Preventing HIV transmission in Breastfeeding

Each year, 200,000 infants are infected with
HIV from breastfeeding This mostly occurs in sub-Saharan Africa HIV positive mothers often have no safer alternative but to breastfeed Nipple shields are existing devices which
are used by mothers to aid the breastfeeding process We’re making a small adaptation
to this, where you place a replaceable insert inside the nipple shield, which deliver active
agents into the milk which prevent transmission The nipple shield could be used to deliver
many different types of compounds The World Health Organisation now recommends
that infants should be given antiretroviral drugs throughout the breastfeeding process,
as a form of prophylaxis, if the mother has no safer alternative but to breastfeed The nipple shield offers a simple method to deliver these ARVs to the infant We are designing the nipple shield to be safe,
discreet and affordable, so that it can be integrated into the communities we intend
to help Our hope is that the nipple shield might have
many different uses, to deliver, for example, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals to infants
not just in Africa, but throughout the world This project is still in the early stages of research, but one day I hope it will have a big impact on combating HIV

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