women helping them go through life changes this is something that has been super rewarding to see on an individual basis I'm known in my community for perinatal mental health which includes the depression and anxiety that can come during pregnancy postpartum during parenting and after I work with people through perinatal loss and through all sorts of challenges I've been very successful in helping people actually prevent an episode of postpartum depression and anxiety so what this means is you don't have to wait till you're having a problem you don't have to wait till you're diagnoseable don't really like diagnosing anyway what we can do is actually find a way to prevent things from getting that bad if you'd like to join us please do I think you'll find it helps you

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