Pro-Abortion #StopTheBans Protesters Show Their True Colors (Warning: Offensive Language)

[Applause] okay how about if someone said don't kill puppies and then they say hey you have to take every single okay you want to rape someone now you just said how about if I rape you that's a disgusting thing to say [Applause] do you have a degree in science Bachelors of Science you have without my science yeah so she can kill her child because to get a quarter will you say she can kill her child because she can't afford it yes at least you're honest and say you can kill an innocent child that's called the genetic fallacy look it up online it is a logical fallacy well I know you're not using logical new statements I know you don't care about laughing it's called the genetic fallacy how do you feel about trans men would you want them to carry that for only only women you will be you don't know anything about me are your men can't say something as long as he agrees with you that's a very interesting genetic costume anything but he was gender identity sad here man you said you were home and I am again I would commend them for joining us you don't though they're all saying you'll never be pregnant what they assuming my gender your being yes we are yes we are okay if you like the work we're doing on college campuses changing minds about abortion make sure you drop us a like on this video tell us what you think in the comments below and then subscribe to our Channel be sure to hit a notification bell join our movement to end ageism and end abortion

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