Prima Donnas: The birth of the three Donnas | Full Episode 2 (with English subtitles)

I can’t thank you enough for allowing yourself to be the surrogate mother of our child. We will forever be indebted to you. I was ten years old when Lady Prima adopted and sent me to school. And Maita was not in the picture that time. You will not only have one child. You will have triplets! You did not just fill my shortcoming as a mother. You also let me feel how to be pregnant. And it’s not easy. Ma’am, because of your support and care, I am able to manage my pregnancy. It’s as if you are taking care of the babies yourself. I had high hopes on winning Jaime when they can’t have a child. Isn’t the couple’s relatationship suffers when they can’t bear a child? And now, what? They will soon have children? I should have done this long before. But it’s not yet too late, Jaime. Kendra… Choose me instead, Jaime. Please. Choose me instead. I cannot just ignore what you did. I will make sure I will let you out of this company because I don’t want to see you anymore. Jaime, do not do this to me. You are fired! Now, get out of here. Victor! Ma’am? I don’t care what will you do about this. But I want Maita out of Jaime’s life. What is that? I think something has exploded, Agaton. Where did it come from? Sir… The rest house is burning. Hurry up, Agaton! My daughter, let’s help Ma’am Maita! Leave me now! We will not leave you! Save yourselves! Save the babies! Ma’am… Get out of here! We will help you. We will leave here together! No, I cannot leave here. Save yourselves! You might not get the chance to leave if you will help me! Save the babies! No, Ma’am! Do not say that. We will leave here altogether! Give this to the babies! Do not forsake them. I will give my whole life for the babies. Leave now! Let’s go, my daughter. Leave now. Ma’am Maita… Let’s go. Mother… I need to save Ma’am Maita. No, my daughter. We cannot go back inside! Mother! Your babies will need you! Let’s go! We can’t go back, my daughter. We better go! Remember the babies! Agaton, hurry up! Ask some help from outside! Hurry up! Yes, Sir! Maita! Maita! Maita! Lilian? Maita! Lilian! Maita! Maita! Lilian! Maita! Maita! Maita… Help! Help! Love…
Stop saying anything. We will ask for help. We will ask for help. I love you so much. You and our babies. I love you so much, always remember that. Agaton! Maita… Maita… Maita, please hold tightly. Agaton! Agaton! We need to ask for help, Daughter. Mother, maybe we need to go back to Ma’am Maita. We cannot go there yet, Daughter. Didn’t Ma’am Maita say you must take care of the babies? Mother, she needs our help. We need to go back there. It’s not advisable, Daughter! We cannot go back! Just let her be. To shall we ask for help? Is the exit far yet? Right there, Daughter. Right there. We are almost there, Daughter. Let’s go there. We will ask for help. Bro, I assume you are happy now. The mansion has already turned into ashes. Bro, don’t forget about my commission. What’s with you?
You are too eager. We can’t leave yet. We need to be vigilant so we can be sure nobody survived the fire. I don’t want Kendra and I will soon have problems. Mother… We are almost there, my daughter! Help! Mother, they have a gun. Help! Open the door! Hurry up! That’s the pregnant woman! She should be one of the fire victims! Stop! That’s a gunshot! Where did the gunshot come from? Was that yours? No.
We are also looking for it. There’s really a lot of bad people here. It’s better if you must go home. You might get involved. Let’s go.
We better go. They are inside the truck! Let’s follow them? Hey! I think I am about to give birth. Just a little bit of patience, my daughter. We will look for a shed. Just a little bit more of patience. This is all for the babies. Some more patience, my daughter. Mother. Mother, I think I cannot bear it anymore. I am about to give birth. Just right on time. We will stop here at the cemetery, my daughter. Right there. Little bit more patience, my daughter. We are almost there. We are almost there. Little bit more patience Right there. Let’s walk slowly. We are almost there. Let’s walk slowly. We are almost there. Just a little bit, my daughter Push, my daughter! Over here! Help me out here! Sir Jaime! Help me here! My daughter, there are two more! Go ahead, my daughter! Over here!
Help me here! There’s one more left! Push some more, my daughter! Help me! You can do it! There she is, my daughter. This is now the last baby. Let’s carry him! All right!
Hurry up! Someone is giving birth! Sister, they need for our help! My daughter has awaken now. Thank God. Daughter, there’s porridge here. Come and eat. This will give you energy. Slowly. Slowly, my daughter. Here. Eat up. You know what, there is a house for rent here. I talked to the owner if we can stay and pay later on. Our neighbors are all kind. They offered food and things for the babies. They also helped us while you were giving birth. Mother… How about Ma’am Maita? Was she able to survive? Because if not… The babies do not have a mother anymore. My daughter, it’s you! You are also their mother! Mother… I promised Ma’am Maita and Sir Jaime that I will take care of their babies. But I need to give them now to Sir Jaime. Please call Sir Jaime. The babies need him. I tried. I used the telephone at the store outside. But the number Sir Jaime gave is out of reach. Mother, the babies need Sir Jaime. I cannot just let them stay in a place like this. You need to regain your strength because you lost a lot of blood. But I need Sir Jaime’s help. I know! But you cannot do all that if you are still weak. One thing more, you are not sure what danger awaits us. Like what happened to us earlier. My daughter, think of yourself first, and your daughters as well. Why, Jaime? Up to the very last minute, you are still thinking of Maita. You still chose her in the end. I did not mean this to happen, Jaime. I am really sorry. You know, I love you so much. You know what… You will recover. You will recover, Jaime. Maybe, this is meant to happen. Maita must be gone so that in the end, someday, you and me will be together. And that would be the best day ever, Jaime. Sorry. Sorry. My dear daughters, once your mother is well, and able to move, I will go to your father. My dear, did Ma’am Maita and Sir Jaime tell you what name you should give them? No, Mother. What names you will give them? Mother… The necklace! It’s in my… It’s in my dress! All right. Wait for a second. This one. Donaria? Do… Mother, what about Donna? I will name them Donna! To all of them? No. You are Donna Marie. Because you came out first. You are my eldest. Donna Marie… While you are Donna… Donna… Donna Belle? Because you are my second. Donna Belle. And you are… Donna… Mother, it’s Donna Lyn? Donna Lyn. Because you are the youngest! Donna Marie! Donna Belle! Donna Lyn! Beautiful names, my daughter! I am your grandmother! They are equally beautiful, Mother. I am your grandma! There. Oh, it’s cute. You did not fix this one. Jaime’s head was hit very hard. His brain is swollen which damaged his Reticulating Artificial System or RAS. RAS is a part of the brain that is responsible for awareness and arousal. That’s why Jaime is in comatose. We need to closely monitor his condition. Doc, when will he be awaken? I am sorry but I cannot tell you right now. Let’s just wait for the results of his other diagnostic tests. But I need to be honest with you, Kendra. The patient is in bad condition. Sefa? What? Sir Jaime is in comatose? Yes Lilian. Ma’am Maita is dead now. I am back to my old place. I am here in the province now. Do you happen to know which hospital Sir Jaime was taken into? Why did you involve Jaime? You know… I am sorry, Ma’am! But you did not tell me that Jaime was there! But you should have executed your plan when Jaime was not there! And now, Lilian saw all that happened! What are we going to do now? She saw you! You were identified and I will be dragged into this as well! We checked the house of Maita but they were not there. And Sefa, Maita’s nanny? She suddenly disappeared. So, what not? Are you you giving up? So, I will do it myself? You are lucky! Because the client who recommended you, it so happened that he owed me big time! I hired you because I thought you are skilled! You are just wasting my time! Do not worry, Ma’am. We will monitor the hospital because she might visit Sir Jaime! And with Lilian, worry not. I will not stop looking for her. It’s just right! So she is your next assignment! Are we clear? Kendra! Why did you not call me immediately? I am sorry, Lady Prima. You see, I settled lots of things. First of with Jaime. Then Maita and her wake. But I was able to talk to the doctors. They said they are doing their best. Are you sure what happened was an accident? That’s the result of the investigation, Lady Prima. Sir Jaime, I was able to give birth to your daughters. They look like you and Ma’am Maita. They are all equally beautiful. Sir Jaime, there were two men who fired a gun toward me and my mother. They looked like they wanted to kill us. I don’t know who they were. But I am sure, your daughters’ lives are in danger. Sir Jaime… Sir Jaime, please wake up now. Your daughters need you. Have you seen any shadow of Lilian? I have not, Ma’am. Be thankful the crime was clean. What you did appeared to be an accident. But we can’t be complacent yet. Don’t you think what happened to Jaime is helpful to us? You told me he fired you from work. That he is mad at you. But it’s not justified that you involved him. And by the way, don’t mind on my strategy. Do your job. I’m sorry. I’m looking for Mr. Jaime Claveria. He’s no longer here. Do you happen to know which hospital he was transferred at? As far as I know, Ma’am, he was taken to another country to continue his medication there. I have no idea how to be a mother. But I will hold on to the three of you. You will be my inspiration. You will serve as my strength. I will give you three days to be able to pay for your balance! Otherwise, you better look for another place! Jaime? I brought you some noodles! Mother? Mother!

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    Smallyoutuber…one like nga jan hihi

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