20 Replies to “Pro-abortion Feminists Lose Debates on Campus”

  1. I hope people who support planned parenthood also know Margaret Sanger and the reason it exist. To exterminate the black population. And that one lady "do you know how abortions work " like yes it's inhuman to pull out limbs and suck a babies brain out. Every life is precious even the unwanted . No matter how big or small.

  2. “you don’t have a uterus so you don’t have a say” the dumbest statement ever made. it takes BOTH a woman AND a man to make a baby. men have all the day in the world. we need some women standing up there with them

  3. You know what’s stupid…, using the term “pro abortion” to define pro choice. Really, who is “pro” abortion? I was faced with the choice of aborting at 16 years old, but I never even considered it a choice, and I am pro choice. I do not believe in later term abortions, but I do not have to walk in the shoes of someone else, nor do I live with the consequences, nor do you! Truly, I believe that birth control, male vasectomies, 5 year patches are necessary, and then abortion would be minimized. Funny how creepy right winged, evangelicals, and others who like to insert their religion on others feel they have the right to push their beliefs, and dictate what others can, or cannot do. Even overlooking a vile, cheating, lying, unprincipled crook, just to overturn Roe v Wade. It is sick to see how Christians claim to worship god, yet ignore practically every guiding advice, and admonition. You think you are doing something great, but what you are really doing is usurping Gods timeline to carry out his will, and actually positioning yourselves in opposition to him. If the scriptures say for those who follow him to be patient, because he is patient and desires all to attain to everlasting life, but you advocate for putting your trust in man to change things, whom cannot even direct his own next step, rather than putting your hope in your Gods kingdom that you pray to come and crush/ put an end to a man ruled government, then you have absolutely no faith, and will be among those who will be gnashing your teeth. If you know your bible, you may recall those in the end times who become indignant and angry because they saw themselves as advocating for God by what the self declared as many powerful works when Jesus declared that he never knew you. If there is a god at all, and if he does not approve of abortions, then when he is good and ready, “HE” would put an end to it, and not “ye of little faith” who want to rush him to carry out your will and not his. Pathetic, fake Christians, and your holier than thou, pompous, judgmental deep sinning.

  4. "Safer than a coat hanger. I'd rather lose 1 life than 2." I hear that a lot. If out of desperation a woman sticks a coat hanger way up there to kill her baby without knowing what she is doing, then let's the chips fall where they may.

  5. How old do I have to be to join your group? Can it be a summer volunteer!?😂 But in all seriousness, I hope you reply.

  6. Ok so what about the women and their doctors who are facing the death penalty for having/performing abortions? How can you be “pro life” and “care” about the lives of babies but not fully formed adults. Dumbasses

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that pro baby killers are irresponsible delusional people. They will use man made laws, that men have no say when the sperm that gets women pregnant comes from a man. All to justify why it’s ok to kill an innocent baby that didn’t ask to be produced. If it’s your body why wouldn’t you be a responsible human being and use protection?????

  8. 1:05– Have you ever heard of Adoption Agencies?! There are MANY women who would love to have children, but are sadly unable to. Place your BABY (not fetus) with them!

  9. The left wants to kill babies.. the right wants to protect these babies.
    Sorry you lose the debate right from the start.. shouldn't even be a discussion. Heathens

  10. The fat kid should have been aborted.. he is eating food of 10 other kids…he is making them poor…

  11. Thank you , and you are correct in your reply…! All children are born innocent..! Thank you again and God bless you 🤗

  12. Until the empire stops slaughtering full grown humans all over the world the abortion debate is over.

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