Pro-abortion politicians mislead women about Planned Parenthood

reproductive care including birth control and pre and postnatal care and cancer screening that's why we have to defend Planned Parenthood we don't have prenatal care here planned Paris abortion so they don't offer prenatal care okay just abortions yeah Planned Parenthood has been around for a long time they provide all kinds of prenatal and health care screening for women now we don't do prenatal services I mean it's called planned period I know it's kind of deceiving Planned Parenthood is often the only option for women to get their annual checkup it provides breast exams contraception prenatal care we don't offer prenatal care at Planned Parenthood we specialize in abortions prenatal services gone we actually don't offer our prenatal services were not licensed to do so in Oregon or Washington it was just asking what kind of services you offer for pregnant women pregnant women yeah women who want to continue with the pregnancy yes we don't offer services Planned Parenthood is about providing federal funds for care like mammograms and cervical cancer screenings and prenatal care I was hoping that I could come into Planned Parenthood for a mammogram do you guys provide mammograms we do not provide a mammogram do you have over yuan's here we do not know oh you don't know okay all right you come to me right yeah I think this is the org you know if you were between determination options we could do that as well it's an attack on every preventive health service every safety net everything that you care about whether it's early childhood education whether it's pap smears whether it's mammogram whether it's prenatal care when you're pregnant no Planned Parenthood does prenatal care Oh none of them that leaves hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers without access to essential prenatal care and treatment and that is where Planned Parenthood comes in what pregnancy services do you offer we only offer termination services you defined access to referrals to other hospitals and specialists and you deny prenatal care no we don't see pregnant women as a way of giving prenatal care actually see pregnant women you know are considering other options like what other options like would you see the doctor for at this location yes um so at this location goes to my vision of where these services that we provide through the federal programs are family planning cancer screenings prenatal care so if you're choosing to terminate the pregnancy we can make an appointment at his office but if you're not I'm determining the various agents continue the pregnancy then we would refer you out so I'd like you really don't need to see us here at one here okay go to live-action org slash abortion corporation to sign the petition to defund Planned Parenthood subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

23 Replies to “Pro-abortion politicians mislead women about Planned Parenthood”

  1. What evil liars! How can Planned Parenthood be the only option for me to go to when I get my annual checkup at a place that isn't even planned parenthood?? It's called the Center for Women, and nothing bad EVER happens there!

  2. Politicians don't give a shit about people's needs or doing the right thing. They only care about the money. Why must we be split up by political parties? Should we be forced to conform to fight for what's right? I do not support abortion, but I do support immigration. In terms of voting, I can't choose both, so who's rights do I fight for? Conformity has never done humanity any good. It's about damn time we start to reform politics, not just for immigrants, not just for unborn children, but for the common good of the people.

  3. Hillary& the majority of politicians, are evil to the core.. The lies they sell, are still being bought up.. We don't need any more proof.. The ones supporting this are straight up psychopathic Satanists.. Mass mind control& brain washing, has people who willingly hand their offspring over to be sacrificed… The blood of the innocent cries out.. Justice will prevail! That's where my prayers are at!! They're the truest victim's in every sence of the word.. Blameless and faultless.. Yet so many think this is adaptable and ok..

  4. I enjoy how all the audio clips for pp are mainly just short and say they don't offer anything else when that isn't true. I got a STD and HIV testing there and friends also got birth control there but hey, I suppose just follow this video blindly.

  5. just an FYI, Trump was given millions of his dollars to planned parenthood prior to his involvement in politics. what a hippocrit and a lousy conformist. Defund Trump!

  6. The people at Planned Parenthood should be fired from breathing. Please pack up your things and kindly leave… LIFE!

    I know that a was pretty messed up thing to say, but I'm sorry this infuriates me because our tax dollars allow them to continue their slaughter on babies and flat out lying to everyone. They are sick, twisted scumbags. I'm not saying we should bomb the facilities or anything psychotic like that, but damn…

  7. A lot of people say that Pro Life is anti woman.Every year approximately 40 million babies world wide are murdered through abortion. How many of those babies would have been born female? Which side is anti woman now?

  8. As a matter of a fact, I have been getting a pap smear at Planned Parenthood every year since i was 20 and I am 28 now. the location where i go to doesn't offer prenatal care but will refer women to other planned parenthoods nearby or the local hospital. they are a phenomenal organization. they are the reason why i never got pregnant or had an abortion, a reason why I am on birth control and they caught an std that i got from an unfaithful partner. I, Jenna stand by planned parenthood. ♡

  9. Put the petition link in your description!

    This vid says it all. PP has no leg to stand on. Defund. But I wonder what Blacks think of this? After all PP is on high school campuses and from this, it seems it's to provide convenient abortion services to minors. I don't know of any on campuses that are mostly white kids, or any other. Just campuses that are mostly black… Kind of smacks of genocide to me…

  10. I wish more people would see this video and I hope planned parenthood gets their public funding terminated.

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