PRO LIFE REPLIES: "Women Will Die From Illegal Abortions"

if we make abortion illegal won't women have dangerous back-alley abortions I used to think that legal abortion was necessary to protect women from the dangers of illegal abortions I not only thought that abortion was necessary I also believed it was a woman's right in fact I used to perform first trimester suction abortions and second trimester dismemberment abortions and I was a medical director for Planned Parenthood for about two years I also had my own abortion I came to realize that the whole idea of keeping abortion legal to protect women's safety was a lie with every abortion I was harming a woman and killing a child there's no such thing as a safe abortion one person is killed and the other is at risk for serious complications including deaths historically speaking legalizing abortion did not make it less deadly for women from the 1940s to the 1970s deaths of women due to abortion rapidly declined because of better medicine and increased use of antibiotics not because abortion was made legal the widespread belief that tens of thousands of women were dying from illegal abortions was a lie propagated mainly by two individuals their names were Larry later and Bernard Nathanson cofounders of Nehru the National Abortion Rights Action League like me Bernard Nathanson eventually converted from abortionist to pro-life advocate he admitted when we spoke of deaths due to illegal abortion it was always 5,000 to 10,000 per year I confess I knew the figures were totally false in 1960 over a decade before the Supreme Court decision roe v wade legalized abortion in all 50 states the medical director for Planned Parenthood at the time Mary Calderon made this statement abortion is no longer a dangerous procedure in 1957 there were only 260 deaths in the whole country attributed to abortions of any kind 90% of all illegal abortions are presently being done by physicians in 1972 the year before row v Wade 39 women died from illegal abortion and 24 women died from legal abortion in 1973 the year of roe v wade 19 women died from illegal abortion and 25 women died from legal abortion so in the year that abortion was nationally legalized more women died from legal abortion than illegal abortion the truth is that whether it is legal or illegal abortion poses long-term physical and emotional harm for women including an increased risk of suicide future infertility pregnancy loss and damage to internal organs women still die from legal abortion today Tanya Reeves and krier win' are two women who recently died from legal abortions at Planned Parenthood despite legalized abortion the united states maternal mortality rate is higher than that of nations with more restrictive abortion laws the United States has a maternal mortality rate of about 14 deaths per hundred thousand live births but in Poland for example where abortion is illegal except in rare cases the maternal mortality rate is only three deaths per hundred thousand live births or Malta where abortion is illegal for any reason the maternal mortality rate is only nine deaths per hundred thousand live births after roe v– wade the number of abortions in the United States skyrocketed as of today over 60 million children have been legally killed by abortion the reality is legalizing abortion has not made abortion safer it has only led to the deaths of more children and has harmed more women this doesn't need to continue however if we truly care about the safety of women and their children then we should make abortion illegal you

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  1. It makes sense. People always fearmonger 'thousands/millions of women will DIE from illegal abortions', but NONE of them care to show the numbers of how many were dying before RVW.

  2. Fact: 100% of all babies die when an abortion is performed. Women know what they’re getting into when they have sex and they know the consequences. They’re not innocent by any means. The baby however is.yet it’s still the one that has to pay the ultimate price. Abortion is despicable and disgusting. I have zero respect for anyone who’s had one to say the least.

  3. How about protecting the unborn women’s rights! Let’s help moms that are pregnant unwanted babies can be adopted! How many couples today cannot conceive, and it’s ridiculously expensive to adopt, maybe if planned parenthood for all that tax payers money would do the right thing!!! Bottom line, al lives matter! And I do not want my money to go to killing babies!!!

  4. Interesting how the lie that pro-baby murderers push about back alley abortions and increased abortion under pro-life laws was by "old white men." Lol

  5. Truth be told, nowadays, if abortion is made illegal, people are just going to find some way to buy the abortion pills online and they will just do chemical abortions themselves. In general, it won't be any less safe, except for the fact that they will be scared to go to doctors if issues arise after they take the pill and that's probably what will cause the death. I don't think most women nowadays in America would attempt a coat hanger abortion or something like that if it was made illegal. I think they would just find a way to illegally buy the abortion pills.

  6. While this is awesome, the only issue is they need to site/source where they got this data from. Cause I know several people who are pro-abortion that would "claim" this video isn't credible if they are not sourcing their data.
    I am adding to my comment for those reading this, they do source the majority of their data in the bottom of the video. My comment was a result of looking in the description, ur sources are in the video at the bottom.

  7. When it said 60 million i got sick to my stomach then my blood started to boil and i was ready to go on a Crusade against all pro choice demons but remember vengeance is God's and i live my life by Christ's example

  8. Another fact that deserves to be mentioned is that in the days before Roe v. Wade, contraception and adoption services were not as widely available as they are now. The "back alley abortion" argument is simply a left-wing scare tactic to silence debate and keep people in support of legalized abortion.

  9. So communicable diseases were already going down before vaccines were even invented, and deaths from illegal abortions were already going down before Roe V. Wade, and yet we're supposed to blindly trust our government/medical industry who are hand in hand with one another.

  10. How terrible that this lady would Murder babies!

    All Abortions are Murders of unborn babies!

    When a lady goes to a doctor and says that they are pregnant it's then the doctor's patents and it's up to the doctor to take good care of both of the parents which is the mother and her baby!

    Doctors are not supposed to be killing there patents which are the babies!

    How STUPID this the States and Countries to even think that Murder of an unborn baby should be legal! 👎👎

  11. Pinterest has labeled this as “medical misinformation” because it hurt their feelings. Keep up the good work Live Action!

  12. Legal abortion is murder! If a mother brought a 1 year old child or younger to a clinic and said I can’t keep this toddler it’s keeping me up at night and I can’t work! Would you KILL that human for her convenience? It’s the same thing as gestation abortion if you believe or not, murder is murder! GOD SEES THE HYPOCRISY OF WOMEN WHO USE ABORTION AS A MEANS OF BIRTH CONTROL! God Bless

  13. Murders happen regardless if they are banned or not, but illegal acts don't occur as often as legal acts. There are no longer milions of Jews being killed per year. There may be some Jew killed from time to time but I think it's better this way, when the Holocaust was outlawed. Even if ban wouldn't lower abortion rate, we make crimes illegal based on their immorality, prevalence doesn't matter. If everybody began to rape, it wouldn't suddenly become OK to rape because the ban didn't stop rapes.

  14. The safest thing a woman can do is deliver the baby. With modern medicine, and the ability to give the baby up for adoption, there is absolutely no moral reason to have an abortion. Roe v Wade is bad law, like slavery, it does not consider the child a person. Its time for this country to leave behind the barbarsim, and respect Life, all Life.

  15. It's the same with safety regulations. Car fatalities per mile driven and workplace fatalities were already rapidly going down before the gov't started "cracking down" on safety.

    But people on the left always assume that policies simply do what they want them to. Make abortion legal and somehow people will stay responsible but it will become safer. The issue is that it's immoral and that most are cases where contraception was not properly attempted!

  16. 100% agree that abortion kills the the unborn life, destroys the mother’s life and countless lives of the father as well.


  18. Im just wondering if when all states make it illegal to KILL unborn babies if those who still choose to get abortions if they will be prosecuted if caught and charged with murder. Drs included. PP is gna hate loseing all that $ from salvaging body parts on those fully developed living breathing babies.

  19. How about making it mandatory for all females who have started their cycles to be put on some sort of birth control. I can hear it coming well the kids shouldnt have to but reality is as young as 11 actually have sex now. There are so many different options to prevent pregnancy and also using a rubber at the same time will help stop un wanted pregnancy as well as help stop the spread of STDS. Women you want control over your body well that's how you take control. You want equality then buy a box of rubbers and show that your in control. And if you say birth control is against your religion then so should abortion. Instead of handing money over to planned parenthood for abortion the government should invest in better ways to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. There is no excuse for any stage of abortions. If you are given a late term abortion then you should have your uterus taken away because obviously you are never going to be mature enough to take care of a child. Anyone willing to kill their own flesh and blood doesn't deserve to ever be a parent. And these excuses I'm not financially secure is bs. Truth be told nobody is. In an unstable relationship so what women and men take care of kids alone every day but you dont hear them crying about it. Oh I'm emotionally unstable right there it is call pregnancy hormones. As I was teen mother I was all the above but there was no way in hell I was giving up on my child. 20 yrs later my son is in college making a path for his own life. Only selfish women kill their babies. What we need to do is break the cycle when it comes to unwanted pregnancies. Give the real truth on how labor and giving birth really feels what it is like when a baby is teething and gets constant ear infection. What it feels like to be constantly sleep deprived when your baby has really bad colic. Show a receipt on the actual cost on a week of groceries that revolves around a child. And now I'm going to be really sadistic and say no medication to prevent pain and discomfort while takin a babies life. Just like some women who give birth without any pain relief they are my heroes for doing it that way.Then maybe these women will rethink their life choices.

  20. Trying to keep and defend something immoral by arguing it should be legal because you claim people will take more risks that can harm themselves is utterly retarded.
    This is the "We must keep slavery legal because otherwise slaves will be out of a job and will be forced to become criminals (thieves) to survive" argument of our time.

    It is a Fallacy of Moral Relevance to the initial moral issue that is evil.

  21. I think some women consider abortion a form of birth control. We know this because women often have two or more abortions. After one abortion the woman should know enough to use contraceptives. In New York it will be even more dangerous because the abortionist is not required to be a medical professional. Marilyn Monroe had several abortions and could no longer have children when she wanted them. Sad.

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