Progesterone Injection Battle – Wheeler IVF Journey 1/16/16

alright hey everybody this is Mason and Sarah wheeler we've got some guests we've got my brother his fiancee Brendan Ashton and my mom hiding and today we are doing something that I have been dreading for a long time but this is man up time Sarah explain to them how I feel about needle not very good as right and now's a good time in anybody to tell the story Oh quick when I was a young wee lad I found a needle in the back of a pickup truck okay yeah yeah found a needle in the back of a pickup truck I was little let's put my scooter in the back of my dad's truck who worked in a bad part of town it's awful happening I didn't know what it was I thought it was a little mini turkey baster I took the lid off and it's like oh my gosh that's a needle I'm gonna put it back on poked my finger told my mom she freaked out thinking I was gonna get a disease like aids or something everyone freaked out laid hands and prayed on me I had to go to the hospital they drew for more like litres of blood with needles of course and so I don't like needles but you know what we're gonna conquer that fear here today right yeah yes um today we are doing the progesterone injection we're gonna do Sarah wheelers progesterone injection this is a big-ass needle I'm not excited about this I'm gonna practice the pinching I'm a man okay quick dark like emotion let's practice with Sarah just a second they need to mentally prepare myself where my daughter here I already goes sir wait right here right there right there you're not down the center of money paper this isn't she said my sciatic nerve is right down the center of my cheek okay okay well I'll go right here oh you got a mole okay over right there too much information chip the mole mole does that seem like a good spot right there yeah I'm under right here here what yeah I'm using this this is this real life meet the wheelers it's all good don't worry okay this is a could you I feel like I should do it okay sir spread or pinch or whatever supposed to do send it home I'm trying I'm trying okay and when you get in don't push it in I don't think we should film this I just want clarify look no no no do you see how we're doing for your future baby you see 90 degrees that means straight into your butt rotates what's 90 degrees in Celsius it's not can I bring over to your butt it's gonna be okay I'm gonna get I'm gonna get just the skin we're not gonna that's the same question you got mad at me for asking like you can do it you can do it okay okay you got it you're gonna be doing this in your sleep in no time like this to the skin in the skin and then do it just like you think about it in sight see how she's going in she doesn't kind of sweat yeah so you're coming like kind of straight on a good spot someone's gonna have to suck it back we'll just get it in I think that's the first barrier of entry here back – I know I know I know I know I know what if I don't get the muscle the first time you're in the muscle you can't just do quick like a band-aid look like a band-aid don't look at your spot just do it okay no someone needs to suck it out okay she did it I'm trying to pull it back I know you need to pull it back a little right I only pulled it back like half a line there's no blood quickly I mean like slowly come on don't slow already the opposite of what she said is it going in yeah yeah how's that feels hair I don't feel today yeah okay good I got it take it out to five people in ten minutes but we did it oh I'm so proud of you all right everybody thank you for joining us here on meet the wheelers I'm Mason this is Sarah don't judge me for me thank you subscribe like and share and comments about how awful that looked Thanks bye

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  4. That took it 100,000 seconds do you should be faster or else. Do an ice bath for 24 hours here and me and ice bath for 24 hours.

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