Pro-Choice Turned Pro-Life Here Is Why, The Abortion Debate

so what uh bit you girl career oh my god so I am really hated right now now so since I've come out as pro-life I have gotten a lot of heat a lot of people hate and hardcore friends family co-workers literally people act like they're gonna catch pro life from me it's an issue like people won't associate themselves with me anymore because they don't want other people to think they're pro-life cool I didn't realize being pro-life are so bad but people have been saying to me how dare you become pro-life when you yourself use the choice to have an abortion but it's because of my abortion that I am now pro-life because now I know all the procedures I've been to the facilities I've been to Planned Parenthood have witnessed everything myself and I've researched even my job has said to me that I have to make a whole new Instagram strictly for that job because it is bad for business politics it's just no bueno because then half the audience is gone if they don't agree with you I understand business what aggravates me is that this is something that I deal with every single day of my life because I've experienced this I've experienced abortion so when people say to me Corinne why can't you just stop talking about it let it go and I'm like wait what I don't know if this video is gonna get me in trouble or not I wish I could go back in time and I can't but if I if one girl that's pregnant right now and is scared out of her mind if this video can help her in any way and that baby is saved it'll be all worth it so because I'm a nice lady and I'm not closed-minded like a lot of you think I asked my pro-choice friends on my Instagram to comment on a post saying why they are pro-choice and I got a lot of answers a lot of ones that I figured I was going to get and then a lot that were really heartbreaking and heart-wrenching and sad and this the thing is abortion is not simple it is something that can damage a woman and kill a life so I have a few reasons to why someone may be pro-choice so let's get started number one it's not a baby it's a clump of cells it's a fetus it's not a human being yet most abortions happen in the first trimester why do you care well it's scientifically proven during conception the zygote cell is formed and made by fertilization creating a unique human life it has its own DNA its own blood supply and once fertilization occurs your baby's genes and sex are present it's there it's gonna tell you a dude it's a boy a girl and now people will say well credit still sells it's not a person's right well okay it's a none Brio well in embryo if you look it up which I had to it's an unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development in particular human offspring during the period of approximately the second to eighth week after fertilization after which it usually is termed fetus what's a fetus fetus is an unborn offspring of a mammal in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception offspring is a person's child or children okay so and then people are like okay Corrine that's all great-grand but it's still just a clump of cells it's like this big but the point that I'm making is doesn't matter how small it is doesn't matter if it is an embryo of fetus it could be a baby the reason why it's a human is not only because of DNA but it's also a whole human in the sense that if you give it nutrients the environment to live which is your uterus and time it will develop into a what a human why is it when we find organisms on Mars or life on Mars like cells or whatever we call it a life we're like oh we found life on Mars okay well when I'm pregnant I look like I have Mars but like why is there no life inside me it's just cells confused what happens in the first trimester well 20 days before a woman even knows she's pregnant the heartbeat begins 21 days circulatory system is being formed three weeks the brain spinal cord first nerve cells are being formed four weeks the face develops eyes ears nose digestive tract and nervous system are beginning to form eight weeks it has all the organs that a full-term baby will have the heart is functioning the bones begin to form and at 12 weeks which is usually the time when they say like 8 to 12 weeks is the norm for when a woman gets a first trimester abortion 12 weeks the baby has tooth buds fingernails toenails immature kidneys external genitalia is forming and the fetus can now move in the amniotic fluid and have receptors on its genitals palms and soles of its feet you can say it's not a human but from what everything I just said I mean it's a human next is viability viability should be the standard okay so when you're saying around 22 weeks a baby can live outside of the womb that's when they are human and you cannot abort but the funny thing about viability is is that when the baby is born it's still not viable it can't live on its own you need to use your body to get up in the middle of the night to feed this baby you need to use your body to care for this baby the baby cannot eat drink and change its diaper all by itself it's not viable I mean my three-year-olds are viable she runs around like a nut if I were to leave her here by herself for a whole day she no bueno I would go to jail some may say well before it's viable at like human autonomy self-consciousness and rationality okay so let me give you these examples if let's say a woman needs an iron lung to breathe does she lack autonomy so you can just kill her what about someone's in a coma they lack self-consciousness right so that means you can just kill them or what about a toddler who lacks rationality should you just kill him no so just saying you can kill a baby or fetus before it's viable it isn't justified next one I'm not ready for a baby you shouldn't make me keep it I'm trying to go to school and I need to go to college that's real talk that's real life but that's one of the major reasons why I had my abortion because I wanted to continue my career I thought I couldn't have a career and a baby at the same time but see life is all about restriction of choice on behalf of responsibility we are taught this as kids that for every action there's a reaction you have sex you get pregnant there's your that there it is there's a consequence you got preggers you can't just kill it because of an inconvenience you know what I mean so for every action there's a reaction for every behavior there's a consequence broken down to the simplest form when we make a choice about how to act or what to do there is a consequence sometimes good or bad next one the baby could grow up in poverty the adoption care system is horrible these are just some things that I hear kids would grow up with a disability it has Down syndrome I don't want to put this child in the middle of all this I don't want my child to have a disability well we are not going to fight about the adoption care system or the foster system because we all know that you know we could do better there but because they aren't the best environment doesn't mean you can kill a baby and not give them any chance at all to succeed there are kids and bad circumstances now it doesn't mean you can go to them and kill it I would love for somebody who no I don't want anyone to do this but just like go talk to a child who's up for adoption who's in the foster care system and tell them they were better off aborted they were better off dead than being there that's horrible there are plenty of amazing successful people from bad circumstances like Steve Jobs Tiffany Haddish Rickford let's go who would you do without Ric Flair you can't just kill something because of the environment in the case of rape and incest rape is disgusting it's a horrible act rape and incest it's all-around tragic and horrible pro-life for me anyways I'm like listen you want to make abortion legal for rape and incest and for the woman's house fine I'm okay with that but when I do that I then totally get rid of all of the reasonings to why I want to get rid of abortion because it's still a human it's still a life inside of the rape victim it then gives other people the right to abortion at the same time I don't agree with that because I feel like if you just willingly have sex it's it's different because you it's your responsibility whereas the rape victim she had no say in it at all so a lot of people that stand with the pro-life is that you cannot kill a rapist you know you can't if they get out of jail you can't legally kill them so if you can't kill them why are you going to kill the baby that is innocent and had nothing to do with any of it next one is to save a woman's life no one I've ever talked to you from the pro-life community has ever said that nope the woman has to die the woman's gonna dive the baby needs to live the mother dies we don't care about the mother no one says that we are pro women pro baby Pro everybody so if the woman has cancer and needs to get chemo we don't think that it's aborting the baby if she gets chemo we think it's abortion if she decides to abort the baby before she gets chemo but if she needs to help her body and if that result is that the baby dies it's tragic but you're not forcing the baby out you are not intentionally killing the baby you're using something to help you live so we don't think that's abortion one and anytime a woman is having issues with their pregnancy it's normally towards the end of the pregnancy in the third trimester and with that being said it's actually safer to deliver the baby so if a woman has extremely high blood pressure resulting in toxemia preeclampsia it's most frequently occurring in the third trimester along with diabetes and things like that they can have an early delivery but abortion is not something that you have to do and only 6 to 8% of all pregnancies are high-risk and have complications all right this is my favorite one the Juan is my favorite my favorite favorite favorite what my body my choice bodily autonomy breath well obviously you have a uterus you know those those things are what creates a baby men don't have that so I mean I don't know what to say like that you create children if you do believe it's your body and your choice I'm going to ask you these two questions what do you mean by that are you saying that the the fetus the baby itself is a part of your body that would then mean like it's like kind of like a kidney like it's a part of your body like then you would have 20 toes and 20 fingers and you'd be half boy half girl if you have a boy in there and so that doesn't make any sense to me but this one I can see where people are coming from it doesn't matter if there's a human inside of me I have a right to get rid of it because it's using my body okay so then if you agree with that then you must also agree with these three things abortions can happen at any point in pregnancy zero restrictions it means doesn't matter the fact that it too human doesn't matter because it's your body it has no rights to be in there even though you put it there because you had sex back in the 50s and 60s there was this drug I can't pronounce it and I'm not going to try but it's gonna be right here for you okay so you can figure it out there Monda hide flat a don't mind yep can't do it god I was looking kind of smart just for a minute but it was used for morning sickness but women found out there was actually helping their morning sickness but giving birth defects so or the baby would die so they made it illegal now but if you believe it's your body your choice and that human intense a no it shouldn't be illegal why is it illegal now no it should be illegal because my body like I'm sick I need it morning sickness nausea now this does not compare to cancer so please don't even put that in the equation cancer can kill you morning sickness cannot so also you'd agree with this women should be able to intentionally take that drug if I want to because maybe they have a daughter son that has a birth defect so they want to purposely do that to their new baby that's inside of them because they want them to match I know this sounds crazy but it's you have to agree with these if you think that it's your body your choice people also say I should have the right to refuse to let anybody use my body to live or to be used as life support so the most famous analogy would be the violinist that is by Judith Jarvis Thompson and bear with me because this is gonna take a second and just kind of you'll figure it out you wake up in the morning and you find yourself back-to-back in bed with an unconscious violinist a famous unconscious violinist he has been found to have a fatal kidney ailment and found out that you alone have the right blood type to help so they have therefore kidnapped you and last night the violinist circulatory system was plugged into yours so that your kidneys may be used to extract poisons from his blood as well as your own if he is unplugged from you he will then die but in nine months he will be recovered from his ailment and then you can safely unplug him from you you can now unplug yourself from the violinist even though this will cause his death this is due to the limits on rites of life which does not include the right to use another person's body so by unplugging the violinist you do not violate his rights to life but merely deprive him of something the use of your body to which he has no right if you do allow him to go on using your kidneys this is the kindness on your part and not something he can claim from you as is due for the same reason abortion does not violate the fetuses legitimate right to life but merely deprives the fetus of something the non-consensual use of the pregnant woman's body and life support functions to which it has no right thus by choosing to terminate the pregnancy concluding that a pregnant woman does not normally violate the fetuses right to life but merely withdraws it the use of her own body which usually causes the fetus to die so we can agree no one has the right legally to be hooked up to somebody else right even let's say it's your brother or sister legally we can't force someone to be an organ donor um so we could agree on that right organ donation versus pregnancy is very different because there's responsibility behind it with the violinist story the woman is kidnapped against her will and is hooked up to the violinist this isn't her fault pregnancy though you and your partner had consensual sex that could lead to pregnancy so that is your fault so think of this analogy every time you press a button you get a pleasurable experience right so like imagine like a big imagine a vending machine you go have to press the button you have a pleasurable experience yes this is simple way of explaining sex but sometimes when you let go of the button after your pleasurable moment a baby may come out of the vending machine so a man does it okay he doesn't care he doesn't want a baby but he really badly wants that pleasurable experience so what does he do he presses the button he gets his pleasurable experience and then boom a baby came out oh no should he leave it and let it die he can't because he participated in the act that could cause him to have responsibility of another human now he has to either take it give it up for adoption or kill it that all ties into responsibility but responsibility wouldn't work with rape or incest so here's another thought experiment imagine there's a woman she wakes up in a cabin one day and there was a huge blizzard and she's stuck there and can't go anywhere she's terrified because just three weeks ago she had a baby she goes into the kitchen and finds a note the note says don't worry you're safe and so is your baby there's plenty of food water and supplies for you and the baby including formula for the first six weeks that you are stuck here she didn't thinks oh my god where's my baby oh my gosh where's if the baby is safe like where is he so she goes into the next room when she runs into the room she finds a baby but it is not her baby so she legally have to feed that baby all of the formula from the kitchen if she doesn't feed the baby with the formula the baby will die so she gave his baby the formula what's worse feeding the baby formula or the baby died now what if there was no formula this woman just had a baby so she's lactating should she legally have to feed this baby with her breast milk until the six weeks is up why should I have to feed the baby with my body you know like what that's not fair so then that you a intimacy versus baby dying so what if the note says this if you kill the baby right now you can be rescued immediately can she cut up the baby can she kill the baby what about putting the baby outside he'll freeze to death due to the environment well if you said no both those things you should see what an abortion is because that is the abortion the board the abortion is where they tear the baby out limb by limb or vacuum it out and they take it out of the environment of the womb and it dies so I hope I answered a lot of your questions if I didn't please please comment below I think abortion should be illegal but I also am NOT going to judge someone if they choose to get an abortion tomorrow I am NOT here to judge anybody I'm just here to state the facts I'm also going to list below for any woman that feels like she is in a pregnancy crisis you are pregnant and you don't think you can actually provide for this baby you are nervous you don't know what to do you have so many questions you kind of want to keep the baby but you don't know what you want to do there are pregnancy centers for you that actually will give you options and help you with rent with formula with guidance with counseling with everything daycare schooling they will help you so don't be afraid to get help if there's nothing wrong with that I'm not your judge I'm just here to help so if I can save one baby in the process or help any woman in the process I will

8 Replies to “Pro-Choice Turned Pro-Life Here Is Why, The Abortion Debate”

  1. Overpopulation is a problem, we need #Depopulation . Death is good if you want a clean and healthy planet which is free of useless eaters #Agenda33

  2. Corinne, I respect how well you have taken all the feedback and how you truly try to understand the other side. I also love listening to you on the radio, I think you’re hilarious, and always make my day.

    Let me start of by saying I am a bastard child who’s mom was not in an easy situation when she had me, and my addict dad left at a young age,

    My mom is pro-choice, and felt it was right that it was her choice that she was a mother or not. At the same time, she felt like she could make it work, and worked hard to do it all and provide for me (you remind me of her in many ways!). But one of the most important things that made my mom successful, is that she WANTED to have me. She didn’t make one stupid decision and was forced to carry me for 9.5 months, and then be legally responsible for 18 years. Either that, or give me away into the terrible adoption and foster care system. No, she CHOSE to be a mother. Choosing your future, and being forced into it, are totally different things.

    I am pro-choice, because I don’t think anyone should decide for anyone else what goes on with their body, or decide whether they are a parent or not. That being said, similar to my mom, I know that I wouldve had a child even if it wasn’t in a great situation, because that’s me. I love kids, and have always wanted to be a mom.

    Just because I wouldn’t have an abortion myself, because of my personal beliefs, doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t have that right. Not everyone is maternal and can handle a pregnancy/birth/motherhood.

    Why should the government decide for us whether or not we want to have children?

    Think of it this way: forcing a woman to have a baby, who NEVER wants to be a mother, would ruin her life, to ‘save’ another. Some people just don’t like kids and don’t want them.

    Does that mean that they shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy sex? Especially if they are being safe, and by a slim chance get pregnant?

    This is very long and I hope not too confusing. There’s just so many points to talk about. But the biggest takeaway is that if you’re going to be a parent, to give birth and raise a child for 18 years; then you should have a choice in it. How is someone forced into parenthood supposed to be happy about it, and be a good parent?

  3. Trying to be civil here, lol. Also, not trying to change your mind or how you/anyone feels on the subject. That being said, I feel as though some of your logic is a bit flawed.

    Living circumstance: Your examples of success thru adversity are based on less than 1%. To me, its not really a strong argument. Statistically, children who are born into poverty/low income/adoption/"bad circumstances" don't become "successful". lol if that were the case, more people would be purposely putting themselves into those situations lol.

    The whole "my body" argument: you say that if someone agrees with that, then they have too also agree with a person taking the morning sickness drug…But, if someone is pro-choice and exercises their right to abort, what would it matter if they are taking the drug. The drug really only comes into play if someone is planning to keep it. Also, there are still women out there that will smoke and drink throughout the entirety of the pregnancy. What they're doing is technically not illegal….

    The violinist: I feel as though the woman, who was kidnapped, was an allegory for a rape victim. So the "pregnancy" or "violinist" was not her fault.
    She did not consent to the kidnapping nor sex.

    The pleasure button: lol this is a woman's decision, not a man's (well maybe if it where left to us, we would have made a choice by now, LOLOL J/K!). A man doesn't have to deal with psychological repercussions of having life growing inside of them, then having to decide whether or not to terminate or follow through.

    Woman in the cabin: This one bothers me a bit for the mere fact that when a woman goes in for an abortion, the Dr. doesn't just hand her the tools and walk out. This one is VERY unfair, in my opinion.

    Personally i'm pro-choice, just like you once were. It is my opinion that abortion should not be illegal. There are young girls (14, 15) who have made a mistake by having unprotected sex or the condom broke or whatever. I feel that they should not be forced to take on the role of following through with the pregnancy. That choice should be their own. The same goes to victims of rape. Or women who, for what ever reason, don't want to keep it and abort…To them that "life" maybe unwanted, they maybe even compare it to a parasite? (i don't know?) I mean its doing all the same things as a parasite: growing, developing, absorbing the hosts nutrients to survive. lolol Nobody bats an eye when you abort worms lolol!

    But to end this on a serious note. It kinda scares me when people want to make abortion out to be "murder" and say it's "killing a life". I don't agree. But I also don't have an answer either… But what I do know is that making a law to ban abortion "COULD" be a slippery slope. I got a "Thought Experiment" for you Corrine:
    If abortion is considered murder, and murder is illegal. Then should you be imprisoned for life, for your own abortion???

  4. This video is so ridiculous. I listen to you omg he radio, and have followed you for a while. Have lost any urge to keep up with what you have to say. This video lacks compassion, class and the empathy for any woman who have to make the TOUGH CHOICE to go through this procedure. You are making it seem so black and white. And I encourage you to please talk about the adoption system because if you recognize “we could do better there,” but refuse to actually give information on it is sad. Of course we will not walk up to this high risk children and tell them “they’re better of dead,” what an insensitive and immature connection for you to make. Do you think foster care success stories are common? So uneducated, like hearing a radical teenager speak.

  5. I'm glad that you went through all of those points. But also simply someone who is not a physician, i.e. "the government" should not be able to tell you what to do with your body. If it were illegal in New Hampshire, where i live, i don't have to wear a seatbelt, i don't have to wear a helmet, but yes absolutely i have to endure nearly 10 months of pregnancy, which possibly could also kill me.

  6. You’re trying to make this issue black and white when it couldn’t be closer to full spectrum if it tried.

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